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Have you found any images in January 2022?

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Sizewell Suffolk UK, view of a man walking through sand dunes near the Sizewell B nuclear power station on the Suffolk coast, England, UK.
Contributor: Michael Brooks / Alamy Stock Photo 
Image ID: KYH959 




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Guardian Online



Cath Evans

Andrew Bailey

RooM the Agency


Bill Allsopp


David Lyons

Colin Underhill

Southwest UK Imaging


Barry Diomede


Kathy deWitt




PA Images


Simon Collins


Justin Leighton


PA Images


Wing Lun Leung


Ryhor Bruyeu

Edited by Nigel Kirby
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^ Cheers John


27/01/2022, Guardian, p3, African clawed frog, DAGRM9, Teigler/blickwinkel [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
27/01/2022, Guardian, p10, portrait of Elizabeth I, 2HJ19JP, Paul Quezada-Neiman [via Live News]
27/01/2022, Guardian, p16, acrobatic troupe, 2HJ0PET, Guy Corbishley [via Live News]
27/01/2022, Guardian, p17, chequered skipper butterfly, ERBKJH, PAUL R. STERRY/Nature Photographers Ltd [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
27/01/2022, Guardian, p29, Sizewell A & B power stations, JXXEH0, Mark Dunn
27/01/2022, Guardian, p29, two Ocado vans, 2CECJBR, Doug Peters/PA Images [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
27/01/2022, Guardian [Journal section], p11, aerial view of Barcelona Olympic village, 2G744GR, Sergi Boixader [Alamy credit only]
27/01/2022, Guardian G2, Front Cover, legs of couple in nightclub, D2XFNH, Barry Diomede [Alamy credit only]
27/01/2022, Guardian G2, p3, man talking to car driver, 2G6F24T, larisa stefanuyk [Alamy credit only]
27/01/2022, Guardian G2, p3, coloured condoms, DFHH17, fabioberti.it [Alamy credit only]
27/01/2022, Guardian G2, p8, Spike Milligan, BMDP8R, Harry Hammond/V&A Images
27/01/2022, Guardian G2, p8, The Goons, RWDKYE, Allstar Picture Library Ltd.

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The Guardian

Chocolate-box views … St Marys Church, Fotheringhay, Northamptonshire. Photograph: Cath Evans/Alamy

All skill levels … cyclists follow a quiet lane in Epping Forest. Photograph: Andrew Bailey/Alamy

the Thames Barrier near Woolwich. Photograph: RooM the Agency/Alamy

The view above Capel Curig towards Snowdon Horseshoe. Photograph: Realimage/Alamy

Industrial landscape … the power station at Ratcliffe-on-Soar. Photograph: Bill Allsopp/Alamy


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On 27/01/2022 at 17:45, SShep said:

Guardian, p29, Sizewell A & B power stations, JXXEH0, Mark Dunn

Thanks Shep, my first Graun print licence I think, not that I'll notice from the fee I expect..........

They used an EDF handout online........I was grumbling about that when my image was clearly BETTER (boy in red t-shirt walking in front of the gleaming white dome).

Might pay for the pint in the Vulcan Arms.........more likely the cuppa at the Sizewell Tea.

I took practically the same image last summer..........without the boy in the red shirt. Not uploaded-why compete with yourself.

Edited by spacecadet
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Cheers Mark

29/01/2022, Guardian [Magazine], p48, still from 'Jackass Forever', 2HHK05K, Everett Collection Inc [Alamy credit only]
29/01/2022, Guardian [Magazine], p52, still from 'Parallel Mothers', 2GGRW50, Entertainment Pictures
29/01/2022, Guardian [Magazine], p89, Capsicum annum 'Bulgarian Carrot', DDACAK, Clare Gainey [Alamy credit only]
29/01/2022, Guardian [Magazine], p95, Golden Cap from Ridge Cliff in Dorset, 2FKPK1W, Martin Bache
29/01/2022, Guardian, p13, jars of different pasta types, JW2JBC, Ron Sumners [Alamy credit only]
29/01/2022, Guardian, p19, Theth Valley in Albania, 2B03TN1, MehmetO
29/01/2022, Guardian, p19, Berat in Albania, 2A195XP, Stephan Mink
29/01/2022, Guardian, p34, capercaillie, 2F806FE, Abi Warner Photography
29/01/2022, Guardian, p35, children fishing in River Chess, 2GD5K79, Stephen Chung
29/01/2022, Guardian, p49, couple worried about finances, AREWP2, Chris Rout
29/01/2022, Guardian [Journal section], p8, Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester, CPNKR1, Mark Waugh
29/01/2022, Guardian [Journal section], p9, Arlene Dahl, M6MYR1, Pictorial Press Ltd [Cropped]
29/01/2022, Guardian [Food section], p11, sliced leek, C4Y7B2, Jochen Tack
29/01/2022, Guardian [Food section], p11, sliced leek, C4Y7BA, Jochen Tack
29/01/2022, Guardian [Food section], p11, sliced leek, C4Y7AY, Jochen Tack

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El País 29.01.2022 (Print edition)



mauritius images GmbH HERAH5 Spain, the Canaries, La Palma, laurel forest, Los Tilos

Helmut Corneli C65JDH Hiker at mountain La Cumbrecita at National park Caldera de Taburiente, La Palma, Spain, Canary islands, Europe, Atlantic ocean

Mehdi33300 2F6C6M0 Santa Cruz de la Palma, HDR Image

Image Professionals GmbH 2H7JMYY Lighthouse La Farola de Malaga at the port of Malaga, Spain, Andalusia

Andfoto 2ATHJGK People waiting for sunset at Sarajevo's famous lookout point at the Yellow Fortress or Zuta Tabija,Vratnik.


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29/01/2022 Daily Mail (print)

Front elevation of Aspinall's Casino, Mayfair, London. C6GR24 Peter Wheeler

View of Jesus College, Cambridge. RR5FWW David Dennis

Yew Tree Farm, once owned by Beatrix Potter, near Coniston, Lake District. B0GJKY John Morrison👍

Woman fly-fishing on Esthwaite Water, Lake District. DGKTDN Loop Images/Sebastian Wasek

Man in traditional costume, Tulum, Mexico. A37XGD Ian Dagnall

Exterior of the National Museum, Belgrade. 2C11AK1 Marina Datsenko

View of Belgrade City from the River Danube. BEW2GT Elena Elisseeva

Pussy Willow branches with catkins in Spring. T4HCJF Priakhin Mikhail

Close up of the flowers of Van Tubergen's White Squill. AT7GGY Select Photo

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