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Have you found any Alamy images November 2015

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Seems to work if you copy image URL from the search results (thumbnail)


Thanks Rob. That works if you can get your hands on the original small thumbnail without text - e.g. from a search for the Alamy code, but not in Live News.




It is possible to select the image size by editing the url. Just change /comp/ to /thumbs/ or /zooms/


Hope this helps


That's cracked it thanks, a tad convoluted though!

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Telegraph online

AREYNT John Martin Polystichum setiferum

E6NR0P  eye35 Princess of Wales Conservatory Kew Gardens
A8JMME  Rodger Tamblyn Baytree, LAURUS NOBILIS
DKR26M Hervé Lenain France, Menton, Serre de la Madone garden

Guardian online

EYF5PD Rebecca Cole Young hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus)
AXRW2G Holger Burmeister avocado
A30CHB Image Source/IS957 Bride and groom
ARRMAY Redmond Durrell MOSQUITO Culiseta cf annulata

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Times Bricks and Mortar 13th

P6 AT1MC8 Leo Rosser The East Front of Wentworth Woodhouse the longest country house frontage in England,

Times Weekend 14th

P19 E7XG58 Kevin Wheal. Viola Sorbet Antique Shades
P19 E4H5XR flowerphotos Viola, Viola cornuta 'Sorbet XP Delft Blue' (No credits)
P20 AC35PH blickwinkel/Lohmann Wild sisal, False Agave (Furcraea selloa var. marginata), single individual, Madeira
P27 CYC811 joefox kermits key west key lime pie shoppe florida usa
P42 F19D5T freeartist Old town of Antwerpen with traditional flemish architecture. Belgium

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Times 14th

P12 Porthcawl, Bridgend, Wales, UK. 13th November, 2015. Massive waves crash against the harbour wall at Porthcawl. The South coast of Wales is battered by gale force winds of Storm Abigail, the first storm given a name by the Met Office. © Graham M. Lawrence/Alamy Live News.




P57  Peter Chisholm The Hebridean Princess at anchor in Loch Fyne with Inverary Castle in the background



P58 EYTR30 EpicStockMedia   Kiteboarding. Fun in the ocean, Extreme Sport Kitesurfing. POV Angle with Action Camera


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Telegraph Online



D3YM92 PjrStudio Physalis peruviana

Thanks for that - it might pay for the goosberries!


But not the flight to the Cape.


Thankfully I went no further than Sainsbury's - didn't even need a bus ticket.



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Scottish Daily Mail  |  14 Nov 2015  |  UK  |  English  | Page: 94
Rothesay on the Isle of Bute, which will be home to 15 refugee families next week
Photograph: John Peter Photography/ Alamy
The Guardian  |  14 Nov 2015  |  UK  |  English    | Page: 20
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Mail Online 14th


D1KEER eye35.pix british airways plane ready for boarding being loaded with luggage and meals Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 London UK GB EU Europe

CP895F  Paul Gapper  National Museum of flight Scotland

C8DCX7 Greg Balfour Evans Departure level, North Terminal, London Gatwick Airport, Crawley, West Sussex, England, United Kingdom

AYT2G5 Jack Sullivan Fixed Speed Camera, Britain, UK

EGFTHB  Lankowsky Entrance to Brunel University

CMNE51 Lee Dalton FALSE WIDOW SPIDER (Steatoda nobilis) in home, West Sussex, UK

D1D9E2 Jan Wlodarczyk Budapest - View at Parliament Building, Danube River, Budapest, Hungary

DHDNCW  Sergey Borisov  Christmas market in Vienna

BMJYWN  Henglein and Steets Doctor and nurses studying chart

B0CB9D  Dulwich Village South London SE21 London UK Cricket match Dulwich College HOMER SYKES

BA8XB7  Jamie Grill  Women toasting with champagne at Christmas

C8ATD9 Chassenet Pouring glasses of Champagne

A4W0R5 Alex Segre  High Court of Justice, London, England, UK

BECBHT Konrad Wothe  Dawes Glacier, Endicott Arm, Inside Passage, Southeast Alaska, Alaska, USA, North America

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Sunday Times Home 15th

P8 D7TBT4 Peter Lane Houses in Gloucester Crescent Camden Town North London


P23 B6GC7F Jack Sullivan Sandbanks, Dorset, Britain, UK (Think it's this one, a few similar)


P25 BC48TN Craig Swatton Street in Biarritz, France


P41 BC239D The Print Collector No Title - Levens Hall


P41 E11C8J Ian Thwaites London, UK, 20th May 2014 RHS Chelsea Flower Show first day. The M&G Garden designed by Cleve West


Sunday Times Travel

P4 ADD2H4 Ian Trower Boys Relaxing On Sandy Riverbank



Sunday Times Money

P4 D8C48Y Tobias Friedrich Two Great White Shark (Carcharodon carcharias) and divers in cage, Guadalupe Island, Mexico, underwater shot


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Telegraph Online

BJMKNY Bob Gibbons Cytinus hypocistis
B3DGYJ Veronica Carter Cuscuta epithymum
BEPWPA PhotoStock-Israel -  Shay Levy Orobanche crenata
DTNGGH Carole Drake Lathraea clandestina
AG2MF3  Natural Visions - Heather Angel Tupelo (cropped)
A1PEH5 Cro Magnon Palace Palacio da Pena Sintra Portugal
EXF7NM Sean Pavone Sintra
BDDFRM Derek Croucher The Grotto, Painshill Park,
APK70P Oleksandr Ivanchenko The Lake in Painshill Park

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