Ed Rooney

If You Were in New York City for Just Two Days . . .

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15 hours ago, Ed Rooney said:

I believe they were on their way uptown to participate in Fashion Week.  


Most likely. New Yorkers always have been on the cutting edge of fashion.

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The best way to see Manhattan is from Brooklyn Heights and along the waterfront there - consider walking in across the Brooklyn Bridge.  Roosevelt island via aerial tramway.  Staten island ferry is a free photo platform for views into lower Manhattan and harbour sights (Long lens and good luck with light) and be prepared to sprint around to the departure gates at the Staten island end unless you want to spend time at the terminal there.   There was a spot in Greenwich Village that give classic views into the midtown tall buildings that you might recognise from any number of establishing shots from movies and TV from an earlier age, but that is obscured by a recent building.  Times Square is way busy and almost impossible to work but Naked Cowboy shows up from time to time. Eats around there at best north of the square up 7th with more choice and less crowds if you walk a few blocks. For real non glitz NY vibe neighbourhoods and parks - even Tomkins Square Park (where 90% of bodies turned up in NYPD Blue) is OK.  Other Boroughs are available.

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