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Have you found any Alamy images December?

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Cheers Mark


Times 19th


 CXJK6B  Ian Canham  Pendleton (inner city) police station, Pendleton, Salford, Greater Manchester, England, UK

KR5T1W Penzance, Cornwall, UK. 18th December 2017. UK Weather. It was clear calm start to the day for the Newlyn fishing fleet in the sea at Mounts Bay this morning. Credit: Simon Maycock/Alamy Live News


Scottish Edition


G1DHKW   Andrea De Martin Tired businessman in the office working at desk and having a bad headache, his colleague is giving him a glass of water 

H6E4ND   Frank Seifert    Causeguire Wind farm, south of Thurso, northern Scotland, Highlands, UK. Late August daylight scenery with wind power turbines

F38CF4   Matt McGarr A Caledonian MacBrayne ferry leaves Oban


Irish Edition


HTAWW7   Izel Photography NORTHUMBERLAND, ENGLAND, UK - AUGUST 07, 2016: A group of riders out on a training ride for a long distance endurance road race

KPXH06  Hailsham, UK. 17th Dec 2017. UK weather. A Robin looks for food on a cold frosty morning in Hailsham today. East Sussex, UK. Credit: Ed Brown/Alamy Live News






K941K7   Fabrizio Troiani   Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi (also called Sameba), Tbilisi, Georgia


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Von Schnee bis Strand bietet diese Insel alles


A ski chalet blanketed in deep snow is a familiar site up at Mt. Washington's small village located near the ski hill.
E1WECX (Boomer Jerritt) mauritius images / All Canada Photos / Alamy

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Guardian Online  19/12/17

DRB3CH    dpa picture alliance     Germany. 22nd Jan, 2014. Cars drive through the tunnel in front of the main building of the university in Cologne, Germany
E1G4K8      Kevin Britland     common stinging nettles

BK5NKG    Ashley Cooper     Emissions from the Bluescope steel works at Port Kembla, Wollongong, Australia

CYTFGK      Backyard Productions       Male bare arm with hand tossing a golden USA coin in the air and spinning towards heads

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Wer schritt hier durch den Schnee?


CNK964 mauritius images / FLPA / Alamy


FH49XF mauritius images / (Philippe Clement) Arterra Picture Library / Alamy


FRN5GJ mauritius images / (Johan De Meester) Arterra Picture Library / Alamy (cropped)

HPJPY2 mauritius images / Frank Hecker / Alamy


C1B81R mauritius images / (Sven-Erik Arndt) Arterra Picture Library / Alamy


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^ Cheers Mark, you're very welcome

19/12/2017, UK, Guardian, p37, Cologne University, DRB3CH, dpa picture alliance [Alamy credit only]
19/12/2017, UK, Guardian G2, p2, US Christmas card c1940, KACFYH, FL Historical 1B


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Found in the Guardian 19-12-12




Still from DUCKTALES: THE MOVIE-TREASURE OF THE LOST LAMP ©Buena Vista Pictures/courtesy

Contributor: Everett Collection Inc / Alamy Stock Photo




Photo of Rhys Thomas and Huw Mason tidy up brush and logs after hedging on a dry cloudy winter day in Carmarthenshire Wales. Landowners notified by Carmarthenshire County Council are required to trim overhanging branches and trees by April 2015 to avoid heavy fines and are busy making roads navigable by trractors and large vehicles by this date.


Kathy deWitt/AlamyLiveNews

Photographer: Kathy deWitt / Alamy Stock Photo

Image ID: EFXF6T


Click here for finders details.



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19/12/2017 Daily Mail (print)

Two burning heart shaped red candles - for an article about heartburn pills. DTB437 Andriy Kravchenko

Front cover of The Poleesman, a1966 book by Ladybird using the Initial Teaching Alphabet. C76JDK Marc Tielemans

3D render of a flying saucer - as Pentagon admits it secretly spent tens of millions to combat UFO attacks. C7N1TP Dimitar Todorov

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On 18/12/2017 at 01:15, Bryan said:

Bryan - Many thanks for the spot. Much appreciated. :-)

Times 18th - Business. KCE1RK  Benjamin John  The entrance to the National Crime Agency on Old Queen St, Westminster, London, SW1. UK


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On 13/12/2017 at 04:18, gvallee said:


You can, as described above. Only it does not take you directly to Alamy, you have to click on the result corresponding to the Alamy hit.

Didn't it work for you?




Hi Gen, I guess it did but maybe not in the way I had anticipated. I'm a little inpatient in these matters! :-)

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On 12/12/2017 at 20:21, losdemas said:



There are many roads to Rome!


Google reverse image search commonly works very well. An EXIF viewer can also be very useful (on rare occasions even the image code is retained)! The browser's in-built tools can also work very well (right click; view image details or similar). Using your own ideas as to what the tags may be, then searching on Alamy can also be a great aid in improving one's own keywording skills. 

There are indeed many roads to Rome! I think I must be travelling on one of the ancient, unpaved ones! The journey is more interesting when you slow things down a bit, don't you think? :-)

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On 12/12/2017 at 07:03, gvallee said:


I just tried it and found it no problems. I right clicked on the image in the Guardian, Search Google with this image, scroll down the results to the bottom of the page. There are two results on Alamy, one horizontal and one vertical pic. 



Cheers Gen - if at first you don't succeed... :-)

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Cheers John and Ed!


Times 20th


KJKX6Y  RichardBaker  A man uses his handset while walking past an ad for the new Apple iPhone X outside a branch of Carphone Warehouse, on 22nd November 2017, in London England

AD37ND   Jim Havey   Man's arms hand outside prison cell smoking a cigarette

HDA937   Everett Collection Inc ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS, Jennifer Saunders, Joanna Lumley, 1992

KCH2J6   Karen van der Zijden Two Bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) leaping/breaching in the Moray Firth, Chanonry Point, Black Isle, Scotland, UK, Europe


Scottish Edition


EY2114   Dundee Photographics  Panning an Emergency Ambulance from the Scottish NHS Ambulance Service responding to a 999 Emergency call in Dundee, UK




HW7TY0 Michelle Holihan  BARROW, ALASKA- JUNE 3, 2012: Cemetery slowing sinking into permafrost




B0P27N  Jim Holden  Wisteria frames the entrance to the East Hoathly village stores and post office in East Sussex. Picture by Jim Holden


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Guardian Online  20/12/17

C3PDA9     keith morris     Rows of teenage boy and girl school students sitting their GCSE examinations, UK

B4TH9H    Chris Cooper-Smith    The Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm Museum at Yeovilton Somerset
DM5EFR     Prisma by Dukas Presseagentur GmbH    UK United Kingdom Europe Great Britain Britain England Somerset Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm Museum Sopwith Pup Aircraft Plane
E7RC28     Paul Quayle       BAC Concorde 002 inside halls of Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm Museum, Yeovilton,Somerset, Europe's largest Naval Aviation Museum

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