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  1. Mk_Malinda Pink English rose Boscobel - Image ID: G3WMRM Thanks Bryan
  2. groups of people relaxing by the canal de thiou in the old town of annecy haute-savoie rhone-alps france on a sunny day F71NEK Mauritius Images / Mk_Malin / Alamy RM Cheers DDoug Mal
  3. I came across this site that may shed some light https://tinyurl.com/ycrfl54v and if you read the section East Blockhouse to Freshwater West you may find that it had something to do with remains of anti-invasion beach obstacles cleared and buried by German prisoners of war (most old metal removed in December 2007). I may be wrong but again it may help you. Regards Mal
  4. March 2018 Issue, UK, Country Walking, p12, Lower Slaughter, JX5WGF or EH8NN4, Mk_Malin Thanks Steve you do a fantastic job finding all these images. Mal
  5. B7G6NM Mk_Malin Invasive weed Japanese Knotweed Reynoutria japonica in full flower Thanks Nigel
  6. The similar site to CarCanyon, Pinsdaddy is using more Alamy images than I thought, including quite a few of mine. http://www.pinsdaddy.com/alamy_KdCyTzq2XacC3GNqM|0Mv14OxsGFyoBTpSjHivpwwyI/ then go to the top of the page on the right hand side and click the down box 'Similar Images' and there a hell of a bunch on Alamy images. I have taken a few screengrabs of my images and will contact Alamy again on Monday. Apologies if someone has already done this. Mal
  7. Here is another site with exactly the same set up as CarCanyon (makes me think it is the same outfit) and they have Alamy images along with Getty and Shutterstock. http://www.pinsdaddy.com/ty-green_**AjqneU3AR5nSmrGfB2uJ5vbpG3pzLywZ3gANoFs1s/ I contacted Alamy yesterday but we had to give up as trying to screengrab images proved impossible as the poor set up of the site was freezing my 2 browsers so perhaps they will have better luck with CarCanyon. I couldn't check how many images there were as their search engine does not work but my impression is that there are quite a few. Regards Mal
  8. Not for me Mark uploaded late last night and passed this morning Mal
  9. Well done Keith very nice article, shows what hard work and dedication can do.
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