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  1. Don't knock it until you've tried it 😐 Alta Rica is the best and only instant coffee I will drink.
  2. Never like them, but I do drink a lot of Nescafe Alta Rica instant which is very expensive and because of the OP I looked on Amazon where it is the cheapest I have ever seen it.
  3. I have used Hiscox in the past for liability and also for accidental damage/theft and found them good to deal with. Gear was covered even if stolen from a parked vehicle as long as it was out of sight. I can't say how watertight there liability insurance is in particular with regards Alamy contract but the prices seemed reasonable to me.
  4. I have a Prime account, sounds interesting and I wasn't aware. The trouble is it means you are tied to Prime and as I seem to have exhausted the watchable films and TV series and the rest seems to be dross I was thinking of unsubscribing. Not sure I would want to be tied to them tbh. I'm not sure the 'free' postage is sufficient reason to keep me with them.
  5. I suppose this is the norm now on social media and they couldn't even be bothered to remove the watermark.
  6. Sadly not, I am on Metronidazole, the dentist and the chemist said alcohol would make me very ill. Having researched it online it advises not to drink until at least 3 days after finishing the course 😢
  7. Thank you William, I am sure they will once the antibiotics do their thing, just taking a bit longer than I had hoped. 😒
  8. BAD - I am on anti biotics with a gum infection which is quite painful and making me feel ill. BAD - I have my second Covid vaccine today, this could be viewed as good but as it will make me feel even worse then it is BAD BAD - I cannot drink alcohol whilst on the antibiotics and not for three days after I finish the course. GOOD - Nothing really but there is potential for a great stage of the Giro d'Italia today so I will watch that on telly this afternoon.
  9. Thanks, yes I guess it does, it just took me by surprise.
  10. Submitted a single image, a product shot so it had a lot of work done in post, submitted and waited. Recently I have been getting the email within a day or two at most but this time nothing. I don't tend to check in every day as I don't sell that many images so after a few days I feared the worst and it must have failed. This morning I check in to Image Manager and its sitting there waiting for Keywording but no email ever arrived? A first for me.
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