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  1. Less promising here - so far only about one third of last year’s volume, and revenue. Graham
  2. In that case, just the usual synchronisation process via your backup software should be fine. I use Goodsync, but there are plenty of perfectly computable backup solutions. I suggest that you synchronise just your catalogue, however: if you synchronise your previews as well, it will greatly increase the time taken to synchronise. Graham
  3. It is possible to synchronise catalogues. For example, on my travels (yes, those distant days when travel was possible) I keep a Lightroom catalogue on my laptop then add it in to my main catalogue on my return. If you look at Lightroom import options, you will see that there is an option to import from another Lightroom catalogue. You need to decide what is your master catalogue, and then import the other catalogue into this. You can choose not to import duplicates. Then Lightroom imports the images from the secondary catalogue (in my case, the one on my travel laptop) into the main cata
  4. $0.25 gross today, RM. Ridiculous. Really worth the effort of processing and putting up the image(it was quite a tricky one to edit, a night scene from Quito, Ecuador) - not. Probably doesn’t even cover the electricity cost of uploading it. We need the right to specify a minimum price. I have a few images on microstock which I put up a few years ago as an experiment - less than 100 overall, compared to over 25,000 on Alamy. Yesterday one went for £0.75 - that’s my share with no commission to be deducted, and they still sell several times each month for about this amount. Maybe I am back
  5. My 5D used to be known as the “dust magnet”. It was really atrocious. Later models were not much better: it seems to have taken a very long time for Canon to have got to grips with this problem. My latest mirrorless iterations (M6II and R5) do seem to have improved a lot, however - maybe it was that mirror creating all those air currents that was the problem, but I have scarcely ever found a dust spot on my first DSLR which was the D60. Graham
  6. Looking at my searches and zooms, buyers look for terms such as “African animals”, which seems to mean the same to some searchers as “African wildlife” - a search for “animals” does not always imply that the end product must have more than one animal in it: imprecise though this is, this is how we speak, and how some people search. On a POD site to which I contribute, a popular search item is “beaches”: could anyone rationally think that the buyers are looking for images with more than one beach, as opposed to those which show only a single beach? I think it would be beneficial for searches
  7. If Alamy is going to pursue infringements, does it not make sense for Alamy first to check with the contributor whether they may have sold direct (which is permitted within exclusivity) before chasing the user? The opportunities for Alamy embarrassingly to shoot itself in the foot chasing users who are lawfully using directly licensed images are all too obvious. Embarrassing for Alamy, and embarrassing for the contributor and their relationships with their direct licence clients: “buy from me but expect a threatening letter from Alamy” is not the best marketing strap line of recent years.
  8. I could not agree more strongly. If Alamy uses contributor images to promote itself or its business, Alamy should be compensating the contributors concerned. We do not contribute images to Alamy to use for its own commercial use, we contribute images to secure a return for the use of those images, including commercial use by Alamy for its own purposes. Graham
  9. Will Alamy change images from "Exclusive" to "Non-exclusive" on request once the contract changes take effect? When the last change was made, I asked Alamy to change all but a handful of my images to "Exclusive", and they helpfully obliged. I have no hope of reaching Platinum. There will, therefore, be no ongoing benefit to me to having images marked as Excusive to Alamy. Indeed, the reverse is true. Even though I will have no less commission deducted for having the images marked as Exclusive, Alamy will be able, in principle, to recover from me costs of enforcement action it t
  10. The amount contributors receive is actually reduced by 20%. Sell for $100, previously you received $50. Now you receive $40. That is a 20% reduction. Graham
  11. This is indeed sad news. But Alamy says that it has 100,000 new photos uploaded every day. They are not going to worry about the views of the people who read and post to these forums, whose combined portfolios would be numerically overwhelmed by a day of new uploads: even if we all removed our entire portfolios, it would be but a pinprick to Alamy, a mere gnat bite they would not notice. I have put in a huge amount of work uploading my portfolio of 25,000 images. I would love to tell Alamy my views on their commission changes (and I agree with the majority of the comments in th
  12. I still have the Canon 5D IV but for the last year or so have been using the M6 Mark II increasingly: it is smaller and lighter, and the image quality is great. If you are moving from the 30D, the sensor size is the same anyway (the resolution is actually greater than that of the 5d IV, with a crop as opposed to full frame sensor). The lens adaptor works perfectly, so no need for new lenses. I usually keep the geeky-looking viewfinder attachment in place, but rarely use it, except in very bright light when I really cannot use the rear screen to compose. There is no need to move to the R ra
  13. You could have a look at the UniqBall. You still need to tighten or loosen it as required, but moving via the top ball allows movement without the camera tipping, and you will usually keep the lower ball locked unless you are relevelling. It will at most flop in one plane if you do not tighten the top ball. A bit difficult to explain, so if you do not already know how these work, just Google it and look at a video to see better. I have used one for a few years now. There is also something similar, which I have not tried myself, called a FlexShooter which seems to work in the same way but wh
  14. One of the two batches from last night or yesterday morning (cannot tell which) showed up. But a further batch I uploaded a few hours ago have not reached AIM. It’s not fixed yet. Graham
  15. Same here. I have emailed contributor services. Upload from 6pm last night not showing in AIM. Repeat upload this morning also not showing. I used FTP with FileZilla which reported successful transfers. Graham
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