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  1. Another sale dropped in yesterday ££ Country: WorldwideUsage: Single company - multiple use editorial only Editorial print + digital use.Industry sector: Media, design & publishingStart: 29 September 2020Duration: Unlimited IMAGE ID : 2BAG3DP https://www.alamy.com/search/imageresults.aspx?qt=2BAG3DP&imgt=0
  2. This image sold earlier this month oddly for £££ Image ID : 2BK7YCM Country: Worldwide Usage: Single company - multiple use editorial onlyIndustry sector: Media, design & publishingStart: 03 September 2020End: 03 September 2070 Helen
  3. That's alright. I quite like that you can use the filter if you prefer to narrow down to specific subjects of interest.
  4. That's fine Geogphotos thank you for replying. I wanted to enquire here if any forum members are researching these trends /using trend insights.
  5. I can't lay claim to sporting wild Irish eyebrows that's surely a trump card is it not? Congrats Bryan on the new addition to your family. Its always lovely to celebrate new grandchildren coming into one's life. Nice lunch out today at Blue Boar Herongate, Essex - this morning I noticed happily garden pumpkins continue to thrive, with dapples of yellow increasing. The children should be pleased if this wildly rampant crop keeps it up, come October 31st. 🌾 Not quite sure how the lawn mowing will eke out avoiding 15ft tendrils. 😲Having never grown such beast
  6. Not really a website visits tracker or Google business account. I refer to live trends Google trends. I ll insert a link. What if analysing trends and applying insights were to assist sales? Anyone experimenting by applying trend insights to shoots. I suppose it may be similar in some sense to Alamy tracking client search terms incorporating into measures tool. Its interesting material, you can set filters to specific countries regarding consumer trends searches or to specific subject areas if you were only interested in narrowing to particular sectors.
  7. Hi Is anyone on here using Google Analytics /Trends to research keep tabs on emerging trends & searches? Not sure if the long lockdown has addled with my brain but I found it worth following. Is that a sign of mind avalanche? Anyone? 👀 🤔
  8. Night Crawler I remember viewing that film. It's edgy. It makes for grim, disturbing narrative. ☔
  9. I seldom post (not always around )on forums - however I d prefer to see notifications of forum members that reply to a post I may have left. 🤔
  10. Thank you Marianne. I was ill for over a week before , so glad I have now managed to Potter about. Next on the list pond vegetation & tie in supports for the runner beans they already have bamboo. I just need to remember where I put the Twine. They seem to have shot up quite fast in their pots, hoping to place outside mid May /early June once I'm sure no morning frosts. 🤔
  11. I don't think that anyone is anti cyclist per se, or otherwise, its about reasonableness and being considerate about other people sharing same route.
  12. That's so funny 🤣 like a comedy script scene 😂
  13. I'm doing the same in my garden creating a wildlife garden. Most of what I plant out is for this purpose. I dug out a hole and built small pond to attract more wildlife. So let's see how that grows.
  14. Marianne the species is not native to UK, no. It s India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and I think parts of Australia. I spent an entire day inside a butterfly house hot and humid, so had to take extra care of the camera & lens but it was worth it.
  15. Hi Betty there are others not only tropical butterflies, Green hairstreak is one species. Beautiful colours of nature.
  16. Tailed Jay butterfly /Graphium agamemnon Helen
  17. The lance might come in handy if a breakage to my camera occurred yes. Broken bones I could deal with but damage to camera equipment..thats one from the scene in Stepbrothers and don't mess with the drums 🤣🤣
  18. Thanks for posting the NY link Michael. A thought provoking read. Helen
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