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October Poll Harmony

Chris E

October Poll Harmony  

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  1. 1. Please vote by 10th Nov, sorry it's late!

    • CEGGY0 by Paulette
    • Grren frog with no alamy ref by Philippe
    • DFDYWN by Mark
    • C04PB5 by Colin Woods
    • D9ABM7 by Phil Crean
    • D1N128 by Ann m
    • A90GPT by Michael Ventura
    • DG2DM8 by Bryan
    • BDKHPW by Joyn MItchell
    • A5F5X1 by Graham Morley

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A little late but here we go....such diversity, so many genres.


Tried to keep a broad range of interpretations. There were some with really strong commercial messages that had several very similar entries. I've tried to pick the best from each.


Enjoy my personal eye candy because that's all it is.




Chris E





The harmony of a Maasai welcome song and dance by Paulette




black-white-fat-thin-left-right-opposites-in-harmony by Mark




Father and son fishing in the sunset by Colin Woods




Ding Dong! by Phil Crean



Tea & Cake - yum! by ann m





Everyone on the Dance Floor! by Michael Ventura




Harmonious landscape, Northumberland coastline at Alnmouth by Bryan




Light and Shadow Harmony by John Mitchell





Tree Harmony by Graham Morley


Image to follow when Philippe send me Alamy image ref, can't seen to insert the one he sent.

Harmony and unity by Philippe


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Thanks for including me!!! When I copied Phillipe's instructions I noticed he didn't seem to include a way to add the actual images. I think if you put another message in this thread -- or edit the original post you can add the photos. I had to look mine up.



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Well, I guess it's a good thing the Harmony Challenge final 8 images here on Alamy are so strong that it was a painful challenge to narrow my top 3 down to 1....

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