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  1. Many thanks...was able to find AIM and all the information I needed. Dennis Hallinan
  2. How do I edit my photos already on Alamy. I would like to select some for Available only from Alamy. Thanks Dennis Hallinan
  3. My three sons will incorporate and Alamy can replace my name with the corporate name. denden
  4. Wim...your advice is not only not bad it's great...EIZO2730 looks good...thanks again...decisions make me nervous :-) denden
  5. Apparently I have to buy a new monitor (not a TV) My Eizo 24inch and has done well but after lots of years it has done in. Any suggestions will be appreciated. denden
  6. I just turned 92 and I can't remember how old I used to be. I keep forgetting I have dementia :-) denden
  7. Isn't there some kind of statue out in the harbor...might make a good shot...or at least an interesting boat ride. denden
  8. Haven't seen the bumper sticker, "Let the bastards freeze in the dark," in a long time. :-) denden
  9. A Ask them what their budget is for the particular use. denden
  10. Thanks Kevin, the total amount, $411.99 marked clear so Alamy will probably add half to my next payment. Works for me . denden
  11. Douglas...I finally discovered my Other Income is indeed a DACS payment. I did not receive any money; will it come from Alamy or the DACS office? I live in Florida and have never applied to DACS. I guess Alamy did it for me for which I am grateful. denden
  12. I received an Other Income notice from Alamy but no mention of DACS. I live in Florida USA and have never been involved with DACS. So what is this Other Income notice about? Thanks. denden
  13. "Does anybody shoot for fun anymore?" :-) denden PS David Douglas Duncan asked this question fifty some years ago at an ASMP conference in Miami after listening to many financial questions from the audience.
  14. I asked a woman photographer about her experience with digital altering..."Not since high school." denden
  15. This is the response: Hi Dennis, Firstly we would want to see a copy of a solicitor’s letter or death certificate. There are two options · We can remove the images, close the account and pay any outstanding balance · We can keep the account open, change the contact details to your next of kin and continue to license the images Thanks Abhishek Member Services This is exactly what I needed to know. Maybe it will help someone else. denden
  16. Thanks to all for the information. So far no response from Member Services. denden
  17. Is there a standard Alamy procedure for switching my payment checks to an heir? denden
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