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  1. I have an image which has passed QC but has not yet been key worded. I wish to re-submit it but cannot work out how to delete it. Any assistance would be much appreciated - thank you!
  2. Thank you all - finally got the hang of it. Much appreciated! Diane.
  3. Hi, I have yet to enter the Competition as I have no idea how to upload my images. Could some kind person please enlighten me. I am using iMac. Thank you! Diane
  4. Thanks for the suggestions. I have already spoken to Ffordes who say that the only filters they would be interested in are B + W. I have never sold anything on EBay - perhaps I need to learn how to! Diane.
  5. Does anyone know of any one who buys used Kood filters in the UK? Mine are now redundant as I have changed lenses. Thanks for any help. Diane.
  6. For transparency, when I queried the six sales Member Services' exact words were "valid and will not be refunded". Oh joy! Diane.
  7. Thank you all for the explanations and kind thoughts. I am delighted to be the bearer of good news! Diane.
  8. This morning I was rather surprised to see that I had made six sales of the same image to what appeared to be the same buyer. This sounded too good to be true but Member Services confirm that all sales are valid and non-refundable. The sales read: Country: UK Usage: Direct mail/Brochures Media: Travel brochures Industry Sector: Travel & Tourism Print Run: up to 500,000 Placement: Inside Image Size: Full area However, two of the sales have a start/finish date of 30 July 2013/30 July 2014, two are shown as 07August 2013/07 August 2014, and one each of 01 August 2013/01 August 2014 and 21 August 2013/21 August 2014. Clearly I am very happy about this but I do not understand why the buyer would need to purchase six images. Could someone please try to explain this to me. Thank you! Diane.
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