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  1. I agree LR works better than what most cameras can do internally and you can then also shoot and keep the RAW files. ICE from Microsoft also works well to stitch panoramas and it is free. Here is the ICE download link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=52459 Rudi
  2. Thanks for the feedback Nick. I have downloaded some RAW files and also looked at some reviews and I am afraid you are right about the noise. As much as I like the idea of a tiny camera it is no use if I cannot live with the IQ, for me noise is a killer, maybe I am spoiled by cameras with large sensors but I know from experience that if I do not love the images coming out of the camera it will soon join other cameras on the "never used" shelf. There are already some "nice" cameras like a Leica there that I simply did not "bond" with. Great lens but crappy sensor. I have kind of set my per
  3. I have also been looking at this camera as an everyday, keep with me camera. Seems like the main difference between the last 3 versions are the lenses used? The sensors seem to be the same. My main concern is IQ, I know many people say it is a good camera but I do tend to "pixel peep" and also print large. I think I need to compare IQ to my current "point and shoot" camera, the Canon EOS M50. Time to do some research, thanks for reminding me of the RX100!
  4. You could always turn what is left of your tripod into 2 mono-pods! I do sometimes use a monopod when shooting sport with a big heavy lens. But a tripod will be better for what you want to do. I have over time bought a few tripods, always looking for a sturdier one for larger lenses till it was so sturdy and heavy it was a pain to use, now I have a light carbon version that I use most of the time keeping the heavy monster for astro work. Hope you get it soon to capture some magic lights!
  5. I think your best option would be a tripod. I have shot Christmas decorations hand-held but only with a fast lens and a camera that is great at high ISO. A remote release will also make life easy else use the timer.
  6. I love night shots! If at all possible I use a tripod and shoot at ISO 100. When that is not feasible I will up the ISO, 12800 is the highest I would normally go (depends a lot on your camera). I make sure the images are exposed well (ETTR is really helpful here) and then I use noise reduction in LR, for the whole image and if needed more in specific areas. When used correctly the LR noise reduction preserves detail well. Some reduction in image size also helps, depends on how high the original resolution is. I do often shoot with my lenses wide open but these are high quality len
  7. Same here, requests that would be relevant to me seems pretty static with nothing new recently.
  8. My first sale about 6 weeks after I started uploading. Not an image I would have imagined as the first sale! Mid $$ The image was never zoomed as far as I can see.
  9. I agree, in my experience the microstock agents I use all have far more stringent QC than here so there is nothing wrong with the quality if images they sell.
  10. I feel the opposite way, now I can and will take more photos! No time wasted preparing them for here and endless hours tagging...
  11. Yes, I am looking at the time spent on preparing images and adding meta-data as a long term investment. BTW, love your football photos! Saw them on FB and your web page.
  12. Hehe, thanks! Yes, I do have an account with them but only 35 images, that made my $105 while they have been there, forgot about them for a long time, just logged in again and fixed my payment options and tax status.
  13. I do not argue, but they do make you more money than the others so their operating costs like marketing might be larger. But I am not trying to justify it, the 50/50 split was why I joined Alamy and only had a tiny portfolio there. But if I needed the money I know where I would go......
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