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Liam Bunce

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27 minutes ago, Sally said:

I see them on Twitter and thought about it,  but was then put off by a concern about keeping them safe coprightwise. I’d also like to know if anyone else does this.


The security of images is one of my concerns, although you do attach your copyright to text when uploading and they do ensure that it is visible, that doe's not stop anyone downloading them though.  

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I do not “do” comps.  My specialism is live news and I cannot claim to be a great photographer.  But, I take the view if newspapers etc are willing to pay for my photos against considerable competition then I must be doing something right.  Some economist said the greatest arbiter of taste is the marketplace.

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17 minutes ago, Doc said:

I don't tend to do competitions as the small print often includes the fact that the competition holders can then use any entry in perpetuity for free!



Yes, I have noticed that as well, a win win for them as they get a lot of mostly good images for free!


I have only ever entered one competition on the insistence of my better half, her words were "Enter that photo, you will win", she was right, I still have the Canon 5D3 and the 2 L lenses I won......


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I have only entered a very few photo competitions a long time ago, (back in the 1970's), before I became seriously in photography. That was when you had to submit prints you had produced in your own darkroom.


It seems that the gist of this thread is to read fully the terms and conditions of any comp you are thinking of entering.





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