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Vote for the EATING challenge


Vote on EATING challenge, March 2019  

39 members have voted

  1. 1. Vote on the EATING challenge

    • HC7J4W - Blackbird by Allan Bell
    • T17R29 - Cute Toddler by Marianne
    • KC84E3 - Topsy the Chimp by TeeCee
    • CPXTAJ - Women Eating in Rome - by Pierre Rochon
    • EEN5RH - Striped Lychnis Caterpillar by losdemas
    • E3TC6T - Oriental Pied Hornbill by cbimages
    • R90AD3 - Horse Eating Hay by Alan Beastall
    • BW8DBF - Toddler Eating Cake by BobD

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  • Poll closed on 07/04/19 at 04:00

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Blackbird Eating Berries




Cute Toddler




Topsy the Chimp




Women Eating in Rome




Striped Lychnic Caterpillar




Oriental Pied Hornbill




Horse Eating Hay




Toddler Eating Cake




So very hard to choose just eight images. Many more are wonderful. If I did it right the poll should close at midnight on April 6.






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WOW! Thank you for choosing one of mine to be in the final eight Paulette.


A first for me.





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5 minutes ago, Alan Beastall said:

Thanks Paulette for picking one of my images. I think its going to be a close horse race.



Neck and neck ATM between you and Mr. Shifter.

Edited by spacecadet
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Just a couple more days to vote and we have a three-way tie. Yikes! I don't want to have to do a run-off poll. Those darn polls are hard for me! You guys are all too good. How to make up our minds who is best???? Impossible.



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Quite a horse race 😎

Thanks for choosing one of mine! I helped you out with a tie-breaker but it was a tough choice - I like all the finalists! 

Edited by Marianne
Spellcheck changed was to "wad"
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Goodness! Only just found that I'd been shortlisted. Wasn't expecting that in the least, so hadn't been back to check. A first ever for me - thank you!


So many different forums now (too many?), so only seem to have time to hang out in the old ' Ask the Forum' - whatever that's called now!  :)


Anyhow, well done everyone!

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