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December 2020 Challenge: Repetition


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7 hours ago, Doc said:



3. Fobidden acitivities sign, Uxmal, Mexico (Some of the signs are quite funny!!)









HEY! It says No Photography.





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Well done on your win last month Bella, lovely picture!

Three repetitious entries from me.


Steel tubing sculpture, Seaton, Devon.

Seaton, Devon. 17th Nov, 2017. UK Weather. People walk past the Waves sculpture on the seafront at Seaton, Devon, Stock Photo



Steel stockholders, so more steel tubing .... 😄

Steel tubing,photographed end on. Stock Photo



Absolutely no steel tubing whatsoever. Victorian brickwork, Birmingham, UK.



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A difficult choice choosing 3. Here we go:


London TUC March  2018






London Annual Sikh Ghallughara March 2018





Luton International Carnival 2018




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Congrats on your win! Terrific challenge - gave me a new keyword I hadn't considered, too - thanks!


"Twin" islands in the Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden at sunrise. 





Repeating wares with a lovely shopkeeper in Tallinn, Estonia:





Repeating triangular shapes in the buildings and a pattern of Chessie Dragons, fanciful paddle boats, float on the water of Chesapeake Bay (hence "Chessie")  in Baltimore Inner Harbor, Baltimore, MD:




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Some great entries this month, can't compete with the likes of the Penguins !




Moss growing between cobbles








Ceramic poppies





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You definitely have enough great pictures to choose from but hey, the topic is repetition :D


1) Causes of repetition: reflections and shadows @Lago di Misurina in Italy:



2) When the cool one in the group starts a trend and everyone follows... Rats @Karni Mata Temple, Deshnoke, India 



3) A seasonal one! Santas in Budapest. The most repetitive thing about this picture is meta:

it was taken Last Christmas... 


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On 11/12/2020 at 05:09, wiskerke said:


All methods work. Dragging and dropping can be done from a variety of places.

There is a preview function in the box where you put your post in, or your edit. It's the small magnifying glass button between the Size and GIF buttons. Set it to phone tab to check for the most extreme squishing.


How to cure squishing: go to edit your post > double click on your image > tick the box Keep original aspect ratio > click Update.


When the image falls outside of the allowed size, the offending box will now turn red and tell you what to do. However it's not always the box that works! Tech is clearly working on this.

So for the moment just try the other box and tick/untick the original aspect ratio box until the size goes down. And the original aspect ratio box remains ticked. Still check the preview after hitting Update.

Allowed sizes for the moment: The height must be less than 750px

So 749 or 748px should be fine.

Width is probably less than 1000px at the moment. However the red boxes don't appear when the width is too large. It just will refuse to go over 1000. So both boxes are behaving differently at the moment for some reason.






Thanks for the useful tips Wim.  I finally went back and fixed a couple of my images.



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