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Have you found any Alamy photographs November 2016

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If you do get a will then make sure you use a writer who is a regulated and insured specialist.

Photograph by Patti McConville/Alamy

The Observer  |  13 Nov 2016  |  UK  |  English    | Page: 47
Scottish Daily Mail  |  12 Nov 2016  |  UK  |  English  | Page: 90
Cherry ripe … picking attracts young backpackers
Kerin Forstmanis/Alamy
The Guardian Weekly  |  11 Nov 2016  |  UK  |  English  | Page: 10
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Guardian Online



 The town of Megalopoli, bottom left, shrouded in fog, and smog from the local power stations, Arcadia, Greece. Photograph: Peter Eastland/Alamy Stock Photo


Sorry, I don't know the image ID. My BT Broadband is sloowwww nowadays, I spend most the time looking at a spinning blue circle.

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13/11/2016, UK, Observer, p22, Design Museum, G514XR, Benjamin John [Alamy credit only]
13/11/2016, UK, Observer, p22, Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, H2J8J7, bozac [Alamy credit only]
13/11/2016, UK, Observer, p23, National Theatre, E8R7WY, eddie linssen [Alamy credit only]
13/11/2016, UK, Observer, p32, Ira Aldridge, FF70WP, Granger Historical Picture Archive [Cropped & edited. Alamy credit only]
13/11/2016, UK, Observer, p47, last will & testament, B6A67F, Patti McConville

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Poster l’image de son enfant en ligne peut devenir un vrai casse-tête lorsque les parents ne s’entendent plus.

Hero Images Inc./Alamy Stock Photo

Le Matin  |  13 Nov 2016  |  Switzerland  |  French   | Page: 7
12 NOV 2016
European hedgehog in Emsland, Germany
© Erhard Nerger/Alamy
6 NOV 2016
Clock in Union Station, Toronto, Canada
© Zoran Stanojevic/Alamy
2 NOV 2016
The Church of Saints Primus and Felician in Jamnik, Slovenia
© Ian Middleton/Alamy
31 OCT 2016
Mural of sugar skull (calavera) in Oaxaca, Mexico
© Judy Bellah/Alamy
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Guardian  online

DD4PR5  Fabio Franco Mancino Sperlonga
G2TN94  imageBROKER/Paul Williams - FunkyStock Sculpture at Parco dei Mostri.
F9NJ56  Andrey Starostin Villa Pamphilli
FG4XCN Christine Wehrmeier Sant’Eustachio Il Caffe, at night.

FC91M0 ZUMA Press, Inc. Maintenance workers repair the spillway at Lam Takhong dam.
D3N36N Jane Williams A walker climbing over a wooden stile on the South West Coastal Path.

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14/11/2016, UK, Guardian, p22, offices of Autonomy in Cambridge, BPY91E, Aardvark [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
14/11/2016, UK, Guardian G2, p3, bar of soap, D8W83H, Bombaert Patrick [Cropped. Alamy credit only]

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Sunday Times Home 13th


P44-45 BDEM2F  David Humphreys  An artist in the gardens of Cottesbrooke Hall, Northamptonshire, UK


Sunday Times Business 13th


P3 G20P75  Rostislav Glinsky Easyjet airplane on parking in Milan Malpensa airport in Milan, Italy




BJ34T6   Hon Lau Evening over the River Liffey


H4BFE1  NICOLAS HERRBACH   Hacker with laptop initiating cyber attack


EDBN4P   Universal Images Group North America LLC The Scotsman Newspaper


D3XBAF  Matthew Clarke Tesco bank branch - ricoh arena coventry


EDBMKB   Universal Images Group North America LLC A man tasting wine at a Majestic wine warehouse


C442HF  Kumar Sriskandan Jeans section of the menswear department, Marks and Spencer store, M&S, Truro, Cornwall UK

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The truth about a strange blood-sucking monster


FJXMNK   EyeEm / Alamy Stock Photo



F34R4R  Nature / Alamy Stock Photo



DTF8XH  The Natural History Museum / Alamy Stock Photo



AFWW63  United Archives GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo


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Telegraph 15/11/2016


EX631P   Kjersti Joergensen    Trollstigen in Norway
CY89EX    mark ferguson   Kylesku Bridge
BAY6XW    Ingolf Pompe / LOOK Die Bildagentur der Fotografen GmbH   View on the Grossglockner Road, mountain pass, Carinthia, Austria
DXDEHJ   David Noton Photography   the road to Skagway, South Klondike Highway, Yukon Territories, Canada

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The world now sounds different to how it did a century ago.


F5R1EJ Givaga / Alamy Stock Photo



DXJ2FX Ashley Cooper pics / Alamy Stock Photo



AEBJ6A Tim Graham / Alamy Stock Photo



CYG8ET Ingo Oeland / Alamy Stock Photo



BCP9KG Dan Burton Photo / Alamy Stock Photo



A65WCT Gary Crabbe / Alamy Stock Photo



B4XB9T Tetra Images / Alamy Stock Photo



A shot of a mangrove forest is also in the article, credited to Kenny Williams, but I didn't find it in Alamy.


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Guardian  online

CW5W40 Alex Ekins A group approaches the summit of Kilimanjaro.
FBA99A Folio Images/Oskar Kihlborg Kilimanjaro. A camp on the Lemosho route at dawn.
DGWCMT imageBROKER /Stefan Auth Kilimanjaro. Scandinavian-style huts on the Marangu Route
BF659P Kevin Britland The biomes at the Eden Project.

Telegraph online

F7558T  Goldyrocks Man in goggles cuts an onion.
E1A8PT  Nigel Cattlin Ripe lemons on the tree.

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