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  1. Hi Jani, do you think you're having the same problem as me? I had a reply from support to say no one else has had any trouble that they are aware of.
  2. I guess I have to assume that's my problem also.
  3. I've always uploaded larger files to Alamy as I do to other agencies, it's only Alamy's webuploader that I'm having trouble with as I can upload larger files via FTP. It still could be something to do with the speed. (I'm in a country town and fibre optic only made it to the junctions and not the actual houses). I'm none the wiser really, I thought maybe Alamy were applying some restriction with their webuploader but looks like that's not it. In the meantime I will see if I can find a fast connection and test some larger files. I just don't know if I'm better off uploading one batch of smaller files or several batches of larger files. QC doesn't seem to have a problem with the single file upload.
  4. I really like Easy Release app for your phone (or tablet), you always have it with you and it's accepted by all agencies, plus you can resend from the saved file on your phone if you happen to lose it.
  5. Just to let you know I've finally sorted out what my problem is! The files that are uploading are smaller files, around 5mb and the ones that get an error are larger files, well anything from 7 or 8mb anyway. I'm not sure if it's a problem with my internet speed... it's pretty slow, but the problem is unique to Alamy. I know now that for the moment I can only upload the smaller files here. I'm so happy to finally figure it out. Thanks for trying to help Chuck and anyone else that answered. Sorry to hijack your post Chilker
  6. I've never failed QC but I'm three stars. I don't upload regularly though, as you can see I only have a small port. Maybe now that I'm back to uploading that will change. I imagine we won't go anywhere near 5 stars until we have a large portfolio.
  7. I tried two images and got the same upload rejection as previously. I think I will just give up for now and wait for support to answer me.
  8. After trying to figure this out all day my computer was suddenly having a connection problem so I then connected via WiFi. For some reason it has worked! I did read somewhere about routers blocking a connection so maybe it's possibly something to do with my router. I'm really not sure though... or maybe Alamy has fixed the problem if there was one. I only uploaded one image so I will try with a larger batch tomorrow
  9. Thanks for your help again Chuck. I will email them again but I'm not getting any replies other than to say they are unlikely to reply as they are short staffed I will change my file names and see if that makes any difference. The laptop made no difference... I thought it might have been my internet security causing a problem on the desktop but it did the same thing. I don't think I should keep submitting one image per submission.
  10. I will try that next time Chuck, I've never had a problem with the file names previously as I just leave them how they have exported from Lightroom, such as 20200615-DSC0628.jpg. I'm really stumped but also wondering if my Bitdefender could be interfering but if that was the case I would think it would interfere with any other sites I upload to. Once the support team are answering emails they might be able to help. If I knew others were having the same problem, I wouldn't be so worried but at the moment it seems to be just me. I'm going to fire up my old laptop and have a go
  11. That was around midnight for me but I'm starting to wonder if it's just an issue from my computer, maybe I should try from my laptop and see if there's a difference. I don't understand why they seem to upload and then I get an error.
  12. I ended up using Xpiks again, they uploaded but again it was one image per submission. I really don't know why I'm having the problem but you are all probably uploading when it's the middle of the night for me. Maybe I need to stay up and try at around 1am . I made my file size a little smaller to see if that was a problem but I have previously uploaded quite large files with no problem. With FZ they seem to upload but when they appear in Image Manager it says Process Failed, just the same when I upload with the Web Uploader it says Upload Error. I emailed support last week to explain what happened and my images were passed but I didn't receive a reply.
  13. I've had another go, this time with Filezilla, no success at all. Looks like it's one file per submission again 😕
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