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Have you found any Alamy photos May 2023?

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Times online 9th



Balkis Press Cairo, Egypt. 02nd Mar, 2023. Grand Egyptian Museum, 2P92Y84

Sui Xiankai Giza, Egypt. 11th Feb, 2023. f the grand hall of the Grand Egyptian Museum 2N96D4B, 2N96DNJ, 2N96DN7

Vincent Lowe  Ladhar Bheinn, the highest peak in Knoydart, over Loch Hourn,  Scotland,  DKPPHA



PjrNews  Stephen Phipson CBE (Chief Executive of EEF - the Manufacturers Organisation) RG9PG7

Rodrigo Reyes Marin Tokyo, Japan. 12th Feb, 2020. Masayoshi Son President and CEO of SoftBank Group 2AXJG9M

Jeff Gilbert 12th July 2022. Mount Pleasant, London, Simon Thompson Chief Executive of Royal Mail 2JHFNR2

Stephen Chung London, UK. 18 April 2023. People pass outside the Bank of England in the City of London. 2PND3A3



Iain Masterton Aerial view of Scottish Water Seafield Wastewater Treatment Works, Edinburgh 2AP615G

Camillo Berenos   The island of Soay  in the remote archipelago of St Kilda, Scotland.EFJMGE

david tipling The Old Village Hirta St Kilda Scotland  AR61E8

Del Hogg  A young Soay sheep grazing on on Hirta, the main St Kilda island  2N779EC

Michael Nolan Sheep called the Soay roaming the stone remains of the evacuated village on Hirta,  Scotland, EE1HN5

Skully  Glasgow, Scotland, UK. 6th May, 2023. Joanna Cherry MP 2R039R4

Craig Brown  Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. 6th May 2023. SNP MP Tommy Sheppard 2R030J1



AKP Photos  John Lewis HGV travelling on the M56 motorway in Cheshire : G23K8R

Alan Keith Beastall  The new LNER Azuma electric train operating on the East Coast Mainline, 2ADDP73

Chronicle  Brigadier General Reginald  Dyer (1864 - 1927),  He was responsible for the massacre  in Amritsar, 2M3K8P6

GL Archive Amritsar Massacre. The Streets of Amritsar during the riots that broke out after the Massacre. T394RD

amer ghazzal  London UK. 6 May 2023. members of the armed forces  arrive on chartered trains at Waterloo station  2R013FT

Kumar Sriskandan  A woman buying medicines from the chemist counter, Boots the Chemist, UK : DW510Y

Ian Davidson  Ingatestone, UK. 29th Apr, 2023. Blackmore Essex 29th Apr 2023 Sir Iain Duncan Smith MP 2PW9CWK

BRIAN ANTHONY  Great Eastern hotel - City of London   EJ600N ? Montage, no credits

Richard Gray Hammersmith Hospital in London  2H9K636

Mutsu Kawamori  Madrid, Spain. 7th May, 2023.  Ball girls wears a costume 2R0AJK8



Peter Titmuss  Hythe Passenger Ferry on Town Quay Southampton  AYYDCW ? Montage, no credits

David Gowans  Scottish Highland Games and Clan Gathering : A1N9F9



Russ Heinl Aerial of L'anse aux meadows, a historic viking settlement, newfoundland, Canada. ANFK5H


Edited by Bryan
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Cheers Clare, you're welcome

09/05/2023, Guardian, p7, House of Commons, credited to Geoff Smith/Alamy but I can't find it
09/05/2023, Guardian [Journal section], p6, 'Somewhere in Time' by Iron Maiden, 2C3EAE9, Records [Alamy credit only]
09/05/2023, Guardian G2, p3, egg & bacon pie with baked beans, D2PC9K, David Cole [Circular crop. RF & no credit - poss not new sale via Alamy]
09/05/2023, Guardian G2, p8, still from 'Plan 75', 2JRTXRR, TCD/Prod.DB


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Spring/Summer 2023, RSPB Magazine, p13, wild swimming at Hever Castle, 2CMC4W0, Karolina Krasuska
Spring/Summer 2023, RSPB Magazine, p20, hobby, BEAHM4, mike lane
Spring/Summer 2023, RSPB Magazine, p21, hobby, J3A2D3, Paul Farnfield
Spring/Summer 2023, RSPB Magazine, p21, hobby, AJRAR8, Petra Wegner
Spring/Summer 2023, RSPB Magazine, p21, two hobbies fighting in flight, 2JBD1KE, paul sawer
Spring/Summer 2023, RSPB Magazine, p22, Stephen Moss, JEFNNB, Keith Morris/Hay Ffotos
Spring/Summer 2023, RSPB Magazine, p32, Derbyshire woodland, 2G2261H, ACORN 1
Spring/Summer 2023, RSPB Magazine, p39, Suffolk woodland, CNMCKP, FLPA
Spring/Summer 2023, RSPB Magazine, p41, top down view of Atlantic puffins nesting in Iceland, 2M06YN2, Ziga Plahutar [Rot 90 deg]
Spring/Summer 2023, RSPB Magazine, p64, gannets underwater, M49H2R, Nature Picture Library
Spring/Summer 2023, RSPB Magazine, p66, Daubenton's bat, CBXFNG, De Meester Johan/Arterra Picture Library
Spring/Summer 2023, RSPB Magazine, p66, hen harriers passing food in mid-air, BWWER1, FLPA [circular crop]
Spring/Summer 2023, RSPB Magazine, p82, people at RSPB South Stack Cliffs, PRFWNC, Lee Hudson


ISSN:  2755-8703

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4th anniversary edition 2023, Byline Times, p11, Baroness Warsi, 2NDRFFA, Associated Press [Credited to Alamy/PA Images]
4th anniversary edition 2023, Byline Times, p12, Alexander & Evgeny Lebedev, DHTJK7, WENN Rights Ltd  [Cutout.  Credited to Alamy/PA]
4th anniversary edition 2023, Byline Times, p14, Jacob Rees-Mogg at GB News, 2NT3K1K, PA Images
4th anniversary edition 2023, Byline Times, p17, Colin Stagg outside Old Bailey, GC5NM4, PA Images
4th anniversary edition 2023, Byline Times, p35, Hanif Kureishi, 2M70KMJ, PA Images
4th anniversary edition 2023, Byline Times, p38, still from 'All the President's Men', FFTBKT, GRANGER - Historical Picture Archive
4th anniversary edition 2023, Byline Times, p38, still from 'She Said', 2M4680T, Album

ISSN:  2632-7910


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On 04/05/2023 at 07:43, Bryan said:

Times online 4th


Kay Roxby  Edinburgh Airport terminal and sign - exterior view  RTJ4F3


Thanks Bryan 😊 (been taking a break from the forum)

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On 08/05/2023 at 06:31, Bryan said:

Times online 8th


Kay Roxby  Fort William, Scotland, UK. 7th May, 2023.  the combined British Cycling National Downhill Series  2R06PF7


😃 much appreciated

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Times Online 10th



Robert Evans  Capita Plc HQ in the Copyright Building, Berners Street Central London  T0E9HK

tofino  Laptop computer displaying logo of Experian, : 2J7XXEK

Yau Ming Low The name sign of a retail branch of Three on Oxford Street.  2PM9DGH

Robert Evans The Anchor Bankside Pub London Southbank.  2D7PFH8

amer ghazzal  London UK. 25 April 2023. Flowering tulips on a flowerbed in front of the Bank of England.  2PR01EP

Ian Dagnall The ruins of Urquhart Castle on western shore of Loch Ness Scotland  C8BW0W



Stephen Chung London, UK. 6 May 2023. A large crown adorns the roof of a bus shelter  on Oxford Street  2R02HT3

Matthew Horwood The main beach in Cannes, South of France,  E9J9BX

Wendy Connett  Harbor, Cannes, Alpes Maritimes,  Provence, France, CPDJKG



Lynne Sutherland  CalMac ferry arriving at Iona from Fionnphort on the Isle of Mull  PK5D81

sst Edinburgh Scotland, UK 26 April 2023. Nicola Sturgeon  2PR4D3T



Kaliningrad fishing village sunset  - can't find it, in Alamy

João Daniel Pereira  London, UK. 28 MAR 2023. Campaigners from  Stop Rosebank 2PHEAXJ

Malcolm Park  Bonhams, London, UK. 9th May, 2023. Watches & Wristwatches 2R0MFGC

ANP King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima pose in a stable between the sheep.  2R0MWX4

CamStock Easter Term Degree ceremony at the University of Cambridge Old Schools and Senate House, MNRDB2

PBstock Quai Ste Catherine Honfleur Normandy France Europe. Calvados and Cider shop  BG8M4Y


Ian Davidson London, UK. 09th May, 2023. Suella Braverman, Home Secretary, 2R0MH0M

ian woolcock Burgh Island as seen from Bantham Devon England  EMNWW3 ? Montage, no credits

Edited by Bryan
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1 hour ago, Bryan said:

Times Online 10th



Lynne Sutherland  CalMac ferry arriving at Iona from Fionnphort on the Isle of Mull  PK5D81




Thanks once again Bryan - much appreciated 😀

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Guardian Online



Maureen McLean


Marco Saracco

Bruno Coelho


Luka Dakskobler





Christopher Jones



Andrew Ray

Colin Burdett

Simon Whaley Landscapes

John Davidson Photos

Kay Roxby

Graham Corney

Ian Woolcock

Simon Turner


Graham Prentice

Graham Hunt


Stephen Elsworth


Christopher Jones






Nature Photographers

Max Allen


Archive Images


Paula Solloway


David Pearson

Richard Warburton








Adrian Sherratt




Mostardi Photography


Eye Candy Images


Gabriele Grassl


Dpa Picture Alliance


Andriy Popov


Bernard Castelein











Edited by Nigel Kirby
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The Guardian on-line - Wed 10th May 2023

Police arrest man in gimp suit who jumped in front of motorist in Somerset


 Avon & Somerset Constabulary and Avon Fire & rescue Service joint Headquarters, Portishead, Bristol, UK
Contributor: christopher jones / Alamy Stock Photo





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10/05/2023, Guardian, p19, luxury terraced homes in Holland Park, JP8KHF, Kathy deWitt [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
10/05/2023, Guardian, p26, Pusher Street in Copenhagen, WX7669, grough.co.uk
10/05/2023, Guardian, p28, bear in the Abruzzo region of Italy, 2C6AW29, Gennaro Leonardi
10/05/2023, Guardian, p31, pastel coloured houses in Brighton, AY2X11, Roger Bamber
10/05/2023, Guardian, p33, railway viaduct, EJPHH5, James Grady




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On 09/05/2023 at 06:58, Bryan said:

Kumar Sriskandan  A woman buying medicines from the chemist counter, Boots the Chemist, UK : DW510Y

Thanks for those, Bryan!




Edited by Doc
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