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Have you found any images in January 2022?

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The Times Travel. Website. Best Things to do in Bavaria.  https://www.thetimes.co.uk/travel/destinations/europe/germany/best-things-to-do-in-bavaria


Zoigl Beer: R4NH4C Georg Berg

Dinkelsbuhl: 2DEY7WC freeartist

Nuremburg: RDPA11 Al Amy ( really??)

Rothenburg: DF18FM Danita Delimont

Fraueninsel Island: ECY7C5 imageBROKER

and my own, Linderhof Palace, JHTHCN



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6/01/2022  Vogue

Image ID: 2HCM1W7, ANYA TAYLOR-JOY in THE NORTHMAN (2022),  Album


8/01/2022 Vesti RS 

Image ID: RAJ926, Firework Display at Night , Ivan Kuznetsov

Image ID: CR0X9G, Poverty, Hunger , Adam Korzeniewski


11/01/2022 T Portal HR 

Image ID: W6FGTJ, Putin inside C-Explorer submersible,  Russian Government


13/01/2022 KURIR 

Image ID: 2B434GG, Pacific Ocean Shoreline, Alice Musbach

Image ID: 2GXJE7D Taking money from wallet, Natalina Dallapina 



Edited by R De Marigny
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Irish News Internet Publication 

Image ID: G6PGDF, Ennis District Court Building, PA Images 

10/01/2022 Prospect Magazine - 

Gas Hob Flame, unable to locate image id, Alamy credit only

Monocle 13/01/2022 
https://monocle.com/minute/2022/01/13/ Alamy credit only

Located image as - Image ID: P254T8, human and robot hands typing on laptop, LightField Studios Inc. 

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15/01/2022, Guardian, p17, GCSE pupils studying French, D05YGK, redsnapper [Alamy credit only]
15/01/2022, Guardian, p29, wolves, R9BCJE, Fred van Wijk
15/01/2022, Guardian, p49, HMRC logo & cash, BRA891, Radharc Images
15/01/2022, Guardian [Magazine], p59, characters from 'Inside Out' film, RY4PF9, Allstar Picture Library Ltd. [Alamy credit only]
15/01/2022, Guardian [Magazine], p87, Welsh mountain pony, AF5E9N, Nick Turner [cropped to landscape]
15/01/2022, Guardian [journal section], p8, still from 'The Vicar of Dibley', HDA7WH, Everett Collection Inc

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El País 15-01-2022 (Print edition)



brownie haris USA. Jenna Ortega in the (C)Paramount Pictures new movie: Scream (2022). it could be 2H811AH



Seaphotoart R21D01 Rock formation natural arch with algae and fish underwater, split view half above and below water surface, Mediterranean sea, Cabo de Palos, Spain

JUAN CARLOS MUÑOZ 2C5A0YE Ermita de San Esteban, Viguera, Cameros, La Rioja, Spain, Europe

David Jensen 2GMHT0T Newport, Isle of Wight, UK, Saturday, 18th September 2021 David Guetta performs live at the Isle of Wight festival Seaclose Park. Credit: DavidJensen / Empics Entertainment / Alamy Live News

Robert Preston Photography BND1R0 The Shah-i-Zindi, the avenue of mausoleums, Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Helmut Jacob 2B6N28K Curious Aldabra giant tortoise on Moyenne Island, Seychelles


Edited by Abiyoyo
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Daily Mail

Godrevy Lighthouse Credit: Alamy Helen Dixon DPDD5W


The Spectator

Robert Nathaniel Dett's Parry-like cantata The Ordering of Moses is being performed in Birmingham and would be considered positively old-fashioned in any other context. Image: History and Art Collection / Alamy Stock Photo PBD1D7

Solomon and the Queen of Sheba by Konrad Witz, 1437 (Alamy) Masterpics DY29GC



Evening Standard

Lewisham Market Credit: Alamy Loop Images Ltd D0HT5F

Sutton High Street Credit: Alamy Simon Turner P4ENDC

Street Market, Ilford High Road Credit: Alamy Greg Balfour Evans PE5DP5

Edited by Cassius
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Cover image for Nature magazine Volume 601 Issue 7892, 13 January 2022

Image ID: GRC722, Heavy Storms Over Ostfriesland ,Rolf Poetsch/Chromorange


Sunday Times 16/01/2022 ‘Nature Prescriptions’ 

Image ID: GETRR3, Artist Painting a landscape , Loop Images Ltd

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17/01/2022, Guardian, p15, people boarding tube, 2HFEPR2, Guy Bell [via Live News]
17/01/2022, Guardian, p25, 'Rue Saint-Honoré in the Afternoon. Effect of Rain' by Pissarro, E0E8G4, Peter Horree
17/01/2022, Guardian, p36, Cathay Pacific 'plane at Hong Kong airport, 2ANWBXW, Michael Wels


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