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  1. I found this link of news aggregator websites. It looks quite useful. Thought I would share. I am trying to find more topical items to snap, does anyone have particular recommendations re UK news? News Aggregator sites - https://themeisle.com/blog/news-aggregator-websites-examples/
  2. Olympus has just announced they are leaving the camera equipment business completely. They are selling to a Japanese investment group. No way to know what this will mean for sure, but given how investment groups destroyed G I'm sad to hear this news. My very first SLR, a gift from my dad when I was a junior in college back in the late 1970s, was an Olympus OM-1, which my daughter used when she took photography in college. In fact, I still use the collection of lenses I got for that camera on my OMD E-1 and on my Sony mirrorless. To my surprise, even after buying my Sony full frame, I still use my Oly a lot, and before Covid hit I was planning to buy a travel zoom for that wonderful light little mirrorless for a trip to Europe which we have put off indefinitely. I hope that this doesn't mean the new owners will pare down the business so much in an attempt to appeal to consumers, but if they are focusing on the OMD and Zuiko brands, perhaps those of us who love our Oly's will be lucky and it will mean that they'll focus on pros and their higher end cameras and lenses. Panasonic is now working with Leica more and seems to have turned away from micro 4/3 and while micro 4/3 may not be the highest resolution, it is a perfect compromise for those of us who want high quality super light camera equipment. Here's the link: https://www.theverge.com/2020/6/24/21301460/olympus-selling-camera-division-jip-vaio It's from an investment site, my hubby just sent it to me. I'm going to see what other info is out there and will add new links when I find additional info.
  3. So I often see people mentioning news and weather and affects, etc, so I think it's not just about headline bbc.co.uk news type stuff So, I'm not normally in a situation where anything remotely interesting happens right in front of me, but today as was waiting for train the heavy winds lifted a gazebo over a wall and on to the rail lines. I thought, well maybe this would be of interest to someone showing affects of current weather... But was rejected. Fine, but is there a list I can peruse somewhere as to what may be acceptable? Because trying to get that image uploaded and keyworded on my phone was a right royal frigging pain in the butt. And I'd just rather save myself the time and frustration in future, should something potentially interesting happen near me. Android phone for what's its worth
  4. Over the past year or two, I’ve been selling Live News and news-y sorts of photographs (royalty, politics, that sort of stuff). A lot of my sales detail newspapers and magazines, and as a student photographer, it would be awesome to buy (or at least SEE) copies of the newspapers and magazines that have used my photographs to keep cuttings for keepsake/ my portfolio. But I have no clue where to find them? When I emailed Alamy Contributors team about it a few months ago, they said they couldn’t tell me due to “client confidentiality”, which is slightly annoying given a national newspaper using an image publicly isn’t really...confidential? Does anyone have any clue how to find which papers/ magazines use your images? Here are a few notable images that have sold repeatedly to mags and papers: Royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: https://www.alamy.com/image-details-popup.asp?Imageid=91BE56E4-AB5C-42BA-9CF2-7B29AF323FF0 Cast of new ITV show on set: https://www.alamy.com/image-details-popup.asp?Imageid=91BE56E4-AB5C-42BA-9CF2-7B29AF323FF0 Environment Secretary Michael Gove speech: https://www.alamy.com/image-details-popup.asp?Imageid=CDC1C660-CC58-4B39-A722-A9ACB0F01E74 Thank you, all!
  5. Hi I started contributing to live news this year as an addition to my stock images. By no means professionaly, but when I happen to be around something newsworthy, then I will cover and submit. I have several images published which I am chuffed about, but there is one issue. It seems to me that Alamy has good relationship with jist a few titles, and all sales are limited to these only. I see my images in 3, maybe 4 titles over and over, but lacks the reach in terms of other titles. Is this only me or this is the case indeed? If it matters tyen I am based in Scotland, Glasgow.
  6. Choosing the final eight for this took me quite a while, the standard was really high. Some of the pics I wanted in the final eight which didn't make it were extremely good. Anyway, here's the eight, I personally think they're superb images, it'll be difficult to choose an outright winner, I'm interested to see who wins. 1.Anti Nazi Demonstrator by Abiyoyo 2.Fire in Glasgow by Sally 3.Mt Agung erupting by cbimages 4. Three car crash by aphperspective 5. Downing Street protest by vpics 6. Hammersmith picnic by Matt Ashmore 7. Firefighting helicopter by RedSnapper 8. Building defences by MizBrown
  7. I am asking as I am recently getting into sports photography, and having few live news images (non-sports related) sold recently I thought I could join these two and start uploading some live news sports images. However, i have never seen an Alamy sport news image printed/published anywhere. It is all... Well... Other agencies Have you ever managed to sell a live news sport image via Alamy? Thanks.
  8. Hi I will be going to a speedway match with photographers accreditation on Friday, and thinking about uploading some live news for the event. Do you know of any UK daily press reporting on UK Speedway? I would like to keep an eye on them. Thanks
  9. Thanks for giving me the chance to set the subject, even though the other July pictures were so much better than mine! I've decided on NEWS as the subject as everyone has news photos and it's a nice, broad subject. Any News pics are acceptable, they don't have to have been published. A limit of 3 of your Alamy images per contestant. The deadline will be 31August at midnight BST. I will choose 8 finalists and set up the poll if I can find how to do it, I may need a bit of help on that one! Here's some examples... GOOD LUCK!!!
  10. Hi I am getting into news photography as a hobby, and i enjoy this a lot. I am slowly working out how to find out about events as soon as they happen, but i struggle a lot finding out about the upcoming events. Concerts etc are easy. But for example PM Nicole S was today in Glasgow, 5min walk from me and i did not know about it. I get alerts on twitter from city council, all local news sites etc, but problem is these report news after they happen. How do you stay ahead?
  11. Hi, If a news website shows a screenshot of my twitter post with n image on it, and they did not get a permission to use it, can I chase them for this? They did ask for permission but I directed them to Alamy News, they acknowledged my reply, and therefore I think they are using the twitter screenshot until they obtain the image from Alamy. Just in case I screenshoted (is this even a word?) they article to be able to chase them in case they dont end up purchasing from alamy. Is my approach correct?
  12. I always upload news images as unedited jpegs straight from camera, before i even have a chance to sit in front of the computer. Thinking behind it was that the sooner i upload the better. However, I look at top selling news images that papers print, and many of them clearly were beautifully edited in terms of contrast, color balance etc. What is tge best way: - fast upload but unedited images which dont stand out? - still fast upload with basic editing on the phone/tabletnto make them look "better than bland"? - slower upload but edited so that they stand out relally well? My question i guess here is what is your workflow, and do you find one way generating more sales that the other?
  13. Hi I was extremely luck lately being one of the first people with camera on the scene of a fire in Glasgow, tye moment the emergency services were arriving. This allowed me to sell few images which were used for early news online. I know I was lucky, as i was there only because i was dropping my biy off at the nursery which was accross the road, and I am sure I wont sell any news images for a long time unless I found some luck again. But then again, i have a full time job and this is a hobby only, so I dont need to. This makes me think about how do professional news photographers find out about emergency responses? I imagine that following news is not the way to go - as that means they are too late and missed the early stages oftge event. Is there any live website or do they have a way of listening to the emergency services radio?
  14. Hi, I uploaded few news images this morning, and got asked by Daily Star on Twitter if it is available via alamy. I confirmed and heard nothing back. Now, I found that they used it on they website, crediting Alamy. Does it mean it was purchased? Any idea when I will now any details? https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/709569/glasgow-fire-gorbals-tower-block-scotland-thick-smoke-rises-top-floor-flat https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/974092/Glasgow-fire-Gorbals-smoke-scotland-news
  15. liverpix

    Ban from upload

    Hi, Recently had this photo rejected because of noise. Doesn't look too noisy to me. What do you think ? Thanks.
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