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My first sale on Alamy 10 years ago

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This was my first sale back in 2011. It sold for $54. It went on to sell again, another six times, to the same travel brochure over the following nine months. 



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5 hours ago, Colin Woods said:

It reminds me a bit of an interview I had with a policeman when photographing the Houses of Parliament in London. It was at night and I was using a tripod. His remarks were of the essence that with a camera like that (it was my much loved D300) I was considered suspicious. I said that if I were planning an outrage then I would take all the photos in the daytime with all the other tourists, and that photos taken in the dark were of less use than daytime shots in the planning of the outrage. This did not count for much in his view and was cordially invited to move on (to his credit he was polite all along). I had got the shots I wanted to so I went elsewhere rather than get into a fight for no reason.

You are too nice! Those guys made me so mad, I photographed what they didn’t want me to. Just didn’t use any of them. I didn’t appreciate being verbally abused and basically being called a liar. You know what is said....the most dangerous person in the world is an angry woman with a weapon. I am extremely slow to anger. I can count feeling a rage-type anger maybe three times in my whole life. In this case, my weapon was my camera! 🤣

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This feeling is still fresh for me as I sold my first photo in September for $53.10, then it sold again in November for $22.73. I still haven't gotten a payout as my share equals only $49 and my third sale hasn't cleared.  The joy of those sales is getting pretty deflated however by all the grim news about the future of stock photography. I really missed the boat, it seems. 😕


Indigenous or Native American women marching with a banner with fists in air. 2019 Women's March, Market Street, San Francisco, California, USA. - Stock Image

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