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  1. Can any of you clever birdy people out there identify this critter for me please. If it helps, he/she resides at Cotswold Falconry Centre. Thanks, Krys
  2. Waterways marker id

    Can anyone please name this sea/river/canal marker? (the triangle on the concrete post
  3. Whilst wandering around an old, derelict furniture workshop, I came across a curious machine, rusting away outside. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with the aforementioned furniture workshop, or whether it was simply dumped there and abandoned. I took several photographs and have uploaded them, but not as yet tagged them and so they're not on sale. I'm not sure I want them on sale as they are, they're kinda close ups that don't show that much detail....I was feeling all 'arty' on that day! As I understand, once they go on sale, they are more troublesome to delete should I need to update them....which I am thinking I might do. The last image shows a label with the brand name 'Calder' - I have tried to search for this but have had no luck. The furniture workshop has the name 'John Barnard Furniture' on the front - I gather he is quite famous in the bespoke furniture design department, but seems to have stopped recently. If anyone can shed any light on what this curious machine is, I would be extremely grateful. Cheers
  4. Hi all, Can anyone identify these for me? I have searched online and I think I have got some of them by checking other images online but correct/exact identification would be great! I'm not sure if the aircraft are all the same, but I have them as L-4 Grasshoppers and Piper J-3 cubs. Thanks!
  5. Any suggestions as to breed of dog - or a probable mix? Spoke to the owner about many other things but forgot to ask about the breed. Was imported from Argentina, though. Will sure appreciate any suggestions to include in key words. Thanks.
  6. LA tree id

    Hi folks: Can anyone identify this tree for me please? I don't know if the bulbous end in folded leaves or a seed pod. And I am not having any luck upload an image, sorry. Photographed in Los Angeles. KW9A71 with thanks, kathy
  7. Duck(s) ID

    Hello everybody. I was out shooting in a nearby park and found these ducks as part of a group of mallards. I'm inclined to think they are leucistic, but could they be hybrids? The hunting community calls them "blonde mallards". The third one seems to be too dark to be a mallard. I contacted Ducks Unlimited, but they could not identify them. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Rubens Light-coloured with black beak. Light-coloured with light brown/tan beak Mallard? American Black Duck?
  8. Identification

    Hi I joined a while ago but have not uploaded any content so far, will i need any identification, IE a passport or driving licence to start selling Thanks David
  9. Can anyone identify the insect on this beach rose? It was taken in Rhode Island in July. I'm thinking may some sort of gnat? Thanks! If it's not clear enough in this, how would I set it up to place a close up crop in dropbox for people to see? Does it matter for keywording since it's small in the photo? Any help and advice welcome. Thanks!
  10. Identification Errors

    Is it just me or do other people get wound up when they spot a photo with the wrong identification attached (usually animals in my case)? Surely this can't look good to Alamy's customers who may think us a right bunch of thickos for not being able to tell the difference between a swan and a goose, for example. I know mistakes will happen - I've been responsible for a few which I have tried to correct when aware of them and would welcome all the help I can get from fellow contributors - but is there any easy way for us to flag up these errors so that the photographer responsible can correct their captions and keywords accordingly. Photographers Direct have a flagging system in place which I find useful. What do you all and Alamy think???
  11. ID: Something fishy

    Hi Sometimes you kick yourself for not photographing the name plate on the tank. Can someone give me a pointer to the identification of the big fish please (the one on the left without the camera)? I thought it was a giant wrasse but that does not seem to match the images I have found elsewhere on the internet. Also, do you think that this needs a property release (my thought was yes but I'm not sure how identifiable the location is...)? Lastly, is there any way I can link an image before keywording etc.? Thank you!
  12. Aircraft ID Help Please

    I've given it my best shot. I'd be very appreciative if those of you with better knowledge of aircraft could confirm/correct my ID's for the following planes. I'm referring to the manufacturer and model numbers, not the airline names.