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  1. I used to travel all around the country in my camper for photos. Not worth the driving now.
  2. Lots of silly prices - well I say lots but actually not enough sales at all - I have been considering for a while whether to dump Alamy. Lost of admin over exclusivity not followed by cuts in commission then contract changes and for what? Alamy no longer feels worth the effort.
  3. Same here but what the hell it was never any guide as to what was going to sell.
  4. I asked Alamy how IO had had two personal use sales but the images had not been zoomed. There answer FYI was: Hi Bill Alamy measures doesn’t register every action on the site. Views and zooms are only registered from customers who are logged in and who have spent a certain amount of money on Alamy. Thanks, Shelley Alamy Contributor Relations
  5. Yep, and I am off to give one a try. If it works for me Alamy gets binned.
  6. I for one will not. If I am still here when that happens (and I say when not if) it will absolutely be the end of the road for me. As I feel now I am unlikely to submit any further images.
  7. I am pretty bloody cross (NO I'M NOT - I AM BLOODY LIVID) about all that wasted time marking exclusive images as well as a further cut in commission. Remembering the axiom "Act in haste" etc. I am not giving notice today but I may very well do so tomorrow OR EVEN LATER TODAY. Fortunately I have much better sales elsewhere for a niche library that returns me twice as much from half as many images. They are easier and nicer to deal with too.
  8. Zip, Zilch, Nada ...... and zooms are through the floor.
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