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  1. A happy doggo going for a walk as the UKs restrictions loosened and the sun came out to play! The sunbathing mood! A gorgeous cherry blossom tree in somebody's front garden! Enjoying a nice book in the shade of a tree.
  2. Same for me! Had a $100 sale in for a large run of retail posters... Best yet 😀
  3. 1 for a grand total of $20. A depressing contrast to the near $200 for February...
  4. It appears Godox is also sold rebranded as Neewer and some of their equivalents can be much cheaper under the Neewer name.
  5. I found doing a search on the forums with the license text can help bring up similar usages which may have been tracked down by other users posting in the "Images Sold" threads. I discovered one on the New York Post website that way.
  6. Had my first one in today, a recent zoom, educational sale for $$. Hoping to see some more late reporting customers fall in by the end of the month.
  7. It's giving my antivirus a heart attack just clicking on it 😁
  8. Looks like that's ready to steal all of my bank account details and passwords.
  9. Interesting you mention this as I just recently received an email advertising this software which purports to magically remove watermarks from pictures... https://www.easeus.com/landing/solution/watermark-remover-p.html?utm_source=BenchmarkEmail&utm_campaign=watermarkremover210311&utm_medium=email Don't like the idea of this at all.
  10. Yay, my first sale of the month! Had a zoom in a couple of days ago. Country: WorldwideUsage: Educational WebsiteEditorial digital use. One time use onlyIndustry sector: Media, design & publishingStart: 12 March 2021End: 12 March 2023 $$
  11. Operational Support Unit officers doing a sweep search at a murder scene in Birmingham earlier this month. (A bit grim, but that's news for you!)
  12. None for me... Very dull month, although had a few zooms come in so may end up with sales.
  13. Are you automatically importing the images? Pics will save into a dated folder within your PC's pictures directory meaning you won't need to keep the card attached to access the images. Might be there's an issue pointing to the folder holding the imported pics or they're not being imported at all.
  14. Very interesting. It would be great to hear from Alamy themselves regarding their way of "pushing" pics, and if there's anything we can do as contributors to improve the likelihood of use. Edit: And also if anybody has experience from on a newsdesk that receives Alamy, what the experience is like on that end as well.
  15. Sorry, I could've been clearer. I mean, it seems during events, newspapers tend to have other agency's pictures up very quickly and in larger numbers, and the Alamy options are kind of left behind til later or not used at all.
  16. Keep in mind it takes 180 days for the photo to be removed completely from Alamy.
  17. Hi all, I was just wondering, through what means do publications receive our uploads from Alamy Live News? Is it email or something else? And does it affect the likelihood of a sale if images are added some time after the first upload, or are the clients notified of changes? I wonder because it seems that in live events, other news agencies seem to take precedence and it's not until some time later that Alamy Live News contributions start to pop up, even when they're up at the same time as competitors. Also, do all subscribed clients get everything, or do they have a kind of keywor
  18. Two sales for mid-$$ under the same license terms. Country: Worldwide Usage: Ad and designMarketing Package Use. Any size. Any placement. Missing Industry sector: OTHER - Comms Start: 03 February 2021 End: 03 February 2031
  19. 2 sales for total of $62.01 - nothing to phone home about but sales are on the up and up
  20. Had this single use editorial drop in this morning... A pretty good sum for The Sun. 2DEXAB7 Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial Media: Editorial website Industry sector: Media, design & publishing Image Size: Any size Start: 02 December 2020 End: 02 December 2025 One use in a single editorial article used within the digital versions of a single publication. Digital usage includes archive rights for the lifetime of the article. $$
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