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  1. 7 sales for $292 with the first two accounting for most of it. Last year I had no sales in February!
  2. six weeks in and gross revenue is already 25% of the 2019 total. I hope that continues - but who knows.
  3. Yes, a good move for them - as for us birds on the bottom rung of the roost.......
  4. Sales down 5% in number but up over 10% in value. Bit disappointing given all the images I have added but a few lessons learnt from looking at others results. Onwards ever onwards. A happy and prosperous new year to all.
  5. I have only just picked up on this so thanks for the heads up. Having checked I see two new lovely stars have appeared without my noticing and I now have 5 stars 😲. I have had no fails for over a year - some 30 submissions with almost 600 images in that time. Have Alamy decided to allow self regulation (probably with just the odd check-up) for past good conduct for those of us trying to keep a good record hence the modificationn of the star system.
  6. A great month, quite a few calendar licences. 12 sales for $458 gross.
  7. And on the next batch I hit finish upload and IMMEDIATELY got passed QC! Amazing, thanks Alamy; what is going on?
  8. I have just had my best ever month with 13 sales. Total sale revenue this year to date now exceeds the last calendar year with number of sales down by 10%. Perhaps December will bridge that small gap 🤞
  9. If it does then they will lose most of my work - possibly all 40% of RM is bad enough. Will not be worth the bother any more.
  10. 10 sales in the last month - very high for me and while the number of images sold this year is down on last the revenue is up.
  11. The MD of another image library told me earlier this year that "The XX (UK Daily Newspaper) has an image carousel across it’s outlets that uses 600 images very 4 hours, so 2400 images per day........" hence the low prices. Enjoy a share of the bulk usage seems to be the message here. 😥
  12. Wow! Looks like the dam has broken, three sales for under $60 in total in May, June, and July. Three sales this week for $$, $$, $$$.
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