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Does nobody monitor the News Feed any more?

Phil Robinson

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The news feed used to contain only news - it was monitored to check that everything on there was relevant.
Not any more, it seems.
How are these "live news"?













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Hi Phil, 


Unfortunately the links you've provided are not loading for us. Please could you email them over to contributors@alamy.com and we can look into this for you. 




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Posted (edited)

Well amazingly they all seem to have been removed! Spooky.
They were 'Cityscapes of Dresden', some ducks on a lake and other things that had no news value whatsoever. 
This has been happening a lot recently - 'tourists on a beach in Spain' and so on, as well as the same sets of images appearing three times as they came via different sources. 

I can still see, however - Italy: Burano a small island in the Venice lagoon, Burano, Italy. Very nice travel stock, but not news.

And 'People Visit the National museum, Sanaa, Yemen', 'Shopping Online, Berlin, Deutschland', 'Salmon fishing off Shaldon beach, Devon, UK', 'Alzheimer's, dementia, fading memories, Berlin, Deutschland'

I know most sales come from sets sent out to potential customers rather than them looking at the Live News feed, but it really doesn't give a very professional impression.

Edited by Phil Robinson
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Twenty of strawberry harvesting in Kashmir, India.  Not a specific festival.  Three images of a  bee flying toward a flower and drinking from it.  Six images of the TikTok logo (um, what country last banned TicTok?).  Fishermen hauling nets -- maybe weather shot, or filler.   National Museum of Beirut, Lebanon, no special occasion mentioned.  And this isn't all I wondered about on the first two pages.

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China: Crayfish Popular In Summer, Suqian, China
'Workers feed cows at a dairy farm' - if they didn't it might be news
Rape blossom, Brandenburg

Gophers in the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, Russia (x3)

Village church Tarmow

Valor do boi gordo, (cows)

China: China Xinjiang Tour, Bazhou, China - a tourist enjoys themselves

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Posted (edited)

Just one day:



Pasjaca Beach in Croatia

The memorial complex of the shrine of Alexander Nevsky in the Concert Hall of the Sta...

Ruble banknotes., Moscow, Russia

Photo illustration in Brazil (mobile phone screen)

World News (mobile phone screen - no news)

Baby Jesus Lizard, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

The Pollinator Green Bee, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

Empty tables in the outdoor gastronomy, Munich, Deutschland

Marienplatz with Fischerbrunnen in Munich, Munich, Deutschland

Workers unload chemical fertilizers in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Daily life in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Rail transport infrastructure, Berlin, Deutschland

Cell phone mast, cell phone transmitter, cell phone antenna, Berlin, Deutschland

Vodafone radio mast, cellphone mast, cellphone transmitter, cellphone antenna, Berlin...

"410163379"    ????

Photo illustration in Ukraine


Vineyards on the Unstrut, Zscheiplitz, Germany

CAMBODIA-PHNOM PENH-RIVER TERN  "This undated photo shows a river tern flying in the Mekong flooded forest area in Cambodia. "

British tourists on Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain

China: Power Coal Transportation, Lianyungang, China

Dairy Cows Base, China

Injured racehorse in rehab swim


None of it news

It seems the answer to my question is yes.

Edited by Phil Robinson
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"Alamy Live News Images"

Everyday Life in Izmir, Turkey - people are seen coming down the stairs

A bird flies against the Dharahara tower in Kathmandu

Gottleuba Valley Bridge, Pirna, Germany

Montfort Castle in the morning light, Langenargen, Germany

China: Yangshuo Scenery, Guilin, China

China: China Manufacturing Industry, Nantong, China
Benches Stadium Baseball


This is embarrassing

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On 26/05/2023 at 21:31, Phil Robinson said:

This is embarrassing

Totally. And there's more.

27 images of a Germany pharmacy, many of them poor quality over 9 entries of "news", these are via DPA

I had some decent news sales in the past, I still post some soft news items when the opportunity presents itself. And sometimes they sell. But this sort of thing will surely just make serious news outlets less likely to bother with looking in the first place?

"Nah we don't bother with Alamy News anymore, it's just photos of pharmacies and people shopping"...

I remember how hard it was to sell news photos in the 1990's, I lived in London & the tedious phoning contacts on picture desks, taking photos in, waiting for the lab, rushing hopefully to the newsagents the next morning. Now I can do it out of a backpack anywhere in the world. But the problem with that is so can the person who has a mate with a pharmacy in Germany...

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