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Identification - breed of dog - or probable mix

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Any suggestions as to breed of dog - or a probable mix?


Spoke to the owner about many other things but forgot to ask about the breed. Was imported from Argentina, though.


Will sure appreciate any suggestions to include in key words.





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51 minutes ago, Gina Kelly said:

He looks like a Bernese Mountain dog or BMD mix. Cute!


I think this is spot on - you are right. Have googled images afterwards.


Yes, it was cute. Couldn't get enough of the cooling ice and snow in the coat - rolling around on the ice.


Thanks a lot, Gina.



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1 hour ago, spacecadet said:

I wonder if the German site would manage that translation on its own? Don't think I'd risk it.


It's the official name. Some clients use it. It's a bit like Latin names.

I researched it last year when friends got a new puppy.

I seem to remember the searches were mainly for the dog in actual Swiss surroundings or on the beach and or swimming. The sea and beach I could do, but it looked ridiculous.Turns out I'm not a dog photographer.




edit: They are very nice and gentle dogs. When grown up (the friends have had two earlier) they are huge and will smother you when they are liked. Otherwise they will smother you until you finally give in.

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Lovely dogs indeed.


In Amsterdam, I watched a Bernese puppy get tired in Vondelpark.  It would just not walk anymore. The woman who was his master had to carry that very large, heavy pup.


The one in your nice shot, Niels, probably still some growing to do. 



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