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  1. Only a few cents😱. She is not taking it personally 😂.
  2. I sold my wife within a few days of putting her on sale - receiving her COVID jab 😄. Also sold her twice subsequently, once to the illustrious heights of the BMJ. Graham
  3. Further to my reply above, I was thinking of uploading a few pictures from the Chelsea Flower Show yesterday. Then came in two sales today - my share of each is $0.08. Why bother now? Graham
  4. I just had 2 sales come in. Each gross $0.21, net (my take) $0.08. Nice image of the Citadel in Cairo, would grace any travel brochure. Plumbs new depths, might as well put them on Unsplash and give them away for free. This morning I had been working on shots from my visit yesterday to the opening day for RHS members at the Chelsea Flower Show and had thought I might put up a few, then this came in. I have never received this low a figure even from my micro stock images. Why the f*** should I bother? Graham
  5. Does anyone know how hyphens are treated for keywording purposes? Is “old fashioned” the same, for search purposes, as “old-fashioned”, or should both versions be included as keywords? I am very inconsistent in how I treat potentially hyphenated word pairs. Graham
  6. I have uploaded a few to Alamy, but at nothing like my previous rate. I still have a huge collection I could work on and upload, but the motivation has diminished, which is strange in a way because I do not rely on the income. Instead I have been concentrating on preparing images for POD sites, which takes longer, but I have been enjoying doing this: I doubt that I will earn any more on average than I do at Alamy from the POD images, but there is a certain satisfaction that someone may want one for their wall. I also like the fact that most of the POD sites allow you to set your own commiss
  7. Not sure a 150 year old picture would pass Alamy's QC - not enough megapixels then 😁
  8. I’ll check it when I am back home. Has always worked so far. Maybe I saved it between updates 😄. I know that I don’t update the sizes, because it is a record for me of the largest panorama I have uploaded to Alamy. That aside, I think the formulae work, but will check. The ratio is not needed, but I like to see it for my panoramas. It is also useful because there is a POD site to which I contribute which has a maximum limit on panoramic ratios. I have only ever once had an incorrect answer, in that Alamy Size Checker returned a size fractionally in excess of 200MB. I wa
  9. Ok, I have got my thinking head back on now. Uncompressed size is entirely related to image size. Compressed size is variable according to JPEG compression. I mentioned above that I use a spreadsheet to calculate the pixel dimensions (to use in Lightroom export) to keep the image within 200 MB. My spreadsheet looks like this: Size calculator Original Width 56,831 Original Height 6,579 Ratio 8.64 Current si
  10. You are both correct - greenie for both - uncompressed size. Thank you. Whichever, I use Alamy Size Checker to check that the size is something less than 200MB. Graham
  11. Yes, you are right, it is compressed size, and this is what Alamy Size Checker reports. Some of my panoramas are huge, which means that I have regularly had to scale the size back in order to keep within 200 MB. As resolution of modern cameras increases, this will become an increasing issue: a 15 to 20 shot panorama with a vertical dimension for each image in excess of 6000 pixels will result in a pretty large compressed and actual size file - eventually, once the computer has managed to process it! I think the biggest one I have had to scale down had an original long dimension of
  12. I have used it relatively recently, to check maximum sizes. I believe that the maximum upload size is still 200 MB. Some of my panoramas come out much larger than that. This is the easiest way to check whether I need to downsize them. If I do, I have a spreadsheet which calculates the long edge dimension on export required to keep the image size to 1 pixel less than that which produces the 200 Mb threshold. Graham
  13. Totally agree. I have asked for my entire portfolio of over 26,000 images to be marked as non-exclusive. The few times I have asked Alamy to chase an infringement have not get me anywhere, so I do not see possible infringement chasing as being of any real value. I have already done the work, processing, keywording, etc., so I might as well see what else I can get elsewhere, even if it proves to be microstock. The large (percentage) deductions depress me. The last straw was a sale a few days ago at $130, of which my share was $28. It seems unfair to me that Alamy and distributors
  14. Less promising here - so far only about one third of last year’s volume, and revenue. Graham
  15. In that case, just the usual synchronisation process via your backup software should be fine. I use Goodsync, but there are plenty of perfectly computable backup solutions. I suggest that you synchronise just your catalogue, however: if you synchronise your previews as well, it will greatly increase the time taken to synchronise. Graham
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