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Have you found any Alamy photos September 2023 ?

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How scientists tackle the challenges of estimating wildfire CO2 emissions


Wildfire south of the city of Boise, Idaho, USA - CNJY8G - David R. Frazier Photolibrary, Inc.

Aerial view of highway 63 - W0MP8P - UPI/MCpl VanPutten

Fire lit by Maasai people to promote grass growth for their cattle - H3W3M - Ferrero-Labat/AUSCAPE

Smouldering peat fire in Alaska - HA9D8E - wrongly credited in the article: Orjan Ellingvag  on Alamy: Nature and Science

A patch of damaged forest near Anchorage in Alaska after a wildfire -T67KR3 - Orjan Ellingvag



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Telegraph 23 Sep


Austria, Tyrol, autumn forest with Wannig (mountain) (mountain)/Wetterstein (mountain range)

Contributor: mauritius images GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo

Image ID: HEG0N3


The West Front of Southwell Minster which is the Cathedral Church of Nottinghamshire and dates back to the 11th and 12th centuries.

Contributor: Bill Allsopp / Alamy Stock Photo

Image ID: T3BKRY

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23/09/2023, Guardian, p19, 'Composition with Red Blue and Grey' by Mondrian, 2G47MHN, Artefact [Alamy credit only]
23/09/2023, Guardian, p35, wildfire in Scotland, TAC1G8, JASPERIMAGE
23/09/2023, Guardian, p41, Puy de Fou theme park, MD3ANC, Tuul and Bruno Morandi [Alamy credit only]
23/09/2023, Guardian, p49, Blaker Street in Brighton, BB8T26, Simon Dack [Credited to Edward Simons]
23/09/2023, Guardian [Journal section], p8, Botero's cat in Medellin, DEC6NP, Rafael Campillo/agefotostock
23/09/2023, Guardian [Food section], p20, eaten sweetcorn, HWPBKJ, Igor Kovalchuk [Alamy credit only]
23/09/2023, Guardian [Magazine], p50, The Cure in 1985, PHAGM7, dpa picture alliance
23/09/2023, Guardian [Magazine], p72, Doğu Express train in Turkey, 2JW2W12, Husamex
23/09/2023, Guardian [Magazine], p73, church of Saint Gregory at Ani Ruins in Turkey, 2JABX7W, Aliaksandr Mazurkevich
23/09/2023, Guardian [Magazine], p74, flea market in Tbilisi, J4NPNA, Thornton Cohen
23/09/2023, Guardian [Magazine], p74, Fabrika hostel in Tbilisi, 2BH0J3A, Mattia Sobieski
23/09/2023, Guardian [Magazine], p74, credit to Tanatat Pongpibool/Alamy that I can't find
23/09/2023, Guardian [Magazine], p75, mosque in Kars, CB7B9N, Michele Burgess
23/09/2023, Guardian [Magazine], p75, Fabrika hostel in Tbilisi, 2BH0J19, Mattia Sobieski
23/09/2023, Guardian [Magazine], p76, sulphur baths & Metekhi Church in Tbilisi, PH6W0J, MehmetO
23/09/2023, Guardian [Magazine], p77, abandoned baths in Tskaltubo, 2J76DD5, Matjaz Corel
23/09/2023, Guardian [Magazine], p77, backpacker in Georgia, RBT6PA, Ryhor Bruyeu

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On 22/09/2023 at 07:48, Bryan said:

Times online 2nd, Business

Jansos  Diwana Indian vegetarian restaurant on Drummond Street, Camden, London, M60E62

Bryan, Many thanks! I think this is the link but I'm not sure as it is behind a paywall - https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/hs2-has-been-worse-for-us-than-coronavirus-say-drummond-street-traders-px075ns97

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24/09/2023, Observer, p7, Taunton, KF74H1, Greg Balfour Evans
24/09/2023, Observer, p23, Virgin  Mary mosaic in Ravenna, MKDPPE, Isaac74 [Alamy credit only]
24/09/2023, Observer, p39, Palace of Versailles, J3KP0X, Sunshine Pics [Alamy credit only]
24/09/2023, Observer, p58, Muslim woman with letter, 2PPWAWY, Liubomyr Vorona [Alamy credit only]
24/09/2023, Observer [Review section], p21, dome of the Pantheon, EWNC2E, Rik Hamilton
24/09/2023, Observer [Review section], p26, still from 'Dumb Money', 2RMGD6D, FlixPix
24/09/2023, Observer [Review section], p27, still from 'R.M.N.', 2JAWWP4, TCD/Prod.DB [Alamy credit only]
24/09/2023, Observer [Review section], p29, 'Rest Energy' by Marina Abramovic, 2A237JT, Gryf [Alamy credit only]


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25/09/2023, Guardian, p4, MRI scan, RN6PP1, Evgeniy Kalinovskiy
25/09/2023, Guardian, p11, Aboudia, 2JN9CAY, Guy Bell
25/09/2023, Guardian G2, p6, Joan Collins in 'The Bitch', BKCG93, Moviestore Collection Ltd


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Prospect Magazine

The BBC newsroom at Portland Place. Image: Jeff Gilbert / Alamy Stock Photo




Photo of Jeremy Hunt Credit: Alamy Zuma Press, Inc.

Gordon Brown said scrapping part of HS2 'doesn't make sense after all the work that's been done'. Picture: Alamy SST

Edited by Cassius
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26/09/2023, Guardian, p4, magnolia warbler, BFH1MG, Glenn Bartley/All Canada Photos [RF & no credit - poss not new sale via Alamy]
26/09/2023, Guardian, p15, The Strand cinema in East Belfast, B69RF1, Pixel Pusher
26/09/2023, Guardian, p15, Yarmouth ice house, 2RXJKR9, Paul Marriott/PA Images [No credit - poss not via Alamy]


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October 2023, The Garden, p45, drying seedheads, 2E1NBMD, Matthew Taylor [Alamy credit only]
October 2023, The Garden, p49, Rudbeckia subtomentosa, 2GMDNAB, Cheryl Fleishman [Alamy credit only]
October 2023, The Garden, p66, green woodpecker & windfall apple, D24KKJ, FLPA [Cropped. Flipped L-R. Alamy credit only]
October 2023, The Garden, p67, woman & houseplant, 2HA8B7T, Darya Petrenko [Alamy credit only]
October 2023, The Garden, p70, Phalaenopsis 'limelight' orchid, 2JJCXY2, Wirestock, Inc. [Alamy credit only]
October 2023, The Garden, p71, Dendrochilum glumaceum orchid, BHT3AH, Florapix [Alamy credit only]
October 2023, The Garden, p72, circular crop close-up of Dactylorhiza fuchsii, credited to Alamy but I can't find it
October 2023, The Garden, p72, bee orchid, EGHX09, MIKEL BILBAO GOROSTIAGA- NATURE & LANDSCAPES  [Alamy credit only]

ISSN:  03085457

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Guardian Online






Vibrant Pictures






Vito Arcomano Photography

Riccardo Sala




Alexander Cimbal


Jeff Morgan 12




Mark Waugh


Daria Artemenko


Zivica Kerkez



Edited by Nigel Kirby
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