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38 minutes ago, John Richmond said:

I have a daughter and grandaughter, both increasingly well inked.  It's their choice - but I do wonder if they'll regret it in years to come as skin ages, sags and wrinkles. 


As for myself, my body is a temple and on it's facade you will find no tattoos or piercings.  I've never seen the attraction.


Inside?  Well the gods worshipped are Dionysus and Bacchus - though less frequently than in years gone by.


I’ve always thought the same as far as ink on old, sagging skin with moles and age spots. 

For instance, women are using a form of tattoos on eyebrows and lashes. Permanent eyeliner, and filling in thin brows. But especially the brows, how will those brown or black dots or marks look when one is old and the brows are white? Weird, I would think. Maybe one will be past the point of caring! 😁


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On 11/09/2019 at 23:06, Betty LaRue said:

how will those brown or black dots or marks look when one is old and the brows are white


Was always my thought ... but maybe it will give an authoritarian look, and protect them in the future from the enactment of their own views today (!)


Anyway - saw an interesting tweet on Twitter from the Royal British Legion talking about how tattoos 'preserve the memory of friends and family lost' - there is a 'Tribute Link' on line on the British Legion website to explore the stories behind the tattoos @Ed Rooney

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On 12/09/2019 at 19:10, NYCat said:

And I thought Canadians were supposed to be boring.




James Cameron, Joni Mitchell, Wayne Gretzky, Leonard Cohen, Oscar Peterson, Christoper Plummer, and John Candy are boring??? The list of interesting Canadians is endless.  (Although I'm sure you were kidding.)



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The most memorable putdown about Canadians I've read was "they shower afterwards" Specifically, it was referring to someone from Saskatchewan which is a provence I've not experienced so I can't really comment. I don't go back as often as I used to do but I'm still referred to as The Canadian by quite a few in my Suffolk Village. In fact there are several of us here. But we don't count as interesting  by Edo's hall of fame. I was sent to photograph Christopher Plumber once and was pretty nervous as I was advised "He eats photographers" But he was fine, we even got on. I think he gave me a break as I let on I was also Canadian. he obligingly cocked his face a bit up and away and gave me that handsome slightly hunky look and I rattled off a few frames. Made it easy!

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