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Sycamore Gap...

John Morrison

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I’ve just read that the iconic tree at Sycamore Gap, on Hadrian’s Wall, was cut down last night. Why would anyone go to the trouble of destroying one of the best-loved – and most photographed – trees in the land? Here’s my version. Anybody else?


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44 minutes ago, Michael Ventura said:

Of course being just 16, not much will happen to him.


Well, under supervision, he could be 'sentenced' to chopping up the tree he felled, and distributing the wood, as fuel, to the old folk of the neighbourhood. Then he should be made to dig a hole at Sycamore Gap, so another tree can take root...

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Hadrians Wall has for a long time been on one of my lists to one day visit. I wonder who took the last photograph of the tree at Sycamore Gap while it was still standing and how it would be valued. Alamy would likely value it at $1.00 or less.

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Regrettably, as almost a local, I never photographed it.   Won't be happening now ! 


There was a s suggestion on the radio this evening that it may grow back, as Sycamores are often controlled by pollarding.  However, even it that did occur, it would take many years before it would reach its previous size.



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On 30/09/2023 at 09:56, Jeffrey Isaac Greenberg said:
not an arborist, but would guess a sycamore
1/3rd that size could be found within a forest
& successfully transplanted to that exact spot...?
time to start a fundraiser..




Requires work, and a forest tree would take time to adapt as they tend to grow narrow and up rather than spreading.  

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A few thoughts, here, on what the future may hold. There is no guarantee that another sycamore tree, if planted, would thrive. Sycamore Gap is very exposed – to the worst of northern weather – which is why the survival of that singular tree was so remarkable…

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