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Phone images allowed for Live News?

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Let's say: Earth shattering event happens, you're the only photographer there and you only have a mobile phone on you. They'd be stupid not to take it.

I think it would be an exception to the rule rather than "I'll quickly bung in my phone pix because I can't be asked to take the other camera out of the bag".


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A point worth considering.. the live news team seem to divert images that they don't believe are newsworthy to regular stock QC.  An image taken with a phone would likely fail regular QC. So I guess you really want to be sure your image is newsworthy before submitting to Alamy Live News if taken with a phone.

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Keith once posted an image in a discussion that was a phone image.  I mentioned that I thought phone images weren't allowed, and he said they are for live news.  But always best to check with Alamy.



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