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Have you found any Alamy images November 2015

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22/11/2015, UK, Observer, p30, Fox Glacier, D804MG, Robert Wyatt [Alamy credit only]
22/11/2015, UK, Observer, p57, Posada Freeman in Mazatlan, A7YJEX, Danita Delimont [RF & no credit - poss not new sale via Alamy]
22/11/2015, UK, Observer, p57, Posada La Misión in Guayabitos, E0MBF0, Margaret Metcalfe [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
22/11/2015, UK, Observer [Review section], p12, British Library, credited to Alamy but I can't find it
22/11/2015, UK, Observer [Review section], p18, R2-D2 toy, DJ207F, Chris Willson [Alamy credit only]
22/11/2015, UK, Observer [Review section], p18, George Lucas, F4PC4K, ScreenProd / Photononstop [Alamy credit only]
22/11/2015, UK, Observer [Review section], p23, boy & telescope, BP15FY, Photononstop [Cutout & lightened. Alamy credit only]
22/11/2015, UK, Observer [Review section], p38, Wentworth Woodhouse, DDET0E, Nick Cockman [Alamy credit only]
22/11/2015, UK, Observer [Magazine], p40, GHB or Liquid Ecstasy, D58AA0, WENN Ltd [Alamy credit only]
22/11/2015, UK, Observer [Magazine], p76, pink oyster mushroom, BKX9WF, ableimages [Rot 90 deg. Alamy credit only]

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HOLE IN ONE Clockwise from main: Kemmerer run; Stagecoach; Corbet’s Cabin; Million Dollar Cowboy Bar


The Independent on Sunday  |  22 Nov 2015  |  UK  |  English   | Page: 49
The Independent on Sunday  |  22 Nov 2015  |  UK  |  English   | Page: 47
Durstig. Im Hwange-Nationalpark können Elefanten seelenruhig trinken. Großwildjäger erhalten im Schutzgebiet – natürlich – keine Lizenz zum Abschuss.
Foto: Wild Images / Alamy
Der Tagesspiegel  |  22 Nov 2015  |  Germany  |  German   | Page: 35
Gut und günstig, aber nicht unbedingt ökologisch wertvoll ist das Prinzip des Teilens, das durch diverse Internetplattformen in Schwung gekommen ist. Es geht auch hier nicht zuletzt um Geld.
Foto: Keith Morris/Alamy
Der Tagesspiegel  |  22 Nov 2015  |  Germany  |  German   | Page: 22
A sitting room, above, in the home of Pablo Neruda called La Chascona, top, which he built for trysts with his mistress in Santiago, Chile. 
The Washington Post Sunday  |  22 Nov 2015  |  USA  |  English   | Page: 92
The Washington Post Sunday  |  22 Nov 2015  |  USA  |  English   | Page: 92
Compass Point on Nassau. The Bahamas’ tourism board is offering a discount on trips of four nights or longer at certain hotels.
The Washington Post Sunday  |  22 Nov 2015  |  USA  |  English    | Page: 88
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Thanks for spotting one of mine in the Sunday Times.



My pleasure Robert.


Mail Online 22nd


DEPCYK Mike Kemp Caucasian father teaching son to ride bicycle

DTC2N7  Roberto Westbrook  Portrait of happy senior woman at home

D28X5B  John Birdsall Tired mother holding baby

B3FAYC Stockbroker Family outdoors smiling

BHETF8 Q-Images  Toys R Us store

A484G7 The Photolibrary Wales  Carer Looking after her Elderly and Ill Mother Health Lifestyle Wales

EF9CE3  roger askew  Teacher playing snap with children at primary school in London

D1YP8H  Amanda Ahn  Khan Market, Delhi, India

B7M81J  Sebastian Wasek  Night scene of Street in Shimla. Himachal Pradesh. India

A7GEAW JUICE/ILI A pregnant woman holding her bump

B26MWT Tetra Images  Pregnant woman holding model house

A5DE2T Tomasz Trojanowski  newborn 3 weeks old boy in the Child Car Seat

E0PGTX  Monica Wells The Belfry and Christmas Market on Market Square, at dusk, in Bruges/Brugge, in West Flanders, Belgium

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Thanks for spotting one of mine in the Sunday Times.


It's the second month running


I've given you a green tick.



Ah that makes sense now. You are a photographer called Robert Convery that takes pictures of flowers.


I always imagined Convery Flowers to be a chap wearing a smoking jacket, cravat and monocle!  :)  

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When I first set the pseudonym up I was hoping to get a search ranking boost by including flowers in the name.


Since then Alamy have dropped the names from the search and the pseudonym has evolved into images that sell less often, rather than just flowers & gardens as was the original plan.

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23/11/2015, UK, Guardian G2, p2, potato crisp sandwich, EE10KX, Radharc Images [Cutout & edited. Alamy credit only]
23/11/2015, UK, Guardian G2, p3, cat wearing headphones, EFY199, Andrey Kuzmin [Alamy credit only]
23/11/2015, UK, Guardian G2, p13, two coffee cups, DR4B9N,  Oleksiy Maksymenko Photography [Cutout. Alamy credit only]

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Vi bedömer att vårdskadorna kostar minst 10 miljarder kronor årligen enbart för sjukvården. Till detta kommer övriga kostnader för samhälle och för de skadade själva, skriver artikelförfattarna.

Foto: Jochen Tack / Alamy

Dagens Nyheter  |  23 Nov 2015  |  Sweden  |  Swedish   | Page: 6
ерлоке Холмсе и докторе Ватсоне, «Этюде в багровых тонах», в самом его начале мы читаем следующее замечание Джона Ватсона, только что вернувшегося из Афганистана: «В Англии у меня не было ни близких друзей, ни родни,... мало? Средне. Действие повести происходит в 1881 году. 
Kommersant Dengi  |  23 Nov 2015  |  Russia  |  Russian  | Page: 3
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Mail Online 23rd


AJK91H Nick Hanna  Interior of Easy Jet easyjet plane airplane with passengers seated (No credits)

AED58M WHITEBOX MEDIA Woman Emptying Filling Washing Machine Model Released

BKKWT6 Dave Ellison Britannia Adelphi Hotel in Ranelagh Place, Liverpool city centre

E4DAXN  Wavebreakmedia Ltd PH34 Mature couple lying and thinking

BB4C0G Manca Juvan / Aurora Photos  A ski resort near Tehran

D1FW3D  James Hager Grizzly bear (Ursus arctos horribilis) walking, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, United States of America, North America

BGGRHC  Jim Zuckerman  Sand dunes, Sossusvlei, Namib Desert, Namibia

B3DCKJ  Michael Patrick O'Neill  Stream and waterfall in the tropical rainforest in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul Brazil

E97BE2 Simon Turner  Ambulances lined up outside London's Kings College Hospital Casualty department

EN2HH1 Britpix The Castle Winchester, headquarters of Hampshire County Council

B3YM0T INTERFOTO  transport / transportation, navigation, Titanic, ship departing from Southampton, 1912 historic, historical, catastrophe, maiden

APXK48 acestock Bar Beer Drinking Friends Lager Men Pint Pub Teens

C27234  ableimages  Woman Receiving Botox Injection on Forehead - Close-up view

A8GBXM Tom Wood  BSM driving lessons

CN10WK incamerastock Lidl supermarket UK

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USA, Washingtonian magazine, Dec 2015 issue


Pg.22, Painting of Washington burning during War of 1812, CWB036 Everett Collection Historical




Pg. 22, Washington DC under heavy snow, BHBR3M Kristoffer Tripplaar




Pg, 22, The Washington National Cathedral, CKX7M9 EPA




Pg. 54, Bret and Amy Baier, B07BFN DPA Picture Alliance




Pg. 145, A full page photo of a tropical beach with credit to Imagebroker/Alamy Can not find.


Pg. 146, San Juan, Puerto Rico, EAN749 Sean Pavone




Pg. 146, Miami Beach, Florida, CR5DRH Jim Varley




Pg. 148, Punta Cana, Domincan Republic, ARM0XD Ellen McKnight




Pg. 151, Montego Bay, Jamaica, A3EJXA JTB Media Creation, Inc




Pg. 151, Tulum, Mexico, EDCNDW Brian Jannsen




Pg. 152, Guadeloupe, French West Indies, F25F7G Hemis



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Telegraph Online



News slideshow of UK weather....

Terry Mathews / Alamy Live News Wiltshire town of Malmesbury wakes up to a bright, but bitterly cold morning

Graham M. Lawrence / Alamy Live News St David's Church is surrounded by mist in the Welsh hamlet of Llanddew'ir Cwm

Guy Corbishley / Alamy Live News icy blast brought colourful morning skies over Canary Wharf, London

Mar Photographics / Alamy Live News houseboat residents on the Leeds to Liverpool canal waking up to glorious sunrise

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Camping and Caravanning December


P32 D46JHT  Jonathan Welch A December night sky with Geminid Meteor

P32  C52EE1 ATStockFoto Kielder Observatory in the Kielder Water and Forest Park, Northumberland, England, UK

P34 F0NP7R Renato Granieri  Milky Way in the countryside in Northumberland, England, Great Britain, UK

P34 B77BPA  Roth Ritter The Pleiades, also known as M45, the Seven Sisters, Seven Stars, or SED, is an open cluster in the constellation of Taurus

P78 CMMTHM  Frank Fell New Year fireworks and Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Westminster, London, England, United Kingdom, Europe

P80-81 EC1KDE  David Warren The view from Lincoln Christmas market square towards the floodlit Cathedral during a busy evening


Plus one of mine  :)

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Scottish Daily Mail  |  24 Nov 2015  |  UK  |  English   | Page: 36
Användningen av kol är den viktigaste orsaken till koldioxidutsläppen. Detta till trots planerar länder som Australien att öppna ett stort antal nya kolgruvor, skriver artikelförfattarna.
Foto: Bill Bachman / Alamy
Dagens Nyheter  |  24 Nov 2015  |  Sweden  |  Swedish   | Page: 6
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CYCLE Magazine  December/January 2015-16


p8   Eurostar Train Kent England    Peter Adams Photography Ltd




p10    Public Footpath and Public Bridleway finger post signs on a hill at Highdown in West Sussex, England, UK.    Geoff Smith




p29    Sleddale Hall Farmhouse in Cumbria.    James Boardman




p36    Lake Como, Italy    Aurora Photos




p48    cutting up a banknote with a pair of scissors    Rob Wilkinson


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Mail Online 24th

C1B2WN Panacea Pictures A women shops in Whitechapel, East London - 27th of July 2010 - whilst wearing a berka (Burqa
E8Y64C incamerastock European Court of Human Rights building in Strasbourg, France, Europe
DK7A7N Ian Patrick EasyJet plane, EasyJet airline, EasyJet aeroplane at Gatwick Airport, London, Britain, UK
B1W9MH neil guegan Two children pulling a Christmas cracker
BJGRKA Foodcollection Quark in small white bowl
EHWNT4 Alis Photo vintage wicker wine bottle and birch tree with spigot and sap drops

BTKEKH liv friis-larsen cup of freshly brewed black coffee, focus is on the middle bubbles

B6XP35 Nigel Cattlin  A selection of root vegetables bught in the supermarket

A62NDG Sue Wilson  Large flat mushrooms shot with professional medium format digital camera

BTFGE2 liv friis-larsen Green tea

B4N4CW Stockbroker  Airline passengers undergoing a security check

D224FR Scottish Viewpoint The main concourse area of Glasgow Prestwick Airport, Prestwick, South Ayrshire

D0G0FE Dariusz Gora Stansted Airport terminal entrance

CYHEX1  Ian Canham  Burnley Crown Court, Burnley, Lancashire, England, UK

CR1N6R  Peter Noyce  Hampshire Jubilee Sculpture outside Winchester Crown Court law courts (Think it's this one, cropped)

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Photographer: Talldwarf


The article in the Telegraph newspaper of 24th November marks the fact that it is now 25 years since Roald Dahl's death. It cites the many places associated with the author and uses an image of a plaque (alamy photograph spotted by Aiden Clarke of Aiden Clarke Photography) at the site of a sweet shop he used to frequent as a child.

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