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  2. High $$ at 50% exclusive to Alamy commission. Editorial royalty-free Usage: Single company - multiple use editorial only. Glad I scanned all of those old Kodachromes. This is an image that never really dates itself. 200mm handheld braced against a convenient light pole.
  3. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve had what you’ve got, Ed, I’d be back in St. Croix right now. I’ve been plagued with it since a child. Went into pneumonia twice by age 5. Sometimes I get off light, but when I don’t, it always goes to my chest. Antibiotics, prednisone, expectorant, inhaler, and prescription cough syrup, what I had to take every time. And usually I have a month of coughing before I’m well. I echo Pauline. You need a doctor. The difference between a severe head cold and hay fever sometimes is hard to differentiate, especially us hay fever sufferers. Hay fever will rise and fall, sometimes better, other times worse. A severe cold starts, steadily gets worse until you think you’ll blow your nose off. Finally it will hit its worst and sort of crest, then you’ll notice a pretty good improvement rather suddenly. Not gone, but better. Hay fever gets better then bam! You’re back at your worst again. Both cause asthma, (for us who have asthma) wheezing and coughing. But the severe cold tends to more often cause a secondary bacterial chest infection that requires antibiotics. Not saying hay fever can’t also, but just sayin’. I’ve done both more times than I can tell. I never knew I had hay fever as a child, not until a doctor told me the supposed cold I had for 2 weeks was allergy. I was in my 20s. People thought if you blew your nose, it was a cold. Period. Doesn’t really matter, you need medications. Pneumonia is a real threat. Betty
  4. Oh dear. Get thee to a doctor. Anti-biotics seem to be in order. Paulette
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  6. Uncompressed images from my 24 MP Sony A6000 are 68 MB, compressed for submitting to Alamy they normally run in the 10-25 MB range. You don't really have to worry about images being too small for editorial uses as long as your camera is at least 6 MP. Even 3000 pixels on the long side (about 17 MB uncompressed) is usually big enough.
  7. I meant ‘even if happened to be Raw’ rather than if it’s raw. It made sense in my head. I read the thread a few times. As I understand it a jpeg is resized by the naive of it. If you have an opened file as a full size jpeg the file size is smaller than a raw. Where I’m struggling is the opened image in photoshop is bigger than the raw but I think this might be a megabits / megapixel thing. On Alamy people have JPEGs with a smaller pixel size than mine listed as 40mb files. My larger files have a lower size (11mb) when saved as a full size JPEG.
  8. They're not RAW. Alamy provides jpegs only. In any case, the image size of an unresized jpeg is the same as the RAW from which it is derived. If you don't get that yet, look at the link again.
  9. My hayfever and cough-variant asthma have added bronchitis to the mix.
  10. USA editorial use... Tower block student accommodation of Rutgers University, at 15 Washington Street, in Newark, New Jersey, USA.
  11. Latin America definitely doesn't do stability well. Mind you, I wouldn't call the US or much of Europe particularly stable these days. That said, Ecuador is very inexpensive, at least it was when I was last there in 2005, and Quito is an agreeable and photogenic city. There seem to be a lot of older American expats hanging their Panama hats there now. Ecuador also uses US paper money and mints its own versions of dimes, quarters, etc. You're right about Washington and Oregon. Both very pricey now. My hay fever is starting to subside. Hope yours is too.
  12. Thanks. That seems reasonable. I shoot a lot of buildings myself so its res helpful to know. Does t effect sales greatly if you limit to editorial?
  13. Thanks Joseph. Much appreciated. I think my 5Dmkiii should be fine then. There are a lot of 40mb uncompressed files which is still really big even for a raw file. I guess a lot of people are shooting D850's.
  14. Absolutely editorial only, as far as I am concerned. It is conceivable that I could get a release for commercial use in a few cases, but unlikely in most. Most uses of the kind of stuff I shoot are likely to be editorial anyway. It is also possible that the end-user, the buyer who makes use of these images, may decide to use them in a commercial context, in which case it is up to them to either obtain the necessary releases or to make a judgement call that they don't need them. Having made it clear that the images contain unreleased property or people, the responsibility then rests with the purchaser.
  15. Here you go then, a previous thread outlining this question.
  16. Hi all, I'm looking at contributing some images to Alamy but am having trouble with the file size element. I noticed a lot of the larger images are listed at 40 to 50 mb on here. I would like to submit images as large as possible from the start really to make sure I'm not missing any sales further down the line due to the images being too small. I shoot with a 5dmkiii and when I save my raw files as jpegs I'm looking at around 11mb files give or take. So were is the extra mb's coming from? Are you all shooting with medium format, am I doing something wrong or is my maths as bad as I fear! Thanks Paulie
  17. Joseph, I'm new to this forum and to stock. I noticed some your images are of houses, pubs, buildings etc. Does this mean you have to sell them as editorial only? Thanks Paulie
  18. It's still there.... https://www.alamy.com/news/
  19. Ceanothus in my back garden... I love this plant.. so colourful every year and always buzzing with bees!
  20. I was unsuccessful too. I only joined Alamy a few months ago, I specialise in catwalk fashion at events such as London Fashion Week, I had taken a break from photography and only just started again so was pleased to be able to upload some images from a LFW show back in Feb...then they made the changes to news contributions and I applied to be a news contributor but was rejected. I realise that my subject is not "hard news" but I have previously been published in fashion magazines around the world, including British Vogue, and in newspapers, but nothing recent to put on my application, which I guess did not help either.
  21. Good answer. Except that it is news@alamy.com
  22. Drop them an e-mail at news@alam.com
  23. The 'New' Button is not working. Has Alamy canceled the news feed?
  24. 23/05/2019, Waitrose Weekend, p5, truffle, P7XFF0, Rebeca Sendroiu Gilcescu 23/05/2019, Waitrose Weekend, p5, truffle hunting dog, DEP56K, christopher jones 23/05/2019, Waitrose Weekend, p31, Another Place on Crosby beach, F0HGHK, Andrew Barker 23/05/2019, Waitrose Weekend, p33, mother holding up baby to barre in dance studio, PXRAJ9, Mareen Fischinger/Westend61 GmbH [cropped]
  25. You're very welcome David and Anna Steve 24/05/2019, Guardian [Journal section], p4, sunset at Whitelee Wind Farm, F38P0G, Michael McGurk [Alamy credit only] 24/05/2019, Guardian G2, p4, still from A Star is Born, RGRNPG, AF archive [Alamy credit only] 24/05/2019, Guardian G2, p4, still from Booksmart, T6WX62, LANDMARK MEDIA [Alamy credit only]
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