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June challenge - Transport

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Sea, air and land for my three.



Anchored ship off the Sardinero beaches with a surfer in the perfect position for the Alamy watermark🤦🏻‍♂️, Santander, Spain




Armed forces day with soldiers under a Spanish Chinook, Santander, Spain 




T-mobile rickshaw at the Gumball Rally, Mayfair, London


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Traffic restrictions sign Stock Photo



Horse carriage in Vienna, Austria

Vienna horse carriage, Vienna, Austria Stock Photo



A Van Hool Astromega TD927, The Oxford Tube coach leaving Gloucester Green station in Oxford to London Victoria

A Van Hool Astromega TD927, The Oxford Tube coach leaving Gloucester Green station in Oxford to London Victoria Stock Photo

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June is fast coming to an end but there is still time to add your images to all the great ones posted so far. Thank you to everyone who has taken the trouble to show us your work.


Looking ahead, I have had a few dummy trials at setting up the poll and think I've got that sorted. What I haven't worked out is how to get the poll images into one post. I am sure there is an easy way to do it (but my tests have failed so far). I know a lot of you use Macs but I will be doing this on a desktop PC (Windows 10 with Microsoft Edge browser). Any advice in simple language would be very welcome! If all else fails I'll just post the poll and then the images one by one. Still, we're not there yet so keep those images coming.

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On 08/06/2022 at 10:31, David Fowler said:

We all need it and we all use it and I expect most have images of it in their portfolio. Interpret how you like - from riding camels to jet planes. Modern or vintage. Civilian or military. Passengers or freight. If it transports it qualifies. You have until the last day of June to show us your great images. Please give some basic info. What is it? Where is it? Good luck! PS no idea how to insert an image using a phone!


Calidus Autogyro peter-troy-davies-demonstrates-his-calid

with many years in aviation I can say that this is an autogyro.
Completing the information with wikipedia...reach up to 160 km/hour
Autogyro or gyrocopter is a type of aerodyne whose lift in flight is provided by rotary wings. Unlike helicopters, the rotor rotates independently of the engine, in autorotation, as an aerodynamic result of forward motion. Propulsion is provided by a conventional propeller driven by an engine.

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Very difficult to know where to start with so many transport images in my portfolio.


Made her chuckle:



Come here often?



You order next day delivery from Amazon, so they transport it overnight and arrive at dawn:



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