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  1. I still have the Canon 5D IV but for the last year or so have been using the M6 Mark II increasingly: it is smaller and lighter, and the image quality is great. If you are moving from the 30D, the sensor size is the same anyway (the resolution is actually greater than that of the 5d IV, with a crop as opposed to full frame sensor). The lens adaptor works perfectly, so no need for new lenses. I usually keep the geeky-looking viewfinder attachment in place, but rarely use it, except in very bright light when I really cannot use the rear screen to compose. There is no need to move to the R ra
  2. You could have a look at the UniqBall. You still need to tighten or loosen it as required, but moving via the top ball allows movement without the camera tipping, and you will usually keep the lower ball locked unless you are relevelling. It will at most flop in one plane if you do not tighten the top ball. A bit difficult to explain, so if you do not already know how these work, just Google it and look at a video to see better. I have used one for a few years now. There is also something similar, which I have not tried myself, called a FlexShooter which seems to work in the same way but wh
  3. One of the two batches from last night or yesterday morning (cannot tell which) showed up. But a further batch I uploaded a few hours ago have not reached AIM. It’s not fixed yet. Graham
  4. Same here. I have emailed contributor services. Upload from 6pm last night not showing in AIM. Repeat upload this morning also not showing. I used FTP with FileZilla which reported successful transfers. Graham
  5. High ISO images are fine so long as you deal with the noise properly. I have over 100 images at ISO 8,000 or above, including at least 9 at ISO 25,600. Most of these were taken with a Canon 1DX Mark II. Ironically, one of my last QC fails was for noise in the shadow areas of a well-lit outdoor image at ISO 100. Graham
  6. Do contributors regularly keyword for plurals, even when the subject is clearly only singular? My understanding is that Alamy does not use stemming, so that singulars and plurals are separate keywords, and we are encouraged by Alamy in contributor guidelines not to use plurals for singular subjects. The recent Alamy twitter feed notes that a client is looking for “Seniors using modern technology”. The accompanying photograph, however, shows a single old lady with headphones. Presumably keywording this image in accordance with Alamy guidelines would result in the tag of “senior” b
  7. Same here, but it has been impossibly slow for some days if not a couple of weeks now. Very good internet connection here, no other problems: it is Alamy’s data refresh that is glacially slow recently. Graham
  8. Yes, I have had one for most of this year. The quality is excellent. I find I am using it with the 11-22mm lens more and more. This is a very fine lens, better than the supplied kit lens (but even that is better than the pixel peepers might have you believe). It is so much easier to carry round than my 5DIV, which is staying home much more than previously. The 22mm lens is also very good if you need a larger aperture and are happy with a fixed focal length. I also have the older M5, which is very portable, but at 24MB, this did not supplant my DSLR in the same way. I do use the somewhat ge
  9. My FTP uploads from this morning are not showing in AIM yet - probably an hour or so ago, so they should have been showing up by now.
  10. Beginning to wonder whether they are abandoning the 5* immediate pass regime. My last three submissions which had gone into QC passed yesterday afternoon. My next submission this morning has also gone into the QC queue. Graham
  11. You did not cross your fingers hard enough. I have been 5* ever since the system was introduced and have become used to most of my submissions immediately passing QC, with only the odd one called in for a random check. I submitted a batch on Thursday which was taken into QC, along with another batch submitted on Friday while the first was still in QC. This followed three or four automatic passes, and I was not unduly surprised about this, although this seemed to me a little quicker than usual between checks. Both submissions passed QC on Friday. I was surprised, therefore, to find that my
  12. Pity the police do not seem to understand that very basic and undeniably correct proposition. At least Jonathon Sumption is prepared to restate and reinforce this basic right. Graham
  13. Dammit, I went for a walk today and passed a shut down playground. I thought that the closure sign might be newsworthy, so I photographed it and just uploaded a couple of the pictures. Sod’s law, this is the (about) one in eight uploads that is held up for old-style QC. So even if they pass tomorrow, they will have missed tonight’s database update and will not be visible online until at least Friday, which means they will not realistically be in contention for news use until at least the weekend. Oh well, c’est la vie... Graham
  14. I had to go shopping, and took my camera with me for a picture of empty shelves. I had to go to a hospital to visit my mother in law (while visiting was possible) and took my camera for picture of Coronavirus posters. I would not go out simply to take pictures of this kind, potentially putting myself and others at risk, but if I have to be there anyway, I see no harm in taking a camera with me and posting this in case they prove to be newsworthy. I am not in Live News but my images usually pass QC the same day and are live after the overnight database refresh, so that is quick enough for the
  15. Size checker, although useful, was out of date, particularly as regards larger file sizes. It will often show uncropped images taken with 30+ megapixel cameras as failing due to large size, whereas they are nowadays perfectly acceptable. I often make large panoramas and these are the only ones where I try to limit file size. I have made an Excel spreadsheet into which I put the actual image dimensions, which returns the long side length required to keep the file size to 200Mb, and that is the dimension I then use to limit the file size when I export from Lightroom. I have had AIM reject image
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