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Images licenced January 2024

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End of the month license:






Country: Worldwide
Usage: Single company - multiple use editorial onlyUpgrade
Industry sector: Media, design & publishing
Start: 30 January 2024
End: 30 January 2074


This license expires when I'm 115. This photo was taken in 2011 so this little girl will be around my age by then. 

All kvetching aside, I love this image and it's nice to see it license again. A nice way to end the month.  

Edited by Marianne
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On 31/01/2024 at 07:30, CAROL SAUNDERS said:

Just when I thought it was going to be a dry January 3 appeared yesterday







All any placement: Inside or cover.

Total just under mid $ for the three but happy they are all of my home town St. Albans, Hertfordshire UK




Well the bad news is they got refunded.  The good news is they got re purchased, exactly the same spec but for double so now just over mid $ for the three.  Not sure why this happens but I will take it on the chin !




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