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Photographer Daniel Freeman's take on small town America


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I really like his work and the reverence he has for these tiny towns. I would love to do that, but my family would have a fit if I rambled out in the dark.

I took this in the tiny town of Washington, Oklahoma. Mostly I enjoy shooting old houses and barns, many of the farmhouses are abandoned.

I won’t turn down anything old, though.


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I really enjoyed those images. Thanks for posting. I've always loved small town American architecture.


I took this one by streetlight in Bellingham, Washington. Here in Vancouver, we tear down anything that's old in order to build shiny new condominiums, what a horrible loss.



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They are great images of small town America. I have old buildings in my port but not anywhere as atmospheric as those.


Not as good as Betty and John's either.




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17 hours ago, Ed Rooney said:

Liverpool is an incredible mix of various architecture, a history book told in buildings.

One reason "The Ipcress File" is shooting there instead of London- London has changed too much. Ditto Berlin- they're shooting in Croatia.

That and the fact that Liverpool city council is an investor- easier to shut streets (1) in a lockdown; (2) when you've got a dog in the fight.

I'm sure you know some of Liverpool's history- it was rich. You probably know what from as well🙁

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