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Have you found any Alamy photos November 2023?

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Telegraph 04 Nov


Alexandra Falls, Black River Gorges National Park, Mauritius

Contributor: Alan Smithers / Alamy Stock Photo

Image ID: BY36T7


A crowd of Indian women dressed in colorful saris bathe in the Ganges River.

Contributor: Seth K. Hughes / Alamy Stock Photo

Image ID: B2YN2X


Low bridge railway warning train local service Adlington Manchester to Macclesfield line Transport transporter transportation

Contributor: Mark Waugh / Alamy Stock Photo

Image ID: H2TEC6


Group of beautiful sportive senior women training outdoors - Mature adults old friends doing fitness workout exercises in a park to stay healthy and f

Contributor: Oneinchpunch / Alamy Stock Photo

Image ID: 2K9C4AX

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1 hour ago, Bryan said:

Iain Masterton Greenock, Scotland, UK. 25 February 2023. Glen Sannox ferry is seen in dry dock at Greenock 2NNC4DY

Iain Masterton  Glasgow, Scotland, UK. 31st May 2023. Road signs showing start of Low Emission Zone ( LEZ)  2R518YB


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04/11/2023, Guardian, p1, Cary Grant, K5A73Y, Pictorial Press Ltd [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
04/11/2023, Guardian, p11, March for Palestine in London, 2T44GFY, Mark York
04/11/2023, Guardian, p51, UPS delivery van, KERGBK, Geoff Smith [Cropped. No credit - poss not via Alamy]
04/11/2023, Guardian [Magazine], p78, Cambridge busway, DWAYRY, Julian Eales
04/11/2023, Guardian [Magazine], p79, Chatsworth, HH4035, Raymond Boswell
04/11/2023, Guardian [Magazine], p80, Downhill beach near Coleraine, 2RMY5RT, Anze Furlan
04/11/2023, Guardian [Magazine], p81, New Forest pony, 2CH7GFP, Nick Brundle


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One of my own. Of the possible over 63,000 Red Arrows images on Alamy, I'm quite chuffed to have this one zoomed in the week and used. Its from 2014, with the 50th Anniversary tail logo. I haven't clicked through to the main site. 







Edited by Webby
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Dec 2023, NFU Countryside, p21, Spitalfields City Farm, CXXNM3, Anne-Marie Burton/imageBROKER.com GmbH & Co. KG [Alamy credit only]
Dec 2023, NFU Countryside, p21, cheese & turkey toasties, 2A90EB4, Elena Veselova [Circular crop. Alamy credit only]
Dec 2023, NFU Countryside, p26, Stichelton cheese, M91GTR, Isabelle Plasschaert [Cutout & flipped L-R. No credit - poss not via Alamy]
Dec 2023, NFU Countryside, p34, Boxing Day swim at Porthminster beach, 2AH7D3N, Simon Maycock [Circular crop. Alamy credit only]
Dec 2023, NFU Countryside, p47, Noel Harrison, BWXG6G, Pictorial Press Ltd [Circular crop. Alamy credit only]
Dec 2023, NFU Countryside, p106, Gene Autry Sings Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer, 2AFA92W, Records [Alamy credit only]
Dec 2023, NFU Countryside, p108, gonks, 2KFWYYF, Anton Chechotkin [Alamy credit only]


NFU Countryside 2024 Calendar, February, Gunnerside in Swaledale, PDBB80, Richard Burdon [Alamy credit only]

ISSN:  1462-0839

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Sunday Times online 5th



Peter Adams Street scene and local architecture, Mindelo, Sao Vicente, Cape Verde W2BWD0

NPS Photo Autumn foliage as the cottonwoods change against massive sand dunes and Cleveland Peak  Colorado. FWRDYK

Schoening Elephant Gate, Berlin Zoo, Budapester Strasse, Tiergarten, Berlin, Germany, : 2R52X88

Kanval Chaudhary A painting on wall of the Beatles at the Beatles Ashram in Rishikesh, India 2BFJXX2



Matthew Ashmore  A model dragon hangs  at the entrance to the Harry Potter studio tour in Watford,  2R5MH4R

Steve Parsons The Lestrange Vault set at the new Gringotts Wizarding Bank  Warner Bros Studio Tour, in Watford. 0DEEA

Paula Montenegro ORLANDO, FLORIDA, USA - DECEMBER, 2018: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter RTYG9F

David Parry Minnie: Style Icon exhibition G88PJD

Naki Kouyioumtzis Interior of Blacks private members club, Dean Street, Soho; London,  EYFN11

Doug Peters Minnie: Style Icon exhibition G89ACE



noel bennett offices of the Workplace Relations Commission in Lansdowne House, Dublin, Ireland. 2HPCYM9



Andrew O'Brien  Edinburgh,  Monday May 23rd 2022: Professor Jason Leitch addresses the General Assembly 2J9FH41

Iain Masterton Aberdeen, Scotland, UK. 16th October 2023.  First Minister Nicola Sturgeon makes an appearance.  2T2124X

Michael Heath A female consultant doctor working from home during the coronavirus lockdown, London, 2BEDW2P

Iain Masterton Interior of St Salvator’s chapel at St Andrews University, St Andrews, Fife, : 2R1GXWX

Kay Roxby  The New Picture House (NPH Cinema), Independent cinema, St Andrews, Scotland, : 2R55WPT

Schmitz, Walter The staircase at the City Chambers in Glasgow, Scotland MA42F1

lovethephoto  A typical UK primary school classroom with coloured pencils in the foreground  F4CACG



Guy Bell London, UK. 4th Nov, 2023. A woman holds a bloodied bundle to represent a dead baby - Palestine protest rally,  2T5C920

Guy Bell London, UK. 4th Nov, 2023. Palestine protest rally, calling for a ceasefire, in Trafalgar Square.  2T5C91N

Matthew Chattle  Trafalgar Square, London, UK. 4th Nov 2023.  Rally for Palestine. Memorial to the dead in Trafalgar Square. 2T5BGG2

Justin Kase z12z  Sale of used Ford cars on car dealership pavement forecourt outside showroom D2GRYJ

Imageplotter London, UK. 23rd Oct, 2023.  Protesters from several organisations . The proposed Renters Reform Bill  2T36PH7

horst friedrichs  Sir James Dyson in his office at Dyson headquarters in Malmesbury, 2DCGAMF

Neil McAllister Glasgow Great Western Road Botanical Garden Police Call phone Box B456AP

Stefano Paterna Girl with a dolphin, Bronze, Tower Bridge, London,  DANF2D

Peter Scholey  Boy with a Dolphin, Chelsea Embankment, London CNMRNG



Guy Bell  A  bunch of estate agents for sale and rental signs appear to be on one property , London, 07 August 2013.  DC296D

mundissima SJP application seen on smartphone screen placed on british pound coins.  2JTBM85



Christina Bollen Rosa x dupontii E7EMPR

CHRIS BOSWORTH Rose 'Stanwell Perpetual' TRPR5F

Botany vision  Tulip "Apricot Impression", Darwin Tulip,  2R1CWF4

Botany vision Flowering Tulips garden, Tulipa 'Flaming Parrot'G1A9D3



Albert Shakirov  Male professional climber at indoor workout at bouldering centre. R53J83

Adam Gasson Climbers take part in a bouldering competition at Bloc climbing centre, Bristol.  FKBA0R

Edited by Bryan
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3 hours ago, Bryan said:

Sunday Times online 5th



Kay Roxby  The New Picture House (NPH Cinema), Independent cinema, St Andrews, Scotland, : 2R55WPT


Thanks Bryan 😃

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5 hours ago, Bryan said:

Iain Masterton Aberdeen, Scotland, UK. 16th October 2023.  First Minister Nicola Sturgeon makes an appearance.  2T2124X

Iain Masterton Interior of St Salvator’s chapel at St Andrews University, St Andrews, Fife, : 2R1GXWX


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05/11/2023, Observer, p18, Woodwalton Fen, W7P44X, Mark Hamblin/2020VISION/Nature Picture Library
05/11/2023, Observer, p18, kingfisher, E6BDDK, Calum Dickson [cutout]
05/11/2023, Observer, p19, bittern, KGW28E, wonderful-Earth.net [Alamy credit only]
05/11/2023, Observer, p19, Rothschild Bungalow at Woodwalton Fen, D292H4, Richard Becker [Alamy credit only]
05/11/2023, Observer, p36, young boy on S London cycle path, BGCX5E, James Sturcke
05/11/2023, Observer, p36, bike shop, B5KN95, david pearson
05/11/2023, Observer, p52, outdoor keep-fit class in Aberystwyth, FABKCK, keith morris news
05/11/2023, Observer [Review section], p10, Range Rover in Regent Street, R7MCKG, Parmorama [Alamy credit only]
05/11/2023, Observer [Review section], p28, Terence Davies, 2EW9RFB, American Pictorial Collection/PictureLux/The Hollywood Archive [Alamy credit only]
05/11/2023, Observer [Review section], p30, Pyramid of Tirana in 2016, GE7PCC, Peter Eastland [Alamy credit only]
05/11/2023, Observer [Review section], p40, US fighting Bolsheviks c1919, DYE3KW, JT Vintage/Glasshouse Images
05/11/2023, Observer [Review section], p41, Macbeth 1976, 2E9Y7WH, Donald Cooper
05/11/2023, Observer [Magazine], p12, Daisy Haggard & Martin Freeman in 'Breeders', 2JENEFW, Everett Collection Inc [cutout]
05/11/2023, Observer [Magazine], p35, Goat Ledge cafe in St Leonard's On Sea, 2JHYWRB, Nick Moore [Cropped. Alamy credit only]
05/11/2023, Observer [Magazine], p35, St Leonard's On Sea, 2PYP4BF, Nathaniel Noir [Alamy credit only]

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Rail Magazine Issue 995 (Nov 1 – Nov 14, 2023)


Page 38/39 - Network Rail Line, Carmont, Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire, UK. 21st Aug, 2020 - Image ID: 2CCCNBX

Contributor: JASPERIMAGE / Alamy Stock Photo (Alamy Credit only)


Page 52/53 - Derby Railway Station - Image ID: 2PHFBD3

Contributor:  2ebill / Alamy Stock Photo (Alamy Credit only)


Page 64/65 - Class 70 diesel locomotive and container train, near Rugeley, Staffordshire, UK, in August, 2022 - Image ID: 2KF1Y2X

Contributor:  Brendan King / Alamy Stock Photo (Alamy Credit only)

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Times online 6th



Abbey Wood Studios  Canary Wharf Buildings  W4M6JK



Delphotos  Ferry to Luing island near Oban, Argyll, Scotland, : 2R7JRMG

Richard Childs Photography  The Cuan Sound viewed from the slate shore of Luing A44HTN

Scotland - cities and towns village of Ellenabeich / Easdale, Seil Island, Scotland, with white cottages K160HD




sst Edinburgh Scotland, UK 21 September 2023. Deputy First Minister of Scotland Shona Robison 2RWWG0R

sst Edinburgh Scotland, UK 02 November 2023. First Minister of Scotland Humza Yousaf 2T4YK6K

Bildapoteket Per Petersson  Whisky barrels in destillery yard D53DGB

Apostolis Giontzis  Cottages facing Loch Linnhe in Corran, a former fishing village, on Corran Point,  2CTP17E

sst Edinburgh Scotland, UK 31 October 2023. Murdo Fraser MSP  2T4JHB5

M.Brodie path at Glen Esk, Angus leading to Mount keen, the most easterly Munro  2BDTY82



James Bell Minster on Sea, Kent, UK. 5th Nov, 2023. UK Weather: the northern lights / aurora borealis 2T5HJ47

James Bell Leysdown, Kent, UK. 5th Nov, 2023. UK Weather: the northern lights / aurora borealis 2T5J3PY ? similars

Palestinian flags Trafalgar Square 4th - can't find it

lovethephoto Ennismore Gardens Mews London 2G7M36C

JT Vintage  Barbra Streisand , on-set of the Film, "Funny Girl",  DF4578

Karl Black Liverpool, UK. 10th Oct, 2023. Sir Keir Starmer gives his keynote speech at the Labour Party Conference  2T11WH6

Heritage Images General Yitzhak Rabin (1922-1995), Prime Minister of Israel, c1960s. BHK6PB

Robert Evans  Klarna credit payment scheme. Advertising Klarna available in a store on London Oxford  2CW4E11

Stephen Foote River Kennet chalk stream flowing slowly through the village of Mildenhall,  Wiltshire,  2R4P5XR

GMB/ITV Video grab taken from ITV of Shamima Begum speaking to Good Morning Britain from the al-Roj prison camp in Syria. 2GKMCRE ? crop

Guy Corbishley London, UK. 5th November 2023. London to Brighton Veteran Car Run.  2T5FD34

Edited just now by Bryan

Edited by Bryan
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Guardian Online



Chris Gomersall




Alistair Heap


Nick Moore

Greg Balfour Evans

Nathaniel Noir


Anze Furlan

Sue Preston

David Hatfield




Nick Brundle


Julian Eales

Helen Hotson

Philip Moore

Matthew Taylor


Stuart C Clarke

Stephen Dorey

PA Images

PA Images


Steven May


Avalon/Construction Photography


Maria Vonotna




Simon Leigh


Mark Bourdillon


Science Photo Library


Paul Weston


Nature Picture Library



Image Source




David Pearson

James Sturcke




Timon Schneider


Alamy:  Composite

United Archives GmbH


PA Images


Lawren Lu

Dpa Picture Alliance Archive

Stephanie Jackson



Edited by Nigel Kirby
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