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  1. Thanks, yes I guess it does, it just took me by surprise.
  2. Submitted a single image, a product shot so it had a lot of work done in post, submitted and waited. Recently I have been getting the email within a day or two at most but this time nothing. I don't tend to check in every day as I don't sell that many images so after a few days I feared the worst and it must have failed. This morning I check in to Image Manager and its sitting there waiting for Keywording but no email ever arrived? A first for me.
  3. I have just sold an image I inadvertently left available for Personal use, for a little over $8 so aroond £2.50 to me. Okay my fault for not opting it out for PU but its an old image which I have sold mutliple times for as much as $225. I guess I'd better go through my small collection and see how many I have missed and tick that box.
  4. 4th April 2013 $51.65 it sold again 3 years later, this time for $59.42 so held its price well.
  5. My only experience with the Lumix cameras is the GH5, which is not renowned for its low light capability, the GH5S however is very good at higher ISO but lacks the fantastic IBIS of the GH5. So, to come down a size to the GX9, that too has fantastic IBIS and if you use a native lens with AIS then you can shoot at lower ISO than some cameras and so low light is quite feasible. Watch
  6. Next one Busker on street, what category does that go under? Occupations? hmmm
  7. How important are the primary and secondary categories when preparing an image for sale? I often have difficulty deciding on a suitable one, nevermind two, for instance, just a picture of a street, not really architecture, not sure about lifestyle but not what I would choose and not really travel, or perhaps it is. Another image of a church, well I could use architecture for primary but what for secondary? I really think there needs to be a few more choices
  8. I had a Fuji X-E1 when they first came out with the 16-55 and 55-200 lenses. Fujinon lenses are up there with the best. However I sold it and the lenses when I started getting into video as at the time Fuji had no decent video solution.
  9. Sorry I actually meant the choice is between the RX100 and GX9, thanks for pointing out my error
  10. That really is quite impressive. I use my Nikons though for commercial work, so can't sell them to finance other cameras, apart from I am thinking about swapping them for a Lumix S1H, which would work as a good video camera and a stills camera for commercial work. Thats still not a solution for my stock work though and I think the RX10iv which looks great is a bit big for my needs, so its still between one variation of the RX10 and the GX9, which I liike because I already have MFT lenses though nothing long, I have some great low light lenses for them for video but probably want to avoid carrying more than one additional lens.
  11. Your not helping now that gives me something else to consider. so 24-70 which is what I would call a 'normal' working zoom and what I do 75% of my photography on, but yes the reach to 200mm would be considerably useful, but the 1.8-2.8 of the VA is worth considering for indoor shots, hmmm. The other option is still the GX9 and use MFT lenses, then I have lens choice, hmmm. Much more to consider
  12. Thank you Joe, yes this does help, the GX9 could well be a good option as I have MFT lenses, I would buy body only which makes it quite a reasonable price and it would compliment my GH5 quite well.
  13. Thanks, that comparison link is very useful, I will study it.
  14. Yes I was referring to the full suite, the photography plan is the one I would go for as and when I have to, for now CS6 will do me.
  15. True, but you can use the free Adobe DNG converter and still able to work on the files of the future as DNG format in CS6
  16. You are correct, I have had a while away from processing, I was of course referring to the controls on Camera RaW and in fact I hardly use Bridge. When I bought CS6 I got the education version which is heavily discounted and a very good deal and lasts forever (or at least until obsolescence). When I started editing video I made the decision to go CC as I wanted Premiere Pro as well as PS and Lightroom and a few of the other programs were useful on occasion, this was also available on an education discount and so I went with the full CC suite. I was a bit gutted then to find that after the 12 months I was to be put on full price, I could not justify £500+ per annum. So I decided to use DaVinci Resolve for video (a fantastic bit of software by the way if you are not familiar with it) and free as well, though I have now upgraded to the studio version, for which for £300 you get lifetime free upgrades and new versions as they come out. I also re-installed CS6 which works just fine on Windows 10 (now I have 64 bit working thanks) What really annoys me about Adobe CC is, once you stop paying you are kind of stuffed, I mean as long as Windows 10 exists I can use CS6 forever, now I know that it is not future proof but if I dont have the money for subscription, maybe unemployment, retirement or whatever I can still edit my photo's So as far as I am concerned Adobe can go whistle for their CC until the days comes that I have no choice.
  17. Thanks, it seems all versions are still available on Amazon, I will have to do some research.
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