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  1. I wouldn't have gone there with my camera... I'd have taken a spade!
  2. Thanks Ed... I was in two French hospitals for almost two months, and during the final three weeks red wine from the nearby Chinon vineyards was served every weekend (as well as public holidays, of which there were four in May alone!) with lunch. Incidentally, I was the only vegetarian amongst 60 patients in the recovery hospital so all my meals were individually prepared... my "re-education" there was unforgettable, and I would have stayed for another month had I been offered the chance. I also remember in 2003 when my late wife was in a French hospital after breaking a hip; after her ope
  3. I’ve just turned 70, and although my BMI is below the minimum listed on the Death Clock, it calculates I have another 16 years of presumably everything except sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll! Which is not bad considering the average Frenchman with both my age and BMI has only 10 more years to look forward to (they drink too much coffee). However, having just had an Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator inserted into my chest (done in 30 mins under local anaesthetic at the best heart unit in France) after technically dying during an emergency 30-minute helicopter trip to hospital after my
  4. One eats the flowers - they taste peppery - not the leaves which are best left to the many caterpillars which prefer the foliage and leave countless droppings on the bits they don't consume!
  5. Thanks... and - a dubious pleasure, I know - with ten postings I'm also now a member, not simply a newbie! /s
  6. A single image of mine has been licensed by the same direct-mail publisher 32 - yes, thirty two - times in the past 12 months... and it had also sold previously!
  7. I crop most of my Nikon D300 images from native 3:2 format down to 4:3rds format. Two reasons - the first, I believe, you once mentioned a fair while ago on the old Forum - is that 4:3 thumbnails appear larger in the search results page... and the second reason is that my three lens kit consists of very old 24mm 55mm and 135mm manual Nikkors... and I generally need to crop images from those lenses down to 4:3 to cut out the crappy, soft corners! 8~(
  8. Here's an article about a sculptor awarded $684,845 against the US Post Office who used a design based on a photograph of the sculptor's original work! http://www.dpreview.com/news/2013/09/29/fair-use-sculptor-gets-650-000-from-photograph-of-his-work?utm_campaign=internal-link&utm_source=news-list&utm_medium=text&ref=title_0_1 Ouch!
  9. Keith, you will probably receive a rather different message later indicating that you are in the "Top Ten" of all contributors!
  10. Jeff... I think you had an easier time than Paris than you realise. Yourself, (and Julian I believe), chose to visit Paris in August... which is the month many, if not most, Parisians choose to leave their city for their maisons secondaires in the sud-Touraine, seaside, mountains, etc. Had you visited during any other month, "le look froid" would have been more apparent! However, your French phrase was/is a good one to remember as I, un etranger, also find street photography difficult after residing here for more than a decade! Ed Buziak.
  11. It might have some Citroen mechanicals - look at the narrow front wheels/tyres and their camber indicating a 2CV or Dyane 6 set-up - but the rest is a kit or special. Citroen have made nothing like this, and I suspect the reproduction badge (which is a style from before WW2) is a token add-on. If this were a true Citroen it would have their "double chevron" symbol somewhere on the radiator. As the registration plate is Dutch maybe you can narrow-down the search to private special/kit car makers from that country. Ed Buziak.
  12. On the Guy Fawkes' blog Order-Order.com, Paul Staines has been leaked (and so published) the pay scale of Guardian junior staff members, some of which include... Picture Researcher (£30k) Assistant Picture Editor (£35k) Photographer (£40k) Deputy Picture Editor (£42k) Picture Editor (£45k) Senior Picture Editor (£55k) Considering what is insultingly offered money-wise with the newspaper scheme - less 50% of course - I think most Alamy contributors will feel they are operating on the wrong side of the camera! (BTW: I'm not in either the Newspaper or Novel Use schemes). Ed
  13. I had a $175 refund noted overnight on an image licensed in April 2013. However, the client re-licensed the same image for $250 for an increased print-run, but not extended date span... so someone somewhere is being honest! Image is - a typical small building site progress shot (which I can't figure out how to include in this reply). Update: Thanks Philippe / Arterra Images.
  14. I've uploaded only 750 images in the past year and, largely thanks to one good, and unknown, client who has made more than 30 licenses, my sales year on year remain constant. Notably, the average price has fallen somewhat, from $88 in 2012 to $81 this year. However, I'm thinking of trading my remaining old Nikon D300 camera for an artist's smock, an easel and packed of Gauloises to go with the French beret I already have. My painting output now makes me more money than photography (a painting I sold 50 years ago even popped-up on Facebook recently). And interestingly, for me at least, thre
  15. My first sale with Alamy in 2008 for 1-day use in an American newspaper. I still drink a coffee in this French bar most days, although have yet to snap a candid similar to this matching exactly the "Three Wise Monkeys... hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil" expressions. Country: United States Usage: Editorial Media: Newspaper - national Industry sector: Media Industry Sub-Industry: Publishing Print run: up to 1 million Placement: Inside Image Size: 1/2 page Start: 06 June 2008 End: 07 June 2008 $ 114.70 Ed Buziak http://about.me/edbuziak
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