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The EXTREMELY unwelcome return of Captcha

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For a long time now I've able to log into Alamy and the forum without the irritation of Capture asking me to identify a small part of a hill or guess what percentage of a car actually counts as a 'vehicle'.

But it is back, with a vengeance. Have I just been lucky, then unlucky, or is it the same for everyone?

If it worked, it wouldn't be nearly so bad but having to decide whether the corner of a traffic light without any lights counts as a traffic light or whether a brick might be part of a shopfront is extremely irritating. 

If our forum is really so secretive we need a security system for logging in:

a  why is it only used sometimes and

b  can we please have one that do what it expects us to be able to do?

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Hate the things.  My particular gripe is the one where you have to keep on clicking until there are no more (e.g.) cars or buses.  My record for trying to get into an Alamy captcha is 21 clicks, by which time I had lost the will to live.  I wish they would come up with a cookie or something that has the effect of limiting captchas to no more than, say, one per day for any particular site: I have had to endure multiple captchas when I have logged into Alamy several times even within a relatively short time, which increases the frustrations. 

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Mostly traffic lights and shop fronts.


One that comes up occasionally I was pleased of. It seems the system is US based and "Crosswalk" came up for pedestrian crossing so I put that keyword in any images of mine containing a pedestrian crossing.





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