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National Trust photography

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Hi guys, 


Apologies if this has already been covered but I am new here and looking for a little guidance. 

What are your current thoughts on uploading photos taken from within a National Trust property? I mean more inside the grounds as opposed to interior photography. 

I know you can take photographs from public land and that National Trust say you mustn’t upload images to file sharing sites if taken within the site, but I’m a little confused as there are loads of photos on here from within National Trust sites. 

What is the current guidance? Is it just a case of the National Trust not being able to police it? 

Also, if I upload any images and the National Trust kick off, who is liable for any backlash? Is it me as the uploaded or Alamy as the seller?


Many thanks 

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I don't think the attitude of the National Trust has many fans on here, I'm certainly not one, but bear in mind that they are significant Alamy contributors in their own right. You are also correct to say that there are a large number of images of NT properties on here that don't seem to comply with their guidelines.

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On 24/04/2021 at 14:07, MikeyMike said:

who is liable for any backlash?

No backlash, if your images turn up in one of the periodic trawls Alamy will simply take them down unless you can prove they were taken from a right of way, and sometimes even then.

It's also a good idea not to have "national trust" in the keywords- The NT is trying to establish a monopoly for its own image library by underhand means, so why make it easy for them?

They don't get them all, even for a named property.

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15 hours ago, Alamy said:

Hi all, 


Just to clarify, images taken on National Trust property shouldn't be uploaded to Alamy. 





That's not strictly true is it Alamy? After all, the NT own vast stretches of the English coastline and there cannot be a restriction on photographing it. The criterion has to be National Trust property where an entry fee has been paid or membership is required to access the site.


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7 hours ago, Stokie said:

Photos taken of National Trust property from a public footpath are permissible.



And everyone should be encouraged to do as much of it as possible. 😉


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Wow, thanks for the great responses! 

I agree it is utter nonsense that National Trust etc are tying to create a monopoly on photography. It seems ethically wrong however, as these properties are part of the nation’s heritage and they should not really be able to restrict photography of any kind. 

I totally get a privately owned (lived in) property not wanting people to do commercial photography, but properties that are managed by NT are technically owned by the nation and such restrictions on photography should not exist. 

I do wonder if NT would ever take someone to court? I doubt it! I would love to see some sort of legal ruling on the subject. 

I have previously tried to get some further direction from the NT and have enquired about obtaining a permit. But, they can’t even be bothered to reply. 

Also, funny Alamy stating you shouldn’t upload NT photography when the website is absolutely saturated with such photographs. 

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