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  1. Thank you Marianne. I was ill for over a week before , so glad I have now managed to Potter about. Next on the list pond vegetation & tie in supports for the runner beans they already have bamboo. I just need to remember where I put the Twine. They seem to have shot up quite fast in their pots, hoping to place outside mid May /early June once I'm sure no morning frosts. 🤔
  2. I don't think that anyone is anti cyclist per se, or otherwise, its about reasonableness and being considerate about other people sharing same route.
  3. That's so funny 🤣 like a comedy script scene 😂
  4. I'm doing the same in my garden creating a wildlife garden. Most of what I plant out is for this purpose. I dug out a hole and built small pond to attract more wildlife. So let's see how that grows.
  5. Marianne the species is not native to UK, no. It s India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and I think parts of Australia. I spent an entire day inside a butterfly house hot and humid, so had to take extra care of the camera & lens but it was worth it.
  6. Hi Betty there are others not only tropical butterflies, Green hairstreak is one species. Beautiful colours of nature.
  7. Tailed Jay butterfly /Graphium agamemnon Helen
  8. The lance might come in handy if a breakage to my camera occurred yes. Broken bones I could deal with but damage to camera equipment..thats one from the scene in Stepbrothers and don't mess with the drums 🤣🤣
  9. Thanks for posting the NY link Michael. A thought provoking read. Helen
  10. Here the proviso appears to be if from same household you can exercise together. If out cycling if they act reasonably people can avoid getting too near, its the hell bent on fast speedo lot I d be more inclined to worry about. Having said that while out walking last week, one almost ran into me narrowly avoiding collision by coming at speed from behind. He did not even have the good sense to warn he was oncoming. That could have ended badly, I'm sure glad it didnt.
  11. Some joggers are worse than the cyclists infringing 2m space.. belonging to that class of dedicated heavy 'mouth breathers' on their fly pasts. I might pop online and order one of those replica medieval knights visors 🤣
  12. Trying to do little things to lift spirits, we are all stuck with this for some time. I feel like I'm in a downward slide. I have in the main continued with gardening, including digging a few weeds out. Taking breakfast in the garden since last week. I ll need to plant seeds out and looking in the garden shed to find a decent container to replant strawberry plants in. I signed up to NHS volunteer call I thought I d give some hours over to that. Other than that like some of you mentioned, I need to recheck tags.Might spend little time on creative material. Seems the bottom has dropped out of sales on here for me. Whatever way - Its difficult for everyone at present time. 💐 Take care all
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