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Number of sales, cost per a license, and the totals are ~15% less than averages for the same periods of the previous and the most recent pre-COVID years. 

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At the halfway point, I have about 58% of last years 12 month total number of licenses, and 63% of the revenue, so still going in the right direction.

I have added about 1400 images this year.


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Gross revenue up by 5% ($3,640) compared to 2022 ($3468)


# of Licences only 71% of 2022 totals - but I did have a whole load of small $ sales in March 2022 which will have skewed the figures.


Not too bad given the size and specialisation of my portfolio.

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Sales at 42% of 2022.

Revenue at 44% of 2022.


Views and especially zooms way down this year compared to last.


End of June 2022 figures: Sales 20, views 7717, zooms 76 ctr 0.98.

End of June 2023 figures: Sales 11, views 4602, zooms 36 ctr 0.78.



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