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Greetings from the Midlands, UK.

Kathy L W

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I've been lurking for about a month on these forums, so I thought it was about time to introduce myself.   My name is Kathy and I live in the landlocked Midlands, UK.


I was told about Alamy a couple of years ago by one of your contributors and luckily I found this forum.  I've got to say what a great help the forum has been. At least I've now got some idea of how things work  but I still have a lot to learn.  I am still trying to get to grips with tagging, keywords, phrases etc. 


I've had a couple of small "test"  submissions accepted and am currently wading through  hard drives being brutal about culling and sorting images for submission.  It's going to take a good while to build my portfolio but I am in for the long haul!


I'm happy if anyone wants to throw any pointers or advice my way.  As we say in my "normal" job..... every day's a school day.  :)















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Hello Kathy, welcome to Alamy and the forum. 

I had a quick scan of your pictures and tagging and they look good to me. 


Brutal culling is the right thing to do, at least is what I did - and  sometimes it really hurt when a picture I really liked did not meet the QC criteria. 

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Welcome Kathy, and a hearty 'well done' for doing the right things - looking and learning  before jumping in. You have some nice images, well keyworded.


You are entering a competitive market and there are many excellent wildlife photographers on Alamy, but persist and upload your best work and you will find it rewarded eventually.

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Welcome Kathy,


Some beautiful images.


Part of the challenge on Alamy is getting your images seen, given the huge database and the low rank you start on. So as I'm sure you appreciate, keywording is crucially important. 


I noticed you use 'Landscape format' and 'front view' in your keywords. Users can use filters on their searches including 'image orientation' e.g. landscape and 'viewpoint', e.g. 'front'. Unless this has changed since it was introduced a few years ago, for the search to catch your images from these filters, you need to include keywords 'landscape' and 'front'. I don't think 'landscape format' will work.  


Good luck.



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Hello everybody!


Just to say thank you for your warm welcome No doubt I'll be seeking assistance sooner rather than later.:lol:


Thanks also for your feedback about the image orientation, I'll sort that out....  tips are most welcome.


Well, back to culling and sorting......



Good luck with your sales.





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