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  1. A pleasant surprise to have a sale for $250.0 drop in, I haven't had one of those for a loooong time & no refund yet 🤞
  2. If you want to close & delete, then the images can be deleted through the app only. Or, why not leave them there?, you never know! I've had several hundred $s worth of sales on 800 ish images. ann
  3. Well, I was so pleased to get an email from alamy informing me my mobile phone imagery portfolio had been selected July's 'latest imagery' page. Ams images if anyone would like a peek. ann
  4. Well, I've had my best ever run of sales over the past month, well over $200, including one of my Cape Town pics in Vogue (other alamy pics used in article), so pleased with that!
  5. Hi All, Found one of mine of Cape Town in Vogue this weekend following a recent reported sale, so if nothing else, it's nice to be in Vogue! All the other images used in the article were from Alamy - Positano, Montauk NY, Cartegena Columbia, Bangkok - link here - VOGUE
  6. The brief for stockimo is clear, for 'creative of the moment' imagery taken by mobile phone. DSLR etc images must go to alamy. Some may slip through, however, a while back a warning email was sent to contributors claryfying this, also stating non phone images would be removed. ann
  7. Hi astrid, all notifications are via the 'activity' tab, bottom right on the app. This tells you when a photo is 'uploaded,' 'accepted' or 'rejected,' & sales/payment. If they're showing as 'uploaded,' they are awaiting rating. ann
  8. Hi Sarah, welcome to the forum, I'm in Kent as well, on the east side near the coast. ann
  9. hi Alex, as well as the 'customer likes' tab on the app, it's also worth looking at the curated collection http://www.alamy.com/category/stockimo.html & the weekly 'grid of greatness' to get an idea of the feel & style of the collection. I have found that my images tend to rate higher with subtle edits that enhance the mood of the image. Snapseed is a great 'go to' app, however, I find the 'grunge' effect is to strong for my taste & the hdr effect too grainy & garish unless significantly dialled back. I use Stackables for adding texture/grunge effects & VSCO for gen
  10. as Lisa says, the activity tab shows a low resolution preview, hence appearing pixellated on the app. As long as you're uploading from the camera roll at the maximum jpg size it will be correct. It's also worth checking the settings in any processing app you use to check that the processed image is exported to the camera roll at the highest resolution before uploading it to stockimo. ann
  11. >^..^< how right you are, Lisa ! She was used to illustrate a story about a man who called the emergency services because his angry cat would not let him in the house
  12. My 'fierce' (not really!) cat sold again... http://c7.alamy.com/comp/S06G38/cat-with-attitude-S06G38.jpg
  13. Hi Mairianne, If you can, I would go for the 6s, as well as the camera, the larger screen is much better for editing. ann
  14. To save a bit on the cost, I usually buy refurbished from the Apple Store. http://www.apple.com/uk/shop/browse/home/specialdeals/mac However, over the years I have gone over to apple for everything else & have found this site http://www.refurbiphones.co.uk/ very good, indeed I'm typing this on a refurbished iPad pro from there. I've never had any issues & the savings are worth having. ann
  15. thanks, Lisa, found it ! http://puresouthernrock.com/img/marshall-tucker-live-in-the-uk-1976.jpg
  16. http://c7.alamy.com/comp/S029DD/union-jack-flag-painted-on-wood-uk-gb-S029DD.jpg this has just sold for the second time, it looks like one usage was for an album cover for the 'Marshall Tucker Band' ann
  17. As Matt says, 'list view' or tapping on the image in grid view in 'customer likes' will give the image rating. ann
  18. thanks, Lisa, was getting round to posting the sale! ($52) ann
  19. hi matt, I've never had that particular problem & I use quite a few editing apps (ip 6 too). Apologies if I' m stating the obvious, but I take it you're selecting the right folder for the app to upload the photo from? I have a separate 'stockimo' folder I put my finished photos into for upload. Or delete the app & download it again? ann
  20. Small sale (of my cat yawning!) but good to see another one this month. ann
  21. Nice to wake up to see this one sold today- $30 ann
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