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  1. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/12474511/emergency-plans-perfect-storm-no-deal-brexit-coronavirus-second-wave/ CBB16A cgwp.co.uk Credit: Alamy EGR0AP Malcolm Fairman Credit: Alamy 2B8KHT6 Sam Mellish Credit: Alamy Live News 2C845W8 VX Pictures Credit: Alamy Live News
  2. Is this work you have scanned & uploaded? Do you want to destroy it so other people can't use it & sell the images If you have material you want to scan and upload it's worth using a commmercial scanning service. I've had work done by https://www.saturn-films.co.uk and it's very reasonably priced and good quality. Also, as geogphotos says, there's an active market on Ebay for slides, and at general auctions. I've watched lots of slides go for what I consider to be staggering amounts when you can't reasonably check condition & subject matter properly before the auction star
  3. Thanks for letting us know. I'll write to the NUJ as well when I'm back. Only been on the Green a couple of times, but you never know who you will encounter there. Caught a chance meeting between Alistair Campbell & Andrew Bridgen last time. They didn't have much to say to each other...😊
  4. My first year, only started in May though & still working out what direction works... 10 sales, $414. Quite pleased overall, though no December sales 😞
  5. I've used PS for years, found a thing called FastStone about a year ago and now use that most of the time - far better than PS for basic edits imho - really good for lifting shadows & tweaking contrast, and has an excellent rotate tool. It's free/pay a donation type of thing. Fast, simple and does RAW files. It doesn't do captions for news sadly, so I'm still using PS for that - unless someone can suggest anything better - would really like to be able to do them in bulk. Instead of buying the new monthly subscription PS there's loads of the older versions on Ebay, I think the last on
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/dec/29/remarkable-high-as-scottish-temperature-record-is-broken Suilven mountain in Sutherland, where the Foehn Effect is contributing to warm temperatures. Photograph: LatitudeStock/Alamy
  7. I've found a few images of mine that were used by newspapers with Copytrack, that google search and Tineye didn't pick up. Following other folks advice on here led me to Copytrack, I've been uploading my zooms and news submissions there. Not found any illicit use yet though...
  8. There's a brand of sock in the UK called "Heat Holders" - I was working at a showground all day on cold concrete floors, put some of those on & had an instan transformation - warm feet! They are quite bulky though, but way better than the usual 2 pairs of socks. Disposable gloves with fingerless Thinsulate over the top, batteries in an inside pocket. And a hat! Never ceases to amaze me how many people in the UK walk around in quilted jackets, gloves, scarves, and no hat!
  9. That's useful to know, thanks. Didn't realise he was a 'repeat offender'... Really grates as I like his work, and no doubt he would be outraged if someone ripped his work off. I already got screencaps of the relevant pages and sent them to contributor relations. He's got a book out apparently - with a signing in Bristol on election night, at the MPF forum for "providing a platform for emerging photographers to share and discuss their practice" Maybe I should turn up and discuss image payments with him in front of the audience 😂 https://www.martinparrfoundation.org/events/col
  10. OK, Update - been in contact with Alamy and they have said: "I can confirm there is a relevant licence by this customer, but the licence they have purchased doesn’t cover how they are using the image. I am therefore going to pass this onto our infringement team who will contact the customer and ask them to purchase the correct licence." The site in question is "Cold War Steve" - website is coldwarsteve.com He's a "collage artist and satirist". I suspect there could be more Alamy images on the site, it shows several of his creations being sold as prints. He also ha
  11. Thanks. Going to email Alamy with screengrabs etc of his web & twitter. It's been used as a background for a photoshop montage, so not as a standalone image. Though I'm rather confused by the apparently RF not RF T's & C's in the help section. The sale conditions are restricted to web & social media use for 5 years but the help file says "You can use the image across multiple projects, forever" Now changed all my stock to RM for the moment. Obviously won't stop this sort of thing but should make it easier to control? I'm still unsure which one is most likely to result
  12. One of my images was sold to someone earlier this year for low ££ online only licence, 5 yrs worldwide web & social media. Fair enough. I actually like what they do. However I've just seen they're selling prints on their website of the same image and charging £200 for an A2 limited edition print. I'm assuming that this isn't covered by a standard licence and I should be contacting Alamy to get them to chase it up. They've sold quite a number of prints by their own admission, and especially for someone who's supposedly a designer, creator and somewhat 'anti establishment' to be behave in th
  13. I used to work in Audio visual hire, but it was 15 years ago, though I expect many aspects are the same. If its a one-off gig I'd just hire one. If it's something you will be doing regularly look at purchasing something. For hire I'd google "audio visual hire" in the area you will be doing the show. The size of prejection screen (what do you mean by a normal sized screen - many options) and the darkness - or lightness - of the venue need to be taken into account. If it's in a darkened auditorium you won't need as powerful a projector (expressed in Lumens) as if you're trying to pr
  14. Guardian Online billionaires article: Aviva III, owned by the businessman Joe Lewis, moored on the River Thames. Photograph: Robert Evans/Alamy Stock Photo https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/nov/01/viral-billionaires-super-rich-exist
  15. The site automatically rejects images that aren't large enough even before the QC team sees them. Had a couple rejected that way when I've taken my eye off the ball... I've found that uploading by FTP is far more reliable than the built in upload tool on the site, which has never worked properly for me.
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