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Have you found any Alamy images in January 2018?

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1 minute ago, Sally said:

The Sun often updates its weather page 



Yep...I've had storm  pix used early doors  which are then dropped as the story develops during the day. Always sensible to get a screen grab as and when you see stuff used. On the whole the Sun are very good at self-reporting, but with a fast moving event like a major weather incident , with pix maybe only online for an hour or two, things can slip through their net. Other websites (MailOnline for example) tend just to add to the pix used, rather than replacing them....



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On 1/9/2018 at 11:11, Marianne said:

Coastal Living magazine, January-February 2018


20 Best Places to Live on the Coast in 2018



In print and/or and online from Alamy:




HA471Y, Beaufort, North Carolina, Rose-Marie Murray - horizontal online, cropped vertical in print





Thank you Marianne for finding and posting my image!



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19/01/2018, UK, Guardian, p7, two girls in Waterstone's, BKPTJE, keith morris [Alamy credit only]
19/01/2018, UK, Guardian [Journal section], p3, single mother & daughter, ACDNC8, Daniel Atkin


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1 hour ago, LawrensonPhoto said:

Is it 50% of fee for second use and 25% for subsequent uses? (the sun)


I'll have a look......but from memory, for news pix used used on the day or the day after in multiple online stories , it's the straight fee, no reductions...


BTW, check out the Scottish Sun too....often they simply rebrand stories from the Sun, but it still counts as a seperate use (different URL). And sometimes they'll run a story with a particularly Scottish slant but still using UK wide images.....


For example:



Same story, different URLs....(with one of my images of Aberystwyth in both)






Story unique to the Scottish web site, but using more of my images from Aberystwyth.....



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Daily Telegraph (Business, Print) 19/01/18


Terry Harris / Alamy Stock Photo


Interesting example of "stemming" in the search engine this. The image did not show in a search for "Taylors Estate Agent", but I found it when I used the plural "Taylors Estate Agents". It's probably wise to include both singular and plural for images like this.


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4 hours ago, Gary Clarke said:

Thanks for finding that one of mine Russell. Out of interest what's the article (or advert) that it's published in please?

It was on the Letters page Gary. Amid a selection of letters commenting on the news that people are buying more black cars than white as they feel they don't show the dirt so much.

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07.03.2015, Doha, Qatar, Qatar - Driver selects a traffic jam the lane. 00S150307D611CAROEX.JPG - NOT for SALE in - Stock Image

NRMA ( NSW Australia motorist association) Jan/Feb magazine.  1/6th page. Image reversed - because we have right hand drive cars - and number plates blacked out.

Alamy credit only.    caro photoagency.

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Times 20th


H7N2B4    David Mark   Virgin Trains East Coast HST train standing at Kings Cross station, London, UK

ECFP3M   Photimageon  No Zip Wire protest sign, Glenridding, Lake District, Cumbria, England, UK


Scottish Edition


KJJWEY  Godong  Xanax. 0,25 mg. Alprazolam. France

ADMNGP   Simon Price   Hospital of Aberdeen Royal Infirmary in Aberdeen, Scotland, UK




GDKTWF   Sean Pavone   Austin, Texas, USA skyline on the Colorado River




Andy Rain crane with Carillion and HTC branding - can't find it

FD033M  Ammentorp Photography  Young female editor using graphics tablet to do work at her desk in the office. Professional graphic designer at work

KYWEJ5  Temple Place, London, UK. 16th Jan, 2018. Empty Carillion construction cranes on a deserted commercial building site outside Temple Station a day after the major contractor wents into liquidation. The Official Receiver has been appointed Liquidator of Carillion Plc. Credit: Malcolm Park/Alamy Live News. (couple similar)




AP8X27  Glenn Harper Malus Butterball

EH8X7R  Paul Martin  Menachurch Point, the beach and cliffs at Northcott Mouth near Bude

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22 minutes ago, TeeCee said:

Sun online, weather stuff...



Alan Oliver, Lennoxtown, Live News



Credited to Live News, can't find it.




That's  N00K15  jamesjagger / StockimoNews Frosty in Godalming.

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Guardian online

EAYEXH  Novarc Images/Nicolas Marino Cycling in the Mongolian steppe

K7WMKK Mike Read Canada geese

CY0XT2 Arterra Picture Library/De Meester Johan Red bell pepper plant (cropped)
H3MAT2 Olivier Parent Capsicum baccatum ‘Inca Red Drop’.
EGDA6B R Ann Kautzky Capsicum frutescens Tabasco (cropped)



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19/01/2018, UK, London Evening Standard, p16, Charles I, DD3NEX, GL Archive [Alamy credit only]
19/01/2018, UK, London Evening Standard, p51, horse-drawn hearse, DNJWHN, Adrian Buck [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
19/01/2018, UK, London Evening Standard, p61, skiers at St Anton in Tyrol, C5W1A2, Werner Dieterich/Westend61 GmbH [Alamy credit only]

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