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Have you found any images in January 2022?

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08/01/2022, Guardian [Magazine], p58, Tour de France in North Yorkshire, E4D0T1, Jon Sparks
08/01/2022, Guardian [Magazine], p79, Iris foetidissima, EB5NFH, John Martin [cutout]
08/01/2022, Guardian [Magazine], p80, wild garlic, EDR53D, Tim Graham [Alamy credit only. Cropped to landscape]
08/01/2022, Guardian [Magazine], p84, woman walking dog on Ilkley Moor, J67671, Rebecca Cole
08/01/2022, Guardian [Magazine], p86, Chattri Memorial on the South Downs, 2C6F4A7, Simon Dack
08/01/2022, Guardian [Magazine], p87, oak tree at Ansty, 2DYYHEX, Andrew Hasson
08/01/2022, Guardian [Magazine], p87, chapel of St Peter on the Wall in Essex, DR2XR8, Bruce Little
08/01/2022, Guardian [Magazine], p89, northern pool frog, 2GE6E0P, robin chittenden
08/01/2022, Guardian, p40, smart meter, M016DF, Simon Dack
08/01/2022, Guardian, p42, Oxygen Tower in Manchester, 2G7WFC1, lowefoto


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KURIR - Dated 01/01/2022  - https://www.kurir.rs/region/bosna-i-hercegovina/3841795/prve-bebe-rodjene-u-sarajevu-u-2022-su-blizanci
IMG ID -FGMNYB , Twin Sleeping Basby Boys, Contributor, Oh Baby Productions / Alamy / Alamy / Profimedia
IMG ID - Advent in Zagreb 2021-22. Zagreb Cathedral, Croatia - Image ID: 2HC39Y3,  Mariano Garcia
Reference - https://www.kurir.rs/region/hrvatska/3841849/pogledajte-kako-su-gradjani-hrvatske-usli-u-novu-2022-godinu-proslave-na-otvorenom-u-zagrebu-splitu-i-dubrovniku-video

KURIR - 07/01/2022 - https://www.kurir.rs/region/bosna-i-hercegovina/3845631/bosna-sudije-politicke-peticije
IMG ID- unable to locate (402 similar images)  Judges Gavel , Tomasz Zolnierek

KURIR 08/01/2022 - https://www.kurir.rs/planeta/3846337/resena-misterija-tamne-strane-meseca
Image ID: RP48W4 Super Moon of the Day,  Cristian Alvarez 




Edited by R De Marigny
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Missed these ones earlier:


08/01/2022, Guardian [Magazine], p81, roses, P6DAW2, Kathy deWitt [Alamy credit only]
08/01/2022, Guardian [Magazine], p81, catkins, DR620P, vincent abbey [Alamy credit only. Cropped to landscape]
08/01/2022, Guardian [Magazine], p81, strawberries growing in planter, 2G68XKT, Food [Alamy credit only]

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Jutarnji ( Croatian daily newspaper) 02/01/2022 

Image ID: AND73N Chemainus Outdoor Wall Mural 'Logging with Oxen', David Gowans
Image ID: B495NY, Cement Mural of Elephants , Travel India
Image ID: E66G8J,Numbat wall mural, Duncan Sharrocks
Image ID: T2TF9K, Our Planet Mural, Mark Hawkins
Image ID: 2CBNG9M, Portrait of an Owl,  DT Darecki 
Image ID: 2GK0WGH, Anchorage Wall Mural,  Michael Lingberg
Image ID: 2H2DPND, Wall Artwork ' The Rebel Bear' Glasgow, Skully



Edited by R De Marigny
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KURIR 04/01/2022 https://www.kurir.rs/planeta/3843739/medved-se-pridruzio-coporu-vukova-u-lovu-ukrao-im-plen
Image ID: 2H38J17, Brown Bear, Dominik Belica

01/01/2022 https://www.blic.rs/vesti/svet/spanija-na-nogama-zbog-galicijskog-ramba-opasni-ubica-treci-put-pobegao-iz-zatvora/ebwlg38
Image ID: 2H89XXW, Search Dog in a Forest, TIANJINLAB

Jutarnji ( Croatian daily newspaper)
Image ID: 2H73ET8, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, Lev Radin
Image ID: 2DARPAC, Modern Technology Background, Sleepyfellow  

Edited by R De Marigny
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07/01/2022 Daily Telegraph (print)

A German Shorthaired Pointer playing in the frost on Wimbledon Common. 2HDF4GK Ashley Western/Live News

Shoppers walking past fashion retailer Next in Cheltenham. T4WKKN Nick Hatton

Audrey Tatou and Tom Hanks in the 2006 film The Da Vinci Code. RYHYFP Allstar Picture Library

Vera Lynn at home with paints and an easel, Finchley 1956. HTYGEB PA Images

British actor Jack Hedley who died on 11 December 2021. 2C1DFMR Shaun Higson

Athlete Dorothy Manley running the 100m final at the 1948 London Olympic Games. G8EYER PA Images

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Image ID: 2GBMYN5, Cryptocurrency coins, Joaquin Corbalan pastor

Image ID: DTHFN7, Whatsapp logo , pictoKraft 

Image ID: Possibly Image ID: C208DY or G0HPKP Investment in Gold,  Zoonar GmbH
Living Room with Houseplants and Picture Frames, Unable to locate IMG ID, Monika Mlynek 

Edited by R De Marigny
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El País 08.01.2022 (Print edition)


TT News Agency 2GJDNYM Vanessa Springora has written the autobiographical book Le Consentement. As a fourteen-year-old she was persuaded to start a relationship with a 50-year-old author. Photo: Alexander Mahmoud / DN / TT / Code: 3524

Sergey Yatunin T39553 Second Floor Gallery, Archive of the Indies, Seville

Roger Garfield 2GH4MY3 Dorset, UK. September 5th, 2021. Jonny Greenwood performing at the 2021 End of the Road Festival in Larmer Tree Gardens in Dorset. Photo: Richard Gray/Alamy


El Viajero

Juan Carlos Munoz 2AADJ84 Faro del Pescador Lighthouse at night, Cantabria, Spain, 2016.

Tuul and Bruno Morandi 2G9B9GB Spain, Basque Country, Guipuscoa, Hondarribia, Cap Higer lighthouse

Alberto Tormo Pastor DE7JKH Sunrise in a cape Cabo Huertas with the lighthouse in Alicante, Costa Blanca, Comunidad Valenciana, Spain, Europe

Steve Vidler JFGKHP England, Birmingham, Dudley, The Black Country Living Museum, Street Scene




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USA, Smithsonian magazine, Jan/Feb 2022 issue


Pg. 22, Illustration of some native to California bugs, The Reading Room (Alamy credit only)


Appendix to the Journals of the Senate and Assembly of the ..session of the Legislature of the State of California . een obtained from California, and as a rule was more or less infested 84 REPORT OF THE COMMISSIONER OF HORTICULTURE, EXPLANATION OF PLATE I. Fig. 1. Novius koebelei, Olliff; Koebeles ladybird. Male; enlarged, la. Novius koebelei. Male; natural size. l/>. Novius koebelei. Female; natural size. Ir. Novius koebelei. Larva; enlarged. 2. Black Vedalia. Enlarged. 3. Novius bellus; beautiful ladybird; enlarged. 4. Novius {Vedalia) cardinalis, Mulsant; Australian ladybird; enlarged.4 - Stock Image


Pg. 26, snowball cutout, PRILL Mediendesign (Alamy credit only)

snowball in white back with shadow - Stock Image

Pg. 89, Two illustrations credited to Artokoloro/Alamy but could not find


Pg. 92, Illustration of Chiparic and Galswintha, 916 Collection


Galswinthe & Chilperic - Stock Image


Pg. 93, Fredegund, Queen consort of Chilperic , Florilegius


Fredegund, Queen consort of Chilperic I, died 597. - Stock Image


Pg. 95, Gold coin from 6th century Francia, credited to Photo 12 but could not find


Pg. 97, Fredegund, Queen consort of Chilperic , Florilegius


Tomb of Fredegund or Fredegunda, 543-597, Queen consort of Chilperic I, Merovingian Frankish king of Soissons. Mosaic of precious stones and brass on limestone in the Saint Denis Basilica, originally in the Abbey church of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Tombeau de Fredegonde. Handcoloured lithograph by Villain after an illustration by Horace de Viel-Castel from his Collection des costumes, armes et meubles pour servir à l'histoire de la France (Collection of costumes, weapons and furniture to be used in the history of France), Treuttel & Wurtz, Bossange, 1827. - Stock Image





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Brian Hoffman

Andrew Kearton

Jenny Lilly


Gordon Scammell

Joe Wainwright

Frank Bach



Richard Wayman



Sunpix Environment



Edited by John Morrison
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Times, 10th Jan 2022


High voltage electricity pylons, Suffolk, UK.
Clynt Garnham Environmentalo
Image ID: BBC1B8

New homes under construction in the Castle Hill district of Ebbsfleet Garden City, south east of London, UK. A major new government housing initiative
Simon Turner

London, UK. 22nd November, 2017. Ben Houchen, Mayor of Teeside, gives his opinion on Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond's Budget announcement during an interview with broadcast media on College Green. Credit: Mark Kerrison/Alamy Live News
Mark Kerrison
Image ID: KJ9A3D


Adrian Sherratt
Image ID: A18CJ1

Toddington Manor under restoration, Gloucestershire, England, UK
Colin Underhill
Image ID: D305BE

 Aerial view of Windsor Castle from the South
Image ID: M3R37M

Graphic Designer working with interactive pen display, digital Drawing tablet and Pen on a computer with blank monitor while watching smart watch.
Arthur Bargan
Image ID: 2BTHBG6

people smoking using vape happing pens in Manchester
Mark Waugh
Image ID: PR9TGT

Row of houses in Oxford
Stanislav Halcin
Image ID: PT5E9H

Young badger cub in natural habitat. This is 5 month old wild, European badger (Meles meles) Landscape. Horizontal.
Image ID: PAB95R

The City of London is the main financial district of London and vies with New York City as the financial capital of the world
Pere Sanz
Image ID: E83A0T

Woman in her '40's shops for wine in an Aldi store, Ireland. Drink problem, alcoholic, binge drinking concept.
Andy Gibson
Image ID: KD6TBG

Warminster, Wiltshire, UK - 29 September 2021: An ESSO Petrol Station in East Street, Warminster, England, with no petrol.
Andrew Harker
Image ID: 2GPP5NH

Entrance signage at the Virgin Active Gym, Old Court Place, London, W8, UK
Image ID: RPWYG0


London, England, UK. Specsavers shop - high street optician
Image ID: FBARG5

elephant and castle shopping centre London England UK
Radharc Images
Image ID: DCE0JY

A young couple holding hands
Agencja Fotograficzna Caro
Image ID: A3PKNJ

Glasgow City Chambers and George Square in Glasgow, Scotland
Susanne Pommer
Image ID: T9CBC0

The Black Bitch Tavern on West Port in historic town of Linlithgow in West Lothian, Scotland, UK
Angus McComiskey
Image ID: 2DAK2TB

Scotland, Orkney Islands, Mainland. Capital city of Stromness. Port area with downtown dock.
Cindy Hopkins

Man using his mobile phone to navigate with map application while driving. Dangerous driver. Concept and idea of safety driving
Nuttapon Khewprasert
Image ID: M1P29T


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5 hours ago, John Morrison said:

Thanks for the spot John.


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10/01/2022, Guardian, p15, 1977 silver jubilee, AFTT0C, Homer Sykes
10/01/2022, Guardian, p28, supermarket trolley, KG0Y79, Guy Corbishley
10/01/2022, Guardian G2, p7, Wet Leg, 2GYYGEC, ZUMA Press, Inc.


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KURIR 07/01/2022

Image ID: 2GN141C, Judges Gavel, Joe Belanger 

Image ID: ENHMY2, Police car abstract, Alexander Blinov


11th Jan 2022 


Image ID: 2GXJE7D Taking money from wallet, Natalina Dallapina 


Vogue 6/01/2022 - Image ID: 2HCM1W7, ANYA TAYLOR-JOY in THE NORTHMAN (2022),  Album

Edited by R De Marigny
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Yachting monthly

Working boats can still be seen sailing all around our coast, including at the Falmouth Classics regatta which attracts Bristol Pilot Cutter, Marguerite. Credit: Alamy Stock Photo Roger Hollingsworth

Yoles are wide-beamed to cope with strong tides. Credit: Doug Houghton/Alamy Stock Photo

Built in 1943, Vic 32 can be chartered for skippered trips. Credit: John Peter Photography/Alamy Stock Photo

Traditionally oars were used to propel the Currach, although outboard motors are more common today. Credit: Alan Murphy/Alamy Stock Photo

Built in 1903 at Pill near Bristol, Peggy was converted to a yacht in 1925. Credit: David Broadbent/Alamy Stock Photo

Sailors get a unique perspective on some of the UK's historic forts, including St Mawes. Credit: Alamy Stock Photo Steve Taylor ARPS

Remains of the barrier blockships can still be seen at Scape Flow. Credit: Alamy Stock Photo Susanna Bennett

There are six routes to choose from to climb to the summit of Snowdon. Photo: Stuart Black/Alamy


Edited by Cassius
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