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  1. I was pretty excited to see a $29 sale today... only my 4th for the year!
  2. I also have a sale from 4th August that hasn't cleared and one later in August that has not cleared too (7 weeks ago). My first sales didn't take long to clear at all. I don't have enough for payout so it doesn't make too much difference but I do wonder how long it will be before they clear.
  3. I came looking for an opinion on this, thank you Bill
  4. Ah, I was trying to figure out what NT was and thought you meant Northern Territory where Ayers Rock is
  5. Did you have images of Ayers Rock removed? A couple were accepted on another site but then removed because "Ayers Rock cannot be licensed due to the spiritual nature of the site." But this same site has other photos of Ayers Rock for sale and it seems that the normal shot of Ayers Rock that we see everywhere is okay to photograph anyway. One photo they removed didn't even have the rock in it. I had already made a sale too.
  6. Thanks for that spacecadet! I can't find information about it at all, should I leave them or delete them, what would you do?
  7. I have uploaded six images of the art installation at Uluru, Australia, the Field of Light by Bruce Munro. A couple of photos were rejected elsewhere for: "Non-Licensable Content -- Due to legal compliance restrictions, we cannot license this content in our collection." I couldn't find information regarding this but I have to trust that the agency knows this. Is there anyway I can remove my upload and therefore avoid failing QC? I've never failed a QC yet and don't want to be penalised for my oversight. Any advice would be gratefully received.
  8. Thanks again Ed and also Cryptoprocta. I think/hope I have it all sorted now.
  9. Thanks Ed! I know some agencies use RM but (correct me if I'm wrong) don't most only have a choice between RF or Editorial? I believe Editorial and RM aren't the same. I can't submit as editorial elsewhere and RM on Alamy is that right?
  10. I started here in March but I'm still a little uncertain about RF or RM. If I submit as RM to Alamy I can't submit anywhere else, is that right? But I can submit images from the same shoot as either RF or RM and the RF ones are okay to submit elsewhere? Exclusive to Alamy can't have images from the same shoot submitted elsewhere? Sorry if this is elsewhere for me to read but I still need to get it straight and make sure I'm doing the right thing.
  11. Thanks Alessandra! What do you mean "late payments". I assumed once the sale is given to us we would get paid when it is cleared. Does that not happen? Since payout was reduced to $50 I thought I would be paid next round of payments.
  12. Alessandra, it's great and also encouraging to hear how well you and others (especially Lizzy) have done. I started in March and made my first small sale six months later. I have just now made my second sale and it was my first zoomed image the same month I started. My first sale was never zoomed. So if my sale was from that first zoom it took 9 months to get paid... giving birth was only a tiny bit more painful :D I know I need to update my keywords, I was pretty clueless when I started. Can someone tell me what AoA is? I searched but apparently it's not allowed. Good luck to all my fellow newbies.
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