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143 mostly garden and some empty storefront or stores with signs up (taken in a nearby town as I waited for my husband to have surgery- my first time out during lockdown).  I ventured out rarely- and my favorite local places to shoot landscape images were generally overrun with hikers so the parking lots, allowed to only be half full or less so, were generally full most of the time- hard to time it right. 


We managed to get away for a week at the Connecticut shore in October and I got some nice images then. I also uploaded several illustrations, not usually something I'd upload here but I was hurting for content and thought I'd give it a shot. They tend to do best on sites like redbubble where I can sell them on mugs and such, though they also do okay on some ms sites. A couple about the vote did well but that was short-lived. 


Travel images do best for me here, on ms, and on POD sites and those were impossible to come by this year. I had a handful from early January 2020 (a single travel day in fact) that sold a few times elsewhere. 


December saw an image licensed that I took in my garden this summer which made me happy. It's the only shot from this year that sold here.

Alamy licensed some local shots taken between 2016 and 2019. The bulk of my sales were travel shots taken within the past few years, in places that require a long drive followed by a ferry, or travel to areas in the US where wearing a mask is still considered a political statement, so revisiting will have to wait. 


I tend to usually only upload a handful from most shoots but this year I expanded that since there wasn't too much to work with. Despite a drop from last year, I made a lot more on POD sites. Alamy's $19.99 personal use kept me from uploading several shots I'd otherwise put on Alamy - in fact Alamy sold one PU followed by a Presentation from the same location the same day (the second shot was RM exclusive, no PU allowed, so I'm guessing they used a Presentation buy to get around it). I netted $10 for that shot, and sold it the same day on a POD site netting $$$. So, I'm more inclined to give Alamy serviceable shots, instead of the beautiful images I have in the past. I look forward to seeing how the PU/Presentation mess is resolved. Meanwhile, it's gray and sleeting here- so no new images for 2021 yet. 

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897 uploaded. Trawling through my hard drive, plus trying more stock type photos of stuff found around the house. Also got out and took more pics of where I live and local area. I also applied for and got archive permission last month, so there is a new avenue for this year.


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I managed one batch of 21 after a holiday in September.

I largely rely on London for the majority of my images and have not been in for almost a year now. I know there are opportunities galore in there at the moment but I don't feel an hour each way on a train is either essential or justified, especially when my favourite watering holes are boarded up.


Luckily I am at the stage of my life where I can let the images come to me, so am not overly bothered. Even keywording 21 seemed like a chore in the end! 



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2020: 845

2019: 485


I used lockdown to upload some old images but checking this has shown me I must have a lot of images that are still not uploaded from both years. I have downloaded my data so can now check through. Thanks for the question. 😀

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