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  1. So sorry to hear how hard Covid is making it for you all. I can only imagine what it's like. Betty, I'm so sad for your younger self... I too was a child bride but didn't suffer any hardships at all, I don't think I've ever gone hungry. Paulette, I hope your friend heals quickly. Sally, you really are going through a lot at the moment. I hope you eventually find some time for you and your camera.
  2. I managed a second small sale for the month... personal use... can't see anyone wanting to hang this on their wall! $
  3. Not my favourite but a favourite from my Alamy pics. More about the experience really. Niagara Falls was amazing to see half frozen but hard for me to capture the beauty. It was down to -20C this day! It's funny how sometimes the picture info stays on and sometimes it doesn't.
  4. Thank you Ed, she was a very strong, hard working and generous person, very much missed by so many.
  5. My condolences to you too Sally, my mum's passing was also unexpected. We think they will be here forever until suddenly they aren't. It's just horrible. So lovely that you remember all the wonderful things she taught you, it's exactly the same with my mum. Thank you. Thanks so much Marianne, we were so happy to be able to help her stay in her own home. Thank you Gen. It really is wonderful to have the luxury of staying in your own home. I hope I get to do it too.
  6. Don't remind me... I was meant to spend Christmas in Canada with my daughter and family, we would have gone to Winterlude! I tasted beavertails the last time we visited in winter... low calorie 😂 As for Ed's question: I love the shooting part and will photograph anything, hate the culling and keep way too many, like the research and wish I was better at keywording! Gen's system sounds fantastic!
  7. My dear mum got a kick out of knowing people were buying photos of her. We took this earlier this year just after Covid struck. She passed away in September at 92 still living in her own home. A vertical pic was zoomed and this one sold. One use in a single editorial or advertorial article used within print and /or web versions, with re-use of the article in other titles or web versions within the same newspaper group. Digital use includes archive rights for the lifetime of the article. Any placement in paper and online. Low $$
  8. I hope they get you on the mend soon Edo, it sounds very painful as well as a pain in the bum.
  9. As far as I'm aware, at least what I have read in the past, is if the house was yours at the time the image was made then it's fine to sell with your property release. Please correct me if I'm wrong anyone. This might not be the kind of image you're referring to anyway @zxzoomy
  10. This is a fun subject! I didn't think I would have three but I do This one is my granddaughter Is it okay to add a third later and if so do I just edit this post and add it here?
  11. What a great action shot! You can really see the strong legs and claws.
  12. Nice pic Andy, at first glance they appear to be coming from the chimney
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