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  1. Hi I was extremely luck lately being one of the first people with camera on the scene of a fire in Glasgow, tye moment the emergency services were arriving. This allowed me to sell few images which were used for early news online. I know I was lucky, as i was there only because i was dropping my biy off at the nursery which was accross the road, and I am sure I wont sell any news images for a long time unless I found some luck again. But then again, i have a full time job and this is a hobby only, so I dont need to. This makes me think about how do professional news photographers find out about emergency responses? I imagine that following news is not the way to go - as that means they are too late and missed the early stages oftge event. Is there any live website or do they have a way of listening to the emergency services radio?
  2. Was my image purchased?

    Hi, I uploaded few news images this morning, and got asked by Daily Star on Twitter if it is available via alamy. I confirmed and heard nothing back. Now, I found that they used it on they website, crediting Alamy. Does it mean it was purchased? Any idea when I will now any details?
  3. Ban from upload

    I would like to make a suggestion to Alamy. Could you allow photographers to upload to the news section when they are banned from the stock upload due to a quality control ban ? Very frustrating not being able to upload photos. Guess, I will have to look at other sites to upload to.
  4. Ban from upload

    Hi, Recently had this photo rejected because of noise. Doesn't look too noisy to me. What do you think ? Thanks.
  5. News Images

    I've submitted a few news images in the last couple of days (the first for quite some time). I've noticed that they now appear as available for licensing as general stock immediately. Sorry if I've had my head in the sand, but when did this happen? Last I knew, they only went into general stock after the 48-hour news period has finished.
  6. I have started uploading to live news recently and placed some images on Christmas Day . I completed IPTC and keywords in Lightroom before submitting to the news feed. I got the usual QC approved message but today (Boxing Day ) when I uploaded more images to the stock feed, I noticed that the news feed images were marked “Not on sale” ....when I added key words in the AIM they want “onsale” .....did i do soemthing wrong in my news feed upload?
  7. HI Quick one. Do views and clicks on Live News images count towards CTR and show in stats? Thank you
  8. Hi i sometimes upload news images which go in unedited, straight from the camera. Later when these go back to stock, I often re-edit, re-caption and upload again. Now, do i simply delete the old ones? It say it will take 180 days before these are deleted. Some people here say to let Alamy know that I uploaded replacements. When/how do I do this? Thanks.
  9. Live News sales immediate?

    Hi, will i know immediately if my live news image sold, or this depends on the buyer? What is the latest the Alamy may let me know about a live news sale? Other question, after 48hrs when a live news image goes back to the ordinary stock, do you re-caption it to suit more generic use, as opposed to a specific news on the day? Thanks. Pawel
  10. Hi, I am slowly trying to do some live news images, and currently working on streamlining the workflow to be able to submit within minutes of taking an image. As such, I would like to understand what is the difference between the Caption and Headline, so that I do not repeat the information where not needed. Also, do you keyword news images, or caption/headline only? Thank you
  11. Hi, I know that for the regular stock, Alamy does not accept images taken with mobile phones (at least mine - Huawei P9). Is this any different for Live News images? Thanks.
  12. A job at Alamy (at home)

    This might suit some of you with news knowledge and alternative Sundays to fill. Apply within. Richard.
  13. Over the last few months I've started submitting News images - mainly weather and a few 'events' - with a little bit of success here and there. A couple of things I'm not sure about if someone could help please? I've checked the Alamy advice pages and forum but can't find the answers so if I've missed them I apologise! I believe the images stay on the News feed for 48-hours and after that they are moved into 'normal' stock. At that point I've been adding keywords - I think that's when we're supposed to do it or can it be done sooner? But what about captioning (which is the News caption as originally input) - should I amend that to delete the news references and maybe mention in Additional Info that it was originally a news image OR just leave it as it is (afterall it's fairly descriptive). One other point - can anyone recommend a decent method (App?) that allows you to enter the IPTC keyword / caption fields whilst using an iPhone. I can wifi images from cameras to phone whilst out in the field and edit them in Lightroom Mobile so I could upload from there for speed if only I could get the IPTC details entered on the phone. Am I missing something obvious there? At the moment I have to wait until I get home to upload via a MacBook or iMac. The weather images tend to be in some remote areas (e.g. on the North York Moors but with mobile coverage in some areas) so by the time I drive home etc I've lost valuable time. Many thanks Gary
  14. Hi there I was wondering if there are vector and illustration-graphics allowed to be submitted for the live news?! I've made a testupload with an illustration about the terrorism attack in paris one day ago - uploaded today and received after some minutes an email which says: "illustration = stock"?! Does anyone have other experiences on this? Is it generally NOT allowed to submit live-graphics/-illustrations to alamy's live news? Thanks and regards imd
  15. I read the FAQ and tried searching the forum, but couldn't find the answer to this. Is it appropriate to upload photos of a public figure (well known or lesser known musicians, for example), shortly after their death? IOW, their death is breaking news, but the photos might be a few years old.
  16. Updating Live News Captions

    I've uploaded a few Live News pictures now and they usually end up in my library on sale but with the original News caption e.g UK Weather. Rainy Day in etc. I'm never sure whether it is worth updating these captions once they are my library so that the caption less about the weather on a particular day. Just curious to find out what other people do? Is it with the effort to amend them?
  17. I occasionally upload a news image taken on my iPhone via Stockimo. Last week, for the first time ever, I uploaded a couple of 'UK Weather' related images taken on my DSLR. It took me a few attempts to get the IPTC fields right and I had to email the Alamy News team on a couple of occasions to get them to fix images on the Live News Feed where I had got the captions wrong (missing). This was mainly down to the fact that I struggled a bit to firstly find the right fields in Lightroom and then having added and IPTC caption and headline, I missed the fact that you actually had to to choose 'Save Metadata to File' from a menu. And then I had to spend time looking up the actual structure that Alamy wants the caption text to be in. So I have it figured out now which is good so I should be OK in the future... .. but it would have been far easier if the upload pages on Alamy had a couple of text fields to specify the headline, the caption, date taken (select from a calendar and default to 'today') and location when uploading news imagery. This would give Alamy's back end computer system handling Alamy's upload all the information to automatically generate the headline and caption IPTC fields in the format that Alamy require. I do not see this as something that the serious news contributors would want to use (they would just continue to do what they do today)... but for contributors who supply news images on a more causal basis who just happen to be in the right places, at the right time with a camera in hand, I think this would be very useful. Maybe it's something that Alamy can add as part of their updates to the contributor tools!
  18. If you’re a seasoned photo-journalist or someone just starting on the journey to being a news photographer, here are 7 tips to help you produce the most newsworthy material. Read more...
  19. Exclusivity?

    If I have uploaded colour pix to Alamy, and these are not available anywhere else as microstock, in fact I have uploaded them as news pix (because they are), am I ok with allowing a third party (a PR agency) to download them? I said to them initially no, but thought that perhaps monochrome versions of the same images would be ok? but haven't moved on this yet as I am uncertain and don't want to jeopardise my relationship with Alamy….such as it is. Cheers
  20. We all obsess about our AlamyRank and how many views/zooms we get (some of us like myself check daily). Looking back through my licensed image history, it appears that the majority of the images I've licensed that were used in newspapers (or where the sales revenue amount is indicative of the newspaper scheme prices) were not recorded as a zoom. We know that not all of Alamy's customers have accounts that register as a zoom. We also know that sales improve rank greater than zooms.....but initially, do those who supply "creative images" (images created with a slant toward the commercial market - I am not referencing the "creative" Alamy category) over "editorial newsworthy" images (images more indicative of being used by a news outlet) at an AlamyRank disadvantage? ***note that Alamy Live News is not included in the newspaper scheme Thoughts?
  21. News or Stock?

    A question, especially for those of you who contribute News regularly. Do you see sales through the News channel or does it tend to come later when those news images have moved into the Stock collection? Anyone making consistent news sales? I appreciate that sales may take many weeks to report so it may be difficult to tell except by the licence date and even then it may be a sale from the News Feed as the client will have it on their system, especially newspapers. I realise that everyone is different but I am starting to conscientously monitor my activity to geta sense of what part of my efforts is delivering benefits - still far too early to draw any conclusions. I am now a few weeks in and working hard and full time on my photography again - it is my job (albeit largely uinpaid so far). I am realistic, I do not expect a sudden turnround in my fortunes here on Alamy - I will be grateful if I see positive signs by Christmas. But I am enjoying having the focus; that in itself is a major benefit.
  22. Please feel free to share any sort of happy news* about Alamy forum members here, as time goes on.... (*about family milestone, photography of fellow member or yourself....) I'll start off it off by congratulating Ed Endicott for having his photo appear in Photoshelter's Weekend Inspiration SELECTS #20. When I received Photoshelter's Selects email today, I immediately recognized Ed's photo as the one he posted last month in the "Your favorite images you have uploaded to Alamy this month" thread created by winstainforth. smiles - Ann
  23. Does Alamy provide media accreditation for news photographers? I currently work for a competitor of Alamy, but am not happy with their service as they just ignore my emails and do not bother chasing up unpaid usage by the Daily Mail and Guardian. I want to move across to Alamy, but will need to be able to gain access to events. Often this requires a media accreditation letter.
  24. Sorry if i've missed this elsewhere, but I've had an education image used by the Guardian in November. It's popped up again in another different education story again on the Guardian last week - Am I right to assume this is a separate sale as it's a rights managed image?
  25. Image usage - News

    I like uploading to the news feed. I'm somewhat addicted to searching out danger in some way. I see bad weather I want to go to it (Not just bad weather right enough). However, I'm not as good as the epic guys and gals risking their lives to get great shots. One thing of late has been bugging me about the whole process. You upload the pics They sit on the site You periodically check on the usage They pass by and go into the stock pile You like your wounds and demand better of yourself next time Surely in this age of rapid communication, can we not expect that if an image or two is used from the news feed, we can expect to even just be alerted to the fact? instead of us constantly searching on-line to see what publication has used them?if any. It feels like a limbo. Sure there's the "Have you seen any photographs" thread, however, while that's an absolutely invaluable service and I applaud the folk for the research, should it really be up to us to constantly search for image use? A simple flag notification service to alert us that an image has been used would be so helpful. We don't need to see the actual report of who used it, or how much for, but a simple note to say it was used would be a nice touch. Even a wee email or something would suffice. I just think that little detail of being notified is missing, and wonder why it hasn't been brought up before? Paul