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Six sales of one image in one day to same buyer?

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This morning I was rather surprised to see that I had made six sales of the same image to what appeared to be the same buyer.


This sounded too good to be true but Member Services confirm that all sales are valid and non-refundable.


The sales read:     Country:               UK

                              Usage:                 Direct mail/Brochures

                              Media:                  Travel brochures

                              Industry Sector:   Travel & Tourism

                              Print Run:             up to 500,000

                              Placement:           Inside

                              Image Size:          Full area


However, two of the sales have a start/finish date of 30 July 2013/30 July 2014,  two are shown as 07August 2013/07 August 2014, and one each of 01 August 2013/01 August 2014 and 21 August 2013/21 August 2014.


Clearly I am very happy about this but I do not understand why the buyer would need to purchase six images.


Could someone please try to explain this to me.


Thank you! 




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I had a similar experience at the end of September, when I sold the same image twice, appaently for exactly the same usage, not complaining though, as  both sales still went through!


These sales read:


Country: United Kingdom
Usage: Editorial
Media: Newspaper - national
Print run: up to 750,000
Placement: Inside and online
Image Size: 1/4 page
Start: 01 July 2013
End: 02 July 2013
One use in a single editorial or advertorial article used within print and /or web versions, with re-use of the article in other titles or web versions within the same newspaper group. Digital use includes archive rights for the lifetime of the article.



They must have used it twice  I quess, so needed two licences!   Six is most impressive though!

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I have had a couple of multiple sales like that - usually two, the record being four - to textbooks. Educational publishers often do different editions to cover differences in the curriculum from one country to another, or different languages. I haven't had one for travel brochures yet - fingers crossed.

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^^ Agree with Allan that that seems the most likely explanation: one company dealing with several brands.  Lucky you: well done!

agree..some of the major travel companies are owned by a single holding company but trade separately.  Take TUI for example...here's a list of their major brands..http://www.tuitravelplc.com/brand-experience/featured-brands


Assume that each `brand' would require a separate licence :)

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I did once have a similar thing with an image licenced to a magazine several times on the same day. They used one image as a main picture and the others as spot images at the start of each of five chapter headings.


Congrats Diane! Hopefully no refunds!



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Congratulations, Diane. The same thing happened with one of my images (BEY87T) last year. Then this year, the same buyer renewed all six licences: twelve sales in total, all fees paid and banked.


Incidentally, the image failed QC the first time I submitted it (some sneaky chromatic aberration around the arches). I removed the CA and re-submitted it, and very glad that I did!


All the best



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Thanks... and - a dubious pleasure, I know - with ten postings I'm also now a member, not simply a newbie!   /s


Welcome to "The Membership" Mr Buziak.



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