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  1. If it does then they will lose most of my work - possibly all 40% of RM is bad enough. Will not be worth the bother any more.
  2. 10 sales in the last month - very high for me and while the number of images sold this year is down on last the revenue is up.
  3. The MD of another image library told me earlier this year that "The XX (UK Daily Newspaper) has an image carousel across it’s outlets that uses 600 images very 4 hours, so 2400 images per day........" hence the low prices. Enjoy a share of the bulk usage seems to be the message here. πŸ˜₯
  4. Wow! Looks like the dam has broken, three sales for under $60 in total in May, June, and July. Three sales this week for $$, $$, $$$.
  5. Consider yourself lucky! last year I had 7 sales, this year I had one for $5. Not just a bad month but a bad three months.
  6. All of which I certainly understand. I might do the same as my return per image from Alamy is less than a third of what I get from the only other library I use.
  7. I too have had only a couple of sales recently and both for low $ and sales for the year are down on last year. No doubt the marketplace has changed but I am not about to give up. A thorough check of my sales here and at another library I use has shown me one area which does much better for me than the rest. I shall concentrate on that as regards submissions in future so maximising the use of my time both for shooting and submissions. That way my return for time invested should improve. Next April I too will opt out of NU and Personal if the gods allow it by then. I am still considering whether to delete images outside my core area and leave my whole content focussed - or perhaps assign them to a different pseudonym. Does anyone have an opinion on that?
  8. Well that's the end of a bad month (all bar a few hours) now to get out with the camera and on with uploading and make future months better!
  9. Whatever the cause this year started well for me but is turning into a disaster. Sales are currently half the number they should be based on last year, revenue down too and even zooms are at a desperate low 😭😭😭
  10. My experience is similar this year. CTR is above average, as it is mostly, but zooms to sales is slipping: 1/6/18 to date 1 : 3 1/1/19 to date 1 : 4.3 - I know there may be sales to come through but at the present rate of sales it will have little impact on these figures. Sales this month are desperate. I am beginning to feel I am wasting my time - at least with this library as sales through another library are holding up OK.
  11. Some very interesting comments here but saying that adds nothing to the pot. So: I used to think that I could top up my pension with stock sales from Alamy and a couple of other libraries. I got to like seeing my work in print and the little boost to my day when I got a sale. I have come to realise I could make many times the income from stacking shelves in a supermarket one day a week. DO NOT make this the day job or even the evening job, shoot what you like and if it's wet and you are bored send a few images to a stock library.
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