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Have you found any Alamy photos September 2023 ?

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Times online 21st



gbimages Stratstone Landrover Dealership, Penarth Road, Cardiff, Wales.  DX6YWP

Richard Saker Nissan Sunderland in north east England.  2GPG07C

Tayfun Salci London, England, UK. 15th Sep, 2023. Chancellor of the Exchequer JEREMY HUNT  2RTX74F



Jane Barlow A general view of the High Court, Glasgow.  TDBGYJ

sst Edinburgh Scotland, UK 19 September 2023. John Swinney  2RWG17K

STANCA SANDA  water bottles  C6TM1A

Scott Robertson Evening reflections on Cammo Estate canal Edinburgh W1NBH5

WireStock The ruins of Cammo estate in Cramond, Edinburgh  2JWGB8T

Keith Fergus  Cammo Water Tower, Cammo Estate, Edinburgh, E3M7K8


David Kilpatrick  Cartons of beer and bottles of wines and spirits on a supermarket checkout belt : BGNPPK



Guy Bell  London, UK. 20th Sep, 2023. ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE, The Hound of the Baskervilles, 2RWKXGF

Guy Bell  London, UK. 9th Sep, 2023. Helen Kaba, his mother (L) - 2RRXDWM

Guy Bell London, UK. 20th Sep, 2023. A picket line outside St Thomas' Hospital  2RWM5HW

Karl Black London, UK. 20th Sep, 2023. Consultants and Junior Doctors on the picket line in London.  2RWMHJH

JEFF GILBERT 6th March 2022. Novikov, Russian Restaurant & Bar in Mayfair  2HXW5EG

A.P.S. (UK) aerial view of RAF Linton-On-Ouse, air force base  2J105TR

Alex MacNaughton  A group of pro-trans rights advocates are peacefully protesting outside the Oxford Union 2R562G0



Franz Christoph Robiller Eurasian Elk (Alces alces), Sweden,  DGXBCJ



Ian Macpherson London Front view of the entrance to Snaresbrook Crown Court in London  JGA01T

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23/09/2023, New Scientist, p2, corpse flower, 2M7B7TM, Australian Associated Press
23/09/2023, New Scientist, p10, logging in British Columbia, 2BYPKNF, John Zada
23/09/2023, New Scientist, p11, mosquito, 2RC08MT, Boyd Norton
23/09/2023, New Scientist, p12, frog attempting to mate with toad, J451A8, Jelger Herder/Buiten-Beeld
23/09/2023, New Scientist, p17, palm cockatoo, H84854, D. Parer & E. Parer-Cook/Minden Pictures
23/09/2023, New Scientist, p35, primary school pupils in classroom, B6HCYJ, Peter Titmuss

ISSN:  02624079

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